Friday, March 13, 2015

Serendipity Strikes

Ta da!  My Seashell Runner is tout fini.  And I couldn't be happier, because it fits absolutely perfectly on our coffee table!  I had not planned that when I bought the pattern and some of the batiks in oh, 2008.  I had envisioned it perhaps on a dresser if we ever did buy a home in Florida.  Which we did.  Later that year.

It was fun to make, even though the directions were fairly ambiguous.

The back, which looks pretty cool too - I need to sign and date it
It took over an hour to tack all the shells together in various small overlap spots.  I started to do it by hand, and then said, nope, ain't gonna happen, and slightly overlapped them here and there to hold it all together.

Each shell is double-sided, and has warm 'n natural batting between the layers.  Lots of satin-stitching was done on each shell.  No satin-stitching on the sharks' teeth, which I made all black, as that is how they look, that or a dark grey.  The pattern had them grey tips with black roots.  I have found a couple of real ones on Manasota Key, not far from here.  They are fossils, don't get excited.

Trying to get some more daylight on it, as well as a straight-on shot.  This is another of my goals for the first quarter finish-along at On the Windy Side.  Of the 8 on my list, I now have just 2 left!

One last one, just because.

Quilt Stats:
Size:  48" X 19" approximately
Pattern: Shell Runner by Cracker Country Creations
Fabric: batiks plus one marbled fabric for the sharks' teeth
Warm 'n Natural batting scraps
Threads: pieced with Gutermann and Aurifil, satin-stitched with Sulky rayons and one Mettler polyester, oh, and one Sulky Blendables

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  1. This turned out great.They look real.

  2. Beautiful composition! Your batiks were perfect for this! Linda

  3. Wow! They do look beautiful all together and fit so well on your table. Glad you figured out a way to attach them together by machine.

  4. I love it! I'm glad you were able to make sense of the directions. As you said, it's perfect on that table.

  5. What a wonderfully unique runner. It really is a great finish. And congratulations on whittling down your list - I am not doing so well this quarter.

  6. I remember this as a WIP - not sure what I pictured the finished thing looking like, but this is a billion times better than I imagined! Huge congrats, it looks amazing, the batiks were a great choice. :)

  7. I wondered how this was all going to come together - it is all kinds of awesome!! Maybe you know someone that can make the same thing out of metal and hang it on your wall? ;)

  8. It's beautiful, but oh so much work involved I see.

  9. That is such a fun idea! I was wondering how you would finish those shells. I love it! And it's perfect for Florida!

  10. Oh it's beautiful! I hadn't envisioned the finished product quite like that, but I LOVE it! Seriously, you GOTTA open shop - online or otherwise. Do you know how many people would love this?

    Whadya mean, "They are fossils, don't get excited." Weren't YOU excited? Not many of you guys around still!
    Omg I love it bahahahaha!

  11. I've never seen anything like this. How I wish I'd been able to do this for my dad's house in FL when he was still with us! Absolutely gorgeous.

  12. That's pretty amazing. Good job!

  13. Cool, I love how you can see through it in spots -- so perfect for a glass table! Congrats on another great finish, Sandra!

  14. Sandra, this is the most gorgeous table runner! I almost would move to Florida, just to be able to have a home to display something like that! You did a magnificent job making it!


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