Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Quilty and Bloggy Goals for 2017

Yvonne at Quilting JETgirl is hosting a very important and worthy linky party once again...
I am a goal-setter and list-maker.  I LOVE LOVE checking off items on the lists I make.  A good friend of mine, who, I recently discovered, also loves lists and especially the checking off part, asked me if I ever add something I did do to my list that wasn't originally on it,  just so I can check it off...oh YES!

In visiting a few other bloggers who are making lists and checking them twice (or five times in my case), I read that sharing your goals significantly raises the percentage of attaining them.  That is like the reward for taking the risk of making your goals public, in my opinion.  This year, I am piggybacking on Julie and Beth's idea of having an accountability partner with whom I will periodically check in (who am I kidding, we check in with each other pretty much daily) to further increase my success rate.
Yep, my sweet friend Tish and I have already shared our list of goals with each other, asked for and given feedback, and subsequently added to or further refined said goals.  Say what you will about Apple as far as expensive goes, but my oh my, I am so very grateful for their FaceTime and iMessage apps as they allow me to talk with friends with iPhones anytime, anywhere for free.  No I am not an affiliate!

First off, though, I should review my goals for 2016 and see how I did.  I set them up last January much as we had to when I was teaching school, our PGPs (Professional Growth Plans - teachers, much like quilters, love their acronyms). I had three Main Goals.
1.  Submit a pattern to a quilt magazine.
Bzzz.  Did not do.
However, I DID get accepted as the June Desire to Inspire Designer for Henry Glass Fabrics! I had several original designs completed by the end of the month sitting in my beach chair of projects, very proud of that.
And I was asked by Bernie to participate in the Autumn Abundance Blog Hop, sponsored by Paint Brush Studio Fabrics, which has led to a new exciting experience for me in 2017.
✅2.  Open up an Etsy Shop.
I did do this!  Although I have yet to make a sale, I have two items there and another that I just haven't written up yet (I don't find Etsy that user-friendly or is it just me?)
3.  Quilt a quilt for someone else.
Bzzz.  Did not do, although as of this writing, I have two customers lined up.

I had 4 sub-goals:
✅1. Expand my Craftsy Store.
I did.  I added two patterns, a free one, Pocketful of Sunshine, and one for $7, Blue Skies and Sunny Days. You can see both through that link, which is an affiliate link. (psst, classes sale again right now, everything under US$20)
✅2.  Make at least 2 quilts for charity.
I made 3, all of which were donated to the Windsor Sexual Assault Centre.
✅3.  Finish watching Small Changes, Big Variety.
I did, and I reviewed it here.  That is a part of something I didn't have as a goal, or even knew I might want to do ha, but it sure helped with quilting growth: hosted a blog hop with my good friend Julie for all things Craftsy.
4.  Do a pantograph on a quilt.
5. Somehow this isn't on the published list, but it was a goal somewhere (going to trawl the early '16 posts) that I do a mini swap.  And I did! Not one but 2!  One was planned, with Anja of Anja Quilts, the other more spontaneous, with Preeti, of Sew Preeti Quilts.

I had 5 Personal Goals:
1.  Walk 80 km per month or thereabouts.
I averaged 65 km/month.  That was down I know because of Rocco's knee surgery.  I do miss walking with him.
✅2.  Do Ashtanga 3X/week and Yin once or twice.
✅3.  Watch more TV.
This is hard to measure but I believe I did; I have branched out a bit too; currently I am watching "The Queen", "Gilmore Girls", and I have started "Murdoch Mysteries".
✅4.  Do more hand work.
I finished the flimsy for my wool appliquéd daisies quilt; I knitted two sets of fingerless gloves, and the Fisherman's Wife Cowl.
5.   Read more books than I did last year, one a classic.
Bzzz.  This is awful but I am only on #17. For a person who, just 2 years ago easily read about 30 books a year, shameful.  If I finish the current one, 31 Hours by Masha Hamilton, I plan to start either Wuthering Heights or My Cousin Rachel, both of which I brought with me.

Okay. Breathe.  No one is going to cut my pay or fire me because I did not complete some of this stuff!

Ahh, that collage restores my inner peace.  I put that on Instagram last week after I went to the beach at dawn to hunt for shells and coral and sharks' teeth.  Tick! Tick! Tick!  I checked off each one of those three items, and another fabulous very unique and inspiring find that I will be featuring on Thursday's post.

Why this collage here?  Well, many years ago, after our first trip to Florida, which would be Christmas 2004, we had a dream of one day owning a home here.  When I made that collage after that magical morning, it struck a chord deep within me that dreams and goals do, in fact, come true.  You can't just sit back and wait for them to land in your lap, but if you do little things towards attaining the dreams and goals, and, more magical yet, if you are open and aware to small tidbits (events, knowledge, people and so on) coming your way that do open the path to those dreams, you will get there.  Promise.  Pinky swear.

2017 Goals

Over-arching Goals
A.  Lifelong Learning
This is a teacher catch-phrase, and something in which I deeply believe.

B.  Balance
Something I struggled with throughout my teaching career, and continue to do so, is finding balance.  I am not reading enough novels.  I am not watching enough TV.  I seem to spend too long at the computer, usually to do with the blog (I take an agonizing amount of time to write each post for one).  I am not completing enough quilts for family members.

Main Quilting Goals 

1. Expand the purpose of my blog.
This belongs under the Lifelong Learning Goal.  I started my blog as a way to let my friends and family know what I was up to in my new stage of life, as well as a way to document my quilts.  It has become so very much more and I'd like to continue that, but give back as well.  Measurable sub-goals will be:
  • Run a Quilt Along
There was a surprising (to me) amount of interest in me offering up Windfall as a quilt along.  I plan to start this in the second half of January.
  • Set up a Linky Party
  • Do something with the DrEAMi Moments I've experienced
This will involve a Linky Party, but also be a way to share ideas, give inspiration, provide temptation, and have some fun.
  • Organize a blog hop or quilt along with Tish.  We have formulated a plan, it just needs to be fleshed out and details need to be knocked out. 
  • Make and donate at least 2 charity quilts.

2.  Explore the money-making angle of quilting a little more.
All I would like to do is support my habit of fabric buying, not pay the bills or buy food.  This is basically a Lifelong Learning because it involves improving some computer skills, as well as investigating other branding opportunities and services. Hey, I actually ordered some mmm! quilts labels from Ikaprint so that is one step.  Measurable goals here are:
  • Expand my Etsy Shop
This may sound hilarious to some, but I'd like to add a minimum of 3 quilted items for sale.  I also plan to offer all my 'for sale' patterns on my Etsy Shop by the end of 2017.
  • Add at least 2 patterns to my Craftsy Shop
  • Submit an original quilt design to a magazine
  • Have a couple of quilts for sale in a local coffee shop/bistro (I've already spoken informally to the owner, just need to sit down formally and chat about it.)
  • Quilt a quilt for someone else
  • Get involved a bit more with Craftsy (already chatted and confirmed one plan)
  • This might cost me money, but improve the esthetics of my blog and investigate branding.
3. Random Quilt Learning
  •  Make a quilt entirely of solids. (I might join in Molli Sparkles' Honey Pot Bee in order to accomplish this one.  Only one block a month...and already a wild card thrown!)
  •  Do a Design Challenge. (This will be similar to Rachel's of Stitched in Color, but just on my own.
Personal Goals
Under Balance:
1.  Walk at least 70 km per month.  That means 6 walks/week at at least 3 km each.
2.  Read 25 books.  One must be a classic.  Take a daily tea break without my phone, but with a book and/or a quilt magazine.
3.  Maintain Ashtanga 3 times per week and increase Yin to twice regularly.
4.  Organize my time better.
5.  Take a blogging break of at least a week.

Under Lifelong Learning:
6.  Take a painting class.

**Remember to once a month check back on this list!

Phew! Think that should keep me busy, no?

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  1. You made great progress on your 2016 goals and have wonderful 2017 goals! I look forward to following your quilty adventures next year!

  2. I think you did great on your 2016 goals, even though you didn't get everything done. I love Murdoch Mysteries. You have some great goals for 2017, and I look forward to playing along with your quilt along and blog hop. Merry Christmas!

  3. I think your goals do have a good balance. I will be attempting to be more "planned" about my blog posts--that is, to plan what I will sew so I can blog about it. On the other hand, I also want to have some finishes, which might require working on the same things for 2-3 weeks in a row. Wait and see, I guess.

  4. You did great, you have achieved so much in 2016, that was a big list. Remember, 'goals are like stars in the sky, you may not reach them but they help you to navigate'. I can't remember who said it or if I got the wording exactly right, but I agree with Lisa, you have a great balance. Good Luck for 2017.

  5. Fantastic 2016 goal achievement...😀 And 2017 sounds like it will be even more fun...I agree that being retired makes you still want to ensure you keep the old grey cells in good working order by setting stretching goals and to list and publicise them is a great idea... I look forward to 2017 with you Sandra... Hugs from across the water 😀 xx

  6. Fantastic 2016 goal achievement...😀 And 2017 sounds like it will be even more fun...I agree that being retired makes you still want to ensure you keep the old grey cells in good working order by setting stretching goals and to list and publicise them is a great idea... I look forward to 2017 with you Sandra... Hugs from across the water 😀 xx

  7. I think you did great with your 2016 goals! 2017 is going to be one busy year ahead for you, but I know you can do it. Oh and I love Murdoch Mysteries.

  8. Wonderful post Sandra. You sound like you've got great plans for moving ahead. I'm in on the design challenge.....I failed miserably at Rachel's. Too much going on.

  9. One of the things I like about your goal list is the goal of checking in with yourself once a month, and having an accountability partner in Tish should help with that a lot. I see that while you may appear to have many goals, a lot of them are already facets of your life and integrated commitments that you want to maintain (and I totally respect that). I wish you a joyful and wonderful 2017 full of crossing lots of items off this list and enjoying the inevitable additions that get added. Thanks for linking up!

  10. You list is exciting and inspiring. You are living a well earned retired life:) :) I'm looking forward to following you even more this year! BTW...I started yoga after being inspired by your Sunday posts. (The balance tree pose is hard....I'l get there though!)

  11. Now who has lofty goals, LOL Wishing you all the best in 2017!

  12. Congrats on all the things you accomplished in 2016. I love that your goals are all happy/healthy things a retired teacher deserves! Congrats on your retirement. Your positive attitude still shows your teacher side, but fun and relaxed!

  13. That photo collage is absolutely gorgeous! Lifelong learning is a wonderful thing (and I'm not even a teacher, lol). My dad told me once that we should know everything about something and something about everything. That really stuck with me :) Good luck with all of your goals for 2017. I hope it's a great and productive year for you!

  14. We've got this! I feel one thing is for certain...we will either keep each other's noses to the stone, or get distracted together by a forest of squirrels, but which ever, we will have the best time EVER! :)

  15. Wow - you are one busy person!
    I must admit you are the first I have ever seen to list "Watch more TV" as a goal. *grins*
    Popped by from the link up.

  16. You should be proud of all you accomplished in 2016 Sandra. I can think of so much that isn't on your goal list. Like helping Rocco through his healing. Meeting up for a Quilting retreat at Julie's. Being there as a great friend for so many people! And wow, the Henry Glass designs were a be-all in and of themselves.
    Your list for this year is huge, but I have no doubt you will go far with it. I think goal lists should be a little more than we can handle, so that we end up doing more.
    Love what you wrote about attaining dreams and goals and how you can't just sit back and wait for them to fall in your lap.
    Merry Christmas Dear Friend!

  17. Really interesting to read about your 2016 and your plans for 2017 - lots resonate with me. I love the 'Take a daily tea break without my phone, but with a book and/or a quilt magazine.' I may just take this onboard too!

  18. Lovely goals, big and small. They definitely sound achievable. Good luck tackling those =)

  19. Ok - This was a great look at what you accomplished in 2016 and what you have set out before yourself for 2017. I am happy that the bloghop you participated in with me was helpful - also curious about how it might have influenced a 2017 goal. Hurray for that.

    You made huge strides last year Sandra. Pat yourself on the back from me and I know you are easily able to do that with your yogic (is that a word?) flexibility! I have enjoyed virtually hanging out with you this year!

  20. I enjoyed reading your goals and I look forward to witnessing your journey next year.

  21. Your quilts in your shop are gorgeous! Be patient, it will happen. I was thinking of shutting down my Etsy shop a month or two ago (slow year) but two late in the year sales and maybe a commission have rejuvenated my enthusiasm. Like you, I just want to earn some extra cash to subsidize my creative outlet. One tip that I think helped me was the greater # of items in your shop, the more likely someone is to see one of them. If you add 3, that may help. Either way, those two projects are wirth every penny of your price.

  22. Good Luck! You are a busy gal and push yourself a lot! I like seeing the balance of accomplishments and OM. Looking forward to seeing more of your work and writing.

  23. good luck with your goals this year - I'm a bit fascinated that you have watch more TV on your list ! I used to join in the Finish Alongs but after two or three years with the same projects not finished I decided not to stress ! today I came to the conclusion that the only way I'm going to get things finished and checked off my list is to work on one or two projects at a time until they're done - otherwise I'm pretty certain that I'll only get little projects finished and will constantly be working on UFOs forever !!


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