Thursday, December 31, 2020

Gratitude #47 Wrap Up for 2020

As I'm reading in more than one place, in some ways it seems forever ago that we were ringing in 2020, the start of a new decade, and in others it seems a lot longer ago than just one year. This time last year there were hints of a terrible sickness in China, an unheard-of lockdown in a huge city so that no cars moved, no citizens left their homes, hospitals were overwhelmed, and even doctors died. Then Italy, more horror. And then, as we know, here, and the surreality of what we'd seen in China and in Europe was now and is now, our new normal. Here in Ontario we are back in a lockdown, though it's not quite the severe lockdown of Phase I, where the politicians actually did listen to and follow the advice of the medical and science professionals. This is very worrying to me, and I fear if they don't listen, we will be in this continual loop of pandemic. Would that we followed the Atlantic provinces' leadership (key word: leadership, making tough decisions, decisions that protect your people and are based in science) where they care more about people than profit.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Best of 2020

Welcome to my stop on the Best of 2020 Linky party hosted by Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs. Be sure to check out lots of other bloggers linking up their favourites from the past year.

It's so true what Cheryl wrote in her own Best Of post, that it's fun to look back and find posts and events you'd actually forgotten about. I also think it's good prep for writing the Planning for 2021 post. From 30 years of teaching where we had to submit our year plan and goals each year, it's a habit I've done in my professional and personal life for a long time. Looking back has always been the launchpad for the subsequent year's goals.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

To Do Tuesday and The Current Quilt Process

Last list of the year, well last public one that is. I make lists mentally and physically in my day planner every day! 

Several items need to get done by the 31, never mind the 5th of January.
1. Finish my December challenge quilt for Island Batik.
2. Write my Best of 2020 post
3. Write a planning for 2021 post, maybe. I already have a mental list started but I do believe in writing goals and directions down, though I don't always state them publicly, but doing that helps keep one accountable, doesn't it?
4. Write my gratitude post for Thursday.
5. Finish at least one more item on my Q4FAL List. The completion rate has been dismal this quarter but that's because I spent a major amount of time, and still need to spend a wee bit more, on a quilt for an upcoming magazine.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

DrEAMi! #47

Here we are for the last Drop Everything and Make it! of 2020. It's been quite the year, and I'm no therapist, but I think that chasing squirrels when there's a global pandemic raging can be nothing but good for one's mental health. This UK squirrel is not only exercising his mental health, but showing off his physical prowess as well!
Daily Mail

I actually did allow myself to chase a squirrel or four, once again in the form of tea cosies, but smaller than for a teapot. I made four mug cosies and even wrote up the pattern. All that when I should have been working on my medallion challenge quilt for Island Batik...

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Holiday Memories and Traditions

I thought this would be a fun little sojourn down memory lane of Christmases past. Bernie of Needle and Foot is hosting this little hop to add some cheer to a rather tough season for most of us this year.

I love Christmas, though as my daughters have grown up, maybe not as much, since
a. I get to spend it with the man I love (how can that be a detriment you wonder?)...
b. who happens to be rather a grinch.
So Christmas spirit is pretty much all me, and has been that way since we started dating. For me, Christmas isn't religious; it's about the love and gift-giving and time spent with family and loved ones.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Mug Cosies Pattern

There was quite the love on my previous post showing the little mug cosies I made. In the time of the Yeti, they may not be as necessary, but at Christmastime when lots of us like to use our Christmas mugs, they certainly do come in handy. I've been really impressed with how well mine has worked, whether it be over a morning cup of coffee or afternoon tea.

I made a couple more on the weekend, and wrote out what I did.

These have been sent off as little gifts to a couple of special people.

Friday, December 11, 2020

Mug Cosies!

A few weeks ago I had the brilliant idea to make Brady a mini tea cosy to put over his cup of tea. He has loved tea since he was oh about 3, maybe younger, but that's no surprise since his mum, his nana and his nanny (my mum) all love tea. When the "I've got Major Tea" tea cosy arrived at Brianne's house this week, apparently he was quite devastated that Nana hadn't put anything in the padded envelope for him. So I knew I had to get his mug cosy done pronto and send it off to him with nothing else in the padded envelope!

There are two, because I had to make a prototype which will be for me!

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Christmas Cheer at Needle & Foot

I'm popping in with another quick post (two in a row, that's unusual for me, the long-winded blogger I tend to be) to let you know of a really fun little event that Bernie of Needle & Foot dreamed up. She's invited several of us to share a childhood photo of ourselves which she has posted on her blog today. Then your job as a reader is to match up the kidlet to the quilter! You can find more details on her blog. Just click the blog button below.

Here's a hint for my readers: I'm almost four in the photo.😉

Monday, December 7, 2020

OMG and a Winner

It is so wonderful to have so many friends out there in QBL, many of whom I've had the pleasure of meeting in person. Roseanne and I have yet to meet, but one day... She it was who reminded me with her OMG post to write up my own post for December and link up by Dec. 7 at Elm Street Quilts. One day I may win a prize there, so far no such luck.

Speaking of prizes, Barb @mountainquiltworks is the winner of eight fat eighths of Color Theory. She and I nearly met up on a Go Ahead Tours trip. She'd told me about the one she was doing in 2018, but it wasn't on our radar then. In 2019, unbeknownst to each other, we'd signed up for the very same Europe trip, but her travel was the month before ours. So close!  It's so cool when a prize goes to someone I know, and, just so you know, Rafflecopter keeps it out of my hands. Thanks to all who left such kind comments on my Follow Your Own Path quilt. Be sure to let me know if you make my design.

Now on to the OMG.

Friday, December 4, 2020

Things are Coming Up Sandra

My previous post showed you my latest quilt publication, 'Follow Your Own Path'. It was the cover quilt for Modern by the Yard, issue #15, Benartex's ezine. That was quite the thrill! If you read the ezine all the way to the end, you may have noticed another design of mine, 'Let Your Star Shine'. It was featured in 'Flashback Favorites' as one of their most popular designs. Wow! 💖 

This week I received not one, but two emails from blog readers, sharing photos of my patterns that they'd made. One was Let Your Star Shine! Michelle in Scotland wrote to tell me she'd noticed the quilt at the end of the ezine, and that she'd actually made it! Would you like to see her version?

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Cover Girl! and A Giveaway

I am so pleased to show you another design featured in Modern by the Yard, the ezine by Benartex. I am over the freaking moon that it's the cover quilt! This is a first for me, and feels pretty good.
You can download your copy for free either by clicking the photo above, or here. You'll find not just four fabulous projects within, but also fabric bundles inspiration and a modern twist on the spool block.