Monday, December 12, 2016

SMS Giveaway Winners and Updates

Let's cut to the chase, shall we?
I had 142 comments for the three prizes.  Yay, in that only the very first draw was a no-reply blogger with a dead end and no email address in her comment. 😞 but only one!  All winners have been notified.

The first prize was the handmade mini, and it goes to:
Sandra C. of Quilting at the Cro's Nest

The second prize was $10 to spend at Pile o' Fabric, and it goes to:
Anita who has just and I mean just started a blog of her own, Domestic Felicity!  Maybe pop on over and visit, show her some comment love. :-)
Oh...oops, guess when I screenshot the #2, #1 was in front; you'll have to trust me on this one.

The third prize was a copy of my one and only 'for sale' pattern, Blue Skies & Sunny Days, and it goes to:
another Sandra!! Like I couldn't make this up! I was so hoping the prizes would go to someone I know, but a little voice, said, come on, that's how you get to know more peeps, Sandra, and voilà, I drew another Sandra! This Sandra blogs at The Bias Edge...Quilts and Quirks and lives in Singapore!

Thank you so much for all of you who commented, and shared your favourite ornament stories; I read every one.

Here is a quick update on two ongoing projects.  The first is the 150 Canadian Women BOM from Next Step Quilt Design.  If you are interested in joining in, it's not too late, go here to sign up.

Here are blocks 1-3:
Obviously, by this photo, you can see I am doing my version scrappy.  I love the hit of pink here and there in the original quilt and I am doing the same.

Blocks 7-9
Oops, this is #8 - Sharon Adele Wood, mountaineer and the first women from the Western Hemisphere to stand at the top of Mount Everest; then #7 - Geraldine Moodie, photographer, and first woman to take professional photos of the Inuit; and finally #9 - Viola Desmond, civil rights activist, started the Desmond School of Beauty Culture. Note about this last block: the centre 'bow' is a rich purple fabric, because of her name Viola, and the red fabric has that same violet colour in it. I only had a 2 1/4" wide strip of it so had to take 1/8" seams.  When one works with scraps...
Blocks 10-12
#10 - Esther Marjorie Hill, first Canadian woman registered architect; #11 - Nellie Yip Quong, bold and outspoken advocate for her adopted community; #12 - Charlotte Elizabeth Hazeltyne Whitton, first female mayor in a major Canadian city, Ottawa.
Here are all 12!  I am thoroughly enjoying this project.  I have plans to add sashing on one side of the blocks, but I am not divulging them just yet!

The Scrap Vortex has left the building well, the smaller ziploc bag, and is now in slabs in the zipper vinyl bag. Here are the latest slabs; I did a fair bit this weekend:
Seeing it here, I'm not seeing vomit as much anymore, and I'm starting to kind of like it?  I think?
😎 It may have helped to see, yesterday on FaceTime, two of Preeti's Scrap Vortex quilts both in progress but both in flimsy form, to realize mine is okay too.  Ah, the friends of QBL are the best.

Linking up with
Cooking Up Quilts because I am crushing on these Canadian women blocks!
Mrs. Sew and Sow because it never ceases to amaze me what beauty can come from a pile (or several) of scraps.


  1. Congrats to the winners, but a special bonus wish to Anita with your new blog. Wonderful. And the blocks, although I am not a Canadian, have so many wonderful friends up there, have joined in.

  2. Your blocks are looking great Sandra, but what really excites me is your scrap vortex, lovely. I'll pop over and say hello to Anita, I remember the thrill of being welcomed when I just started just under a year ago.

  3. You had a giveaway? Obviously, I have been under a rock. I will blame it on the upcoming trip and the stress to complete my end of the month report by mid-month. YIKES!!! Scrap Vortex is not vomit. It is everything but the kitchen sink...soup!!!

  4. Again, I am so appreciative of the encouragement with my new blog~ This is a wonderful community and I feel loved with each kind word! And Sandra, the Vortex project is amazing! I love all the different angles, designs and color arrangements. Someone will be looking for a new pattern every time they view it!

  5. Congratulations to your winners! Such fun! Loving the Vortex quilt and the 150 Woman Canadian BOM. I may not be Canadian, but I am a guest in your country for six months a year, so as soon as I get settled in Texas, I'm going to try to catch up and keep up! I just flew in last night, whew! No snow! XO

  6. I love the colors in your Canadian Women quilt. The pink adds great dimension. And I am still totally loving your vortex quilt.

  7. Your blocks are looking good. I haven't made one yet.

  8. Those Canadian Women blocks are looking great as is the scrap vortex quilt! Keep going - definitely not vomit! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday!


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