Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Little Wednesday Humour

Warning!  Animal nudity pic below!

Here is the progress thus far on the Dell and June quilt, since I am linking up with WIP Wednesday and Let's Bee Social at Sew Fresh Quilts:

Stabilized by ditch-stitching with grey Aurifil around each 16-patch; now working on cross-hatching
I've done all that with more of that Sulky Blendables, 30 wt, in the variegated blue.  Love this thread. Next to be used is a Madeira rayon 40 wt in green.

The back:
This flannel is SO soft and cuddly, but I'm a bit ticked because there is a flaw in the fabric.  Quilt shop quality... Um ya. Luckily it is near the bottom and barely noticeable on the back. I saw it when I had taped it down to the floor to layer and spray baste it.

So.  I've been contemplating changing the name of my blog to a more quilty-sounding name, and I actually have come up with a pretty good one, one that would give a nod to my menopausal melon issues (read, lack of mind, borderline sheer lunacy at times, sigh) yet acknowledge that I do have some pretty deep philosophical ponderings I like to share from time to time, while clearly labelling this blog as mainly about quilting.  It's pretty good, I think.  And I will probably rename it.  Not today...
Remainder of morning coffee set beside machine. Move quilt out of the way so I can read my book for a few minutes while I finish my coffee. A few minutes later, move the quilt, eww, it's wet on the corner...
Uh what???  The quilt corner must have dipped into my coffee cup, which was only about half full anyhow, thank goodness.  The coffee only soaked into a corner of the backing and some of the batting and did not reach the front corner square.  So I rinsed it, berated myself for my stupidity in thinking I could drink coffee by my machine and my quilts, and started on with the quilting.  Down to the last or so mouthful of coffee shortly thereafter--EGAD!! WHAT THE H-- is that in my coffee? A spider? Ready to barf...oh no, it's a small gob of cotton fibers from the flannel backing!!!  EEEWWWW!!
So you see, next year, maybe, I will rename my blog, because lunacy is still my companion, and not always caused by my lack of fully-functioning brain cells!  Read on.

Well, I was trying.  To read, that is, the other day.  (Gosh I love it when I just happen to segue like that.) Currently, I am reading Written in My Own Heart's Blood by Diana Gabaldon.  It's the latest tome in the Outlander Series, a series I have loved for a lo-o-o-ng time.  Parts of this book are annoying me, a little too cliché perhaps at times?  Overall, still worth every word of the 814 pages, of which I have read 520.  I should be farther along, but quilting gets in the way, or is it reading gets in the way of quilting?  Regardless, between these two activities, yoga, and dog activities, (get ready for another cliché) I don't know how I had time to work!  And raise two kids!  The other day, I took a break from Scraps of Calm to sit down on the floor in my sewing room, cross-legged, of course, and read for a little while. (see the combination? in the sewing room, reading, lotus...)  Rocco was in his favourite place lying down, chin resting on the window sill (yep, they're that low) gazing outside.  He got up, shook, and came over to lie down close to me...rather close...think he was aiming to get his butt completely ON my book, cat-style! That's my leg you see at the bottom right.  No modesty in Rocco's world, and no fur to hide anything from belly on down to back end anyhow!!

Bella also finds interesting ways, not nearly so shameless as Rocco's, to get my attention:
This lasted all of a few minutes, but she was instantly settled and purring until I rudely moved the quilt!
Hopefully, I will have this quilt done by tomorrow!  Can't wait to get the next project from my head to reality!


  1. I'm glad you found some flannel, but sorry about the flaw. The quilting is looking great!

  2. Thanks for sharing a bit of your world--I always enjoy it when a new name pops up. Keep enjoying retirement and quilting. It's a great combination!

  3. You are hilarious! My daughter has an intense fear of spiders. I couldn't help picturing coffee being spewed in mid quilt, had it been her in your position. Your patchwork looks beautiful and the quilting, too! PS. Way to leave us hanging on the new name for your blog. Can't wait to hear more!

  4. OMG SPIDER???!!!!! I almost fainted away so thank you very much, oh sister who knows MY intense repulsion of spiders, to qualify it immediately. Whew. Fluff. I can handle that.
    Change the name, great!!
    LOVE Rocco <3 and Bella <3

  5. Hahahahahah! Sandra you are too funny! I would have had a conniption if I found that cotton spider in my coffee. I like the name of your blog - it really stands out in the crowd. I guess it really doesn't let us know you are a quilter until we visit you.
    You know the wonderful Mary Oliver poem you shared just last week? My daughter said it gave her an overwhelming desire for it to be summertime, so she could lay down in a field of wildflowers. I laughed at her and said to her "Yeah, I can just picture that. So peaceful and happy, enjoying the sun on your face. And then there you are jumping up and screaming like a Banshee because a spider ran across your leg."

  6. Oh Sandra... tsk, tsk... Gratuitous nudity!


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