Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer Days (Daze) A Finish!

And. . . the name of this quilt got hit by??  my menopausal melon. . . sigh.

The pattern is called "Summer Daze" and I blogged about it already here.  I loved the name; I adored the display quilt in Guildcrafters Quilt Shop.  Well, as I was writing on my label, getting it ready to sew into the backing (those of you who have read my blog know that's what I pretty much always do), this is what I wrote:

Nooooo!!!  Yep, the melon was meandering somewhere out in the back 40, and as soon as I finished the 's' of "Days" I said a bad word that starts with that letter. . . I'm not The Bitchy Stitcher, otherwise I'd write the word 'shit!' right now. . . oops, guess I just did.  How could I have DONE that?   So, "Summer Days" it is because clearly (ha ha, that's a loose term these days for me) I am living in a daze.

On the Avanté a couple of weeks ago (it sat longer than it took to quilt!):

Quilted label area of the back.  By making the label an integral part of the backing, AND quilting through it, it makes it doubly difficult to remove with any success.
I hand-stitched this binding down, as I usually do; I prefer the finished look.

I took a few pictures this am bright and early, well not bright, as it was pouring, thundering and lightning!  I had hoped to post the pics and a short post before we left for Detroit (massage appointment, ahhhh, and errands run, not so much ahhh) but it didn't happen, as we left early to have breakfast at Avalon Bakery again, yum.  Here are a few from our front step this morning:

The back:

Rolled up:

We got home this afternoon and all the thunderstorms had gone; actually they only hung around until about 10 am and then it turned absolutely gorgeous.

So I hauled it down to the corner as I had the perfect spot for these next ones, as well as the very first one in this post:

One of the residents of the seniors' home walked by and when I asked, "Are you wondering what the heck I'm doing?" she responded, "Well, I thought you were going to lie down in the sun on it!"

I sure could have on this glorious afternoon!
 I did a very open jigsaw puzzle style meander over the entire top.  I am loving being back on my Avanté!  I did go back and "ribbon" in in the middle section of the quilt, going over the meander to create a ribbon effect, as per Cynthia's suggestion on this Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework post.  It looked cool, but as I ribboned, I found I would lose the path of the original white thread on the white fabrics!  I think I meandered too big of an area at a time, so next time I try it, and I will, as I've used it on vine motifs before, I will meander a small area first!

So pretty!
I used King Tut #40 colour 972, (great thread, both the Avanté and I love it) in the top and The Bottom Line in my bobbin.  There was a little build-up underneath of fuzz from the King Tut, but nothing too annoying:
After 1/3 of the quilt was quilted

Another sunny pic of the back:

For the back, I used up some pieces from my stash that have kicked around for - ahem - a little while!  It feels good to make room on MY shelves instead of a quilt shop's shelves. . . although THAT also feels pretty good, LOL!

I do still have more of the lovely pink batik, however.  Instead of a half yard for binding, I bought, from Fat Quarter Shop, love them, a yard of the Garden Party Pink Zig Zag by Dear Stella fabrics, giving me extra to use on the back.
I love interesting backs!
One more rolled up:

And two of this most glorious tree!  I should have asked the senior lady if she knew what it is.  It looks and smells heavenly.
Looking skyward from underneath
Can't you see a quilt with these spectacular colours?
Wait, I think I did my second dogwood quilt in these colours!

Quilt details:
Size:  56 X 70"
100% cotton fabric
Pattern:  Summer Daze kit and pattern by Guildcrafters Quilt Shop

Thank you for visiting!  Check back tomorrow as I will reveal a super-exciting surprise I got last night!!


  1. Beautiful Quilt! Those colors really remind me of summer so the quilt title is perfect. Your ribboning looks good, but it is easy to loose the thread path. Happy sunshine!!

  2. This quilt is truly breath taking!! And your pictures are awesome!! And you just gotta love a pieced backing!! Just love everything about this quilt :)

  3. Ah well, no one but you (and I suppose all of us bloggers now!) needs to know the label is not quite what you planned. It's a lovely quilt either way, and at least it has a label - most of my quilts are not so lucky...

  4. Oh Sandra, that's a STUNNING quilt! Just love it!! You took some fantastic shots "on location" lol too, great job!!
    And see? You already made a new elderly friend, similar in age to yourself, and you haven't even moved in to the seniors' home yet!!! Bahahahaha! ;p