Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Best of 2016

The end of 2016 brings with it several ways to celebrate accomplishments, look back, evaluate and then re-evaluate for the coming year.  I already posted my Goals for 2017 and linked up with Yvonne at quilting JETgirl, so it's not too late to write up a list, publish some or all of your goals, and link up.  Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs hosts a 'Best Of' Linky party and I am linking up with her for the second year.

I decided to list my Top 5 Most Viewed posts for 2016.  What a fun way to look back!  In reverse order they were:

5.  Rainbow Kitty Rows
I joined in with Modern Quilters Ireland to do this quilt-along.  I loved it.

4.  Oxymoron a Mini Mini
One of my goals (that I forgot about until writing this post, and going back...) was to do a mini swap in 2016.  This was the first one.  I made it for Anja of Anja Quilts.

3.  Mini Round Robin Round 3 and Final Reveal
This was the post that I revealed my round, which was the final round, for Tish's starting block.  This was a fun, challenging summer project first dreamed up by Cindy of Stitchin At Home, and tweaked and reshaped a bit by moi.
Here is Tish's flimsy from that post:

and my final quilted Mini Round Robin, which I just LOVE.

2.  Blue Skies OMG Finish and  Blue Skies & Sunny Days Pattern Release
Although the posts came out two months apart, it seems weird to separate these two, and moreover, they are side by side in the ranking of pageviews.  Rather fitting to have a photo of the two side by side, I'd say!

The pattern to make these is my very first pattern for sale. It is in my Craftsy shop, and that is a shameless link for you to click (affiliate link) to check it out.  I hope to have more than just the one by this time next year!

A HUGE tooting of my own horn is being inserted right here before the #1 most viewed post (although go ahead scroll down and look, you know you want to) but this morning, Tuesday, I opened up my email and clicked on the Craftsy Blog one, and then on the link to view it online.  If you haven't signed up for their blog posts delivered to your inbox you should; you could be missing all the Bag-a-Day giveaways. (No comments from the peanut gallery, oh sister Linda of mine!) Scrolled on down after I entered Day 5 Bag (yep this quilting baglady ain't missin' no free bag giveaways chances) to view the Got the Winter Blues and wouldn't #6 on the list of 7 free buh-LOO quilt patterns be...

Pocketful of Sunshine!! Mine!! This is my very first quilt pattern and I am ecstatic that they featured it on their blog! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
Uh, it's been downloaded today, Dec. 27 at just before 3pm EST 257 times!!  Whoa!

So, drumroll.... the #1 most pageviews post of 2017 is....
1. Windfall!

This was my project for the Autumn Abundance Blog Hop hosted by Bernie at Needle and Foot.  What a fun and enriching experience it was!  I can't thank Paint Brush Studio Fabrics and Bernie, of course, enough!  From this quilt has come a project that is a goal on my 2017 list, to host a quilt-along of my own.  More details to follow, but a couple of hints: it will be smaller, a wallhanging size of approximately 37", starting in late January, and in Spring fabrics!

One last plug for Craftsy, and that is that if you missed taking advantage of all their classes on sale for $20US and under, you can appease your own sad self by checking out their year end clearance on kits, fabric and supplies, on now until midnight Dec. 31.  Maybe you got a little Christmas moola? Or maybe you'd like to give a Craftsy gift!  You can do that and get more bang for your buck these last few days of 2016! Click here to find out how to give Craftsy stuff to your quilting friends.
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  1. What a lovely collection for the year! Isn't it fun to sit back and take a good look at what you've done in a year!? Here's to a wonderful 2017!

  2. My dear sister, amazing accomplishments!! And YAY CONGRATULATIONS on the pattern!!

    1. Oh and notice how i refrained from the silly comments??!! It's killing me though!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. They are all beauties and creations that you will always be proud of! What will 2017 bring? I'm looking forward to them all!

  4. Neat quilts! I can see why Windfall is so popular. Beautiful work!

  5. All so different too... Beautiful to look back on and pat yourself on the back missus, you did some fab work in 2016. I am sure 2017 will be equally amazing πŸ˜€ hugs from your friend across the water xxx

  6. All so different too... Beautiful to look back on and pat yourself on the back missus, you did some fab work in 2016. I am sure 2017 will be equally amazing πŸ˜€ hugs from your friend across the water xxx

  7. Congratulations! You have some wonderful accomplishments for this year and well deserved, I might add. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and watching your quilty adventures!

  8. I loved seeing all of these quilts again and also seeing what was the most viewed. I absolutely love the quilting on your rainbow quilt. Congratulations on the feature!

  9. How did I forget about the mini mini plus quilt? One of the things I love most about your recap, is recalling all the fun conversations and texting back and forth during their creations! Thank you for being my quilty bff! You and all your quilts made my year 100% better <3

  10. Great to look back over your year . Of course my own personal favourite is the Canadian geese mini mini you made for me ! Fantastic news your pattern made it into the top 7 blue downloads . I'll have to download this tomorrow

  11. What fun you have with your quilting! Love all of the projects but the Windfall quilt is beautiful. I really love the quilting on the Rainbow Kitty Rows too! Enjoy your quilting in 2017 :)

  12. What a great reminder of all the wonderful projects you've made. I'm pleased to see that I feature in the list. :) Looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings.

  13. A very fun and pretty top 5 list! Congrats on such a successful 2016. Wishing you even more success and fun (especially fun) in 2017.

  14. A fantastic year of quilts in review. I'm sure 2017 will have many more fabulous finishes.

  15. Beautiful finishes! I love the quilting you added to each and congrats on being highlighted on Craftsy's blog!

  16. Wonderful quilts, beautiful finishes! Happy New Year!