Saturday, February 25, 2017

DrEAMi! Linky #2

Welcome to the second linky party for those quilt projects that just reach out and GRAB you, and what do you do? You go on and let 'em because oh! it's SUCH a knock-your-socks-off design, or oh-so-pretty, or you know just the person for whom this quilty project could be, and you have to make it for that person right now.
I have had not one, but two DrEAMi! episodes this month. 😬  The first I wrote about was my mug rug I made from the HSTs cut when I joined various strips of rainbow-coloured fabric for the binding for Whirling Stars.

Finding that teensie-weensie 4-patch in the centre, where each square is 1/2" finished--the cows!!--in my small scraps fabric bowl made me drop what I should have been doing and sew up this little 5 3/4" square, and then quilt it. It has a super-sweet back too, which I am using this week, and which you can read about in that post.

You'd think one mug rug this month would get it out of my system, but nope, I made another, Quilt Kisses.

Like I said, I have been, and I expect I always will be, bit hard by the distractions bug.

Thank you to 18, EIGHTEEN👏👏🙏  people who linked up their DrEAMi! episodes in January.  I enjoyed each post, and totally get why you were bitten.  Someone said I need to put a disclaimer on these linky parties so... voilà:

"Please be advised that visiting any links provided in this linky party may result in you discovering a project you just have to make.  You do not hold me, Sandra Walker, of Musings of a Menopausal Melon-mmm! quilts, responsible for any missed deadlines, meals, or other commitments that may go by the wayside should you find yourself mesmerized by one of these quilty squirrels."

'k?  We good? (as my daughters would say, or probably my grandson, Brady would! He comes out with the best lines.)

It was HARD to choose just 3 shiny baubles from those 18, but I did.  These bloggers' phrases ring so true for us bit-by-a-squirrel peeps.
This showstopper was made by my darling enabler (cough) friend, Tish who said "I only paused for a second......  I was officially out of control." We share a love of all things Angela.  Tish's fabric choices (I have those, or many of them too!!) have my eye zooming across this quilt top, mmm!
Allison's hearts got their hooks into her, and, like rabbits, kept multiplying on her design wall!  I made a heart much like this after seeing some stripey or strippy, both work, hearts online. Seeing Allison's makes me want to make more...

Cindy is a part of the #30quiltdesignschallenge2017 I, with Lisa of Sunlight in Winter Quilts, are hosting on Instagram (it runs until March 15, so feel free to hop in; the water's very warm!).  One of Cindy's designs, her second, in fact, led to this statement, "I sewed like a madwoman!" Love the soft fabrics and the way she quilted it.
and I have to put one more, because I've seen the flimsy, and I know she is working like a madwoman to finish this for her guild's show:
Preeti's birds (she got bird flu, or bird flew) have multiplied like 30 times these 2 and then some! As she said, "Oh no, I did not stop there..." Aren't they just strutting across her design wall all sharply-dressed with a 'look at ME!' attitude?

In other distractions news, I hope you've been enjoying the photos everyone at QuiltCon has been posting.  Some lovely quilts, and loads of lovely peeps, many meeting up for the first time after becoming online friends through this lovely QBL of which we are all part.

So what got your sudden attention this past month? You can link up any post Instagram or Flickr photo from February.  Please note this is a text-only linky from now on.


  1. I didn't expect to see my squirrel in your post. Thanks! Sometimes those squirrels grab hold and don't know enough to let matter how hard we try to ignore them.

  2. Alas, no squirrels for me to link up here this month! Or maybe that's a good thing, as I stayed focused finished a top? More likely it means I need to go browse the links for inspiration :)

  3. I've been kidnapped by squirrels So Many Times. That's how I ended up with piles of pincushions last fall...
    Okay, wish me luck - I'm about to go look at a bunch of squirrels!

  4. I started a squirrel yesterday, but I've been good this month. Had too many other things that had to be done. LOL

  5. Thanks you for sharing my squirrel, my dear friend :) It would be quilted, but well, I'm sure I've already been distracted by something else :)

  6. It's a good thing you added the disclaimer, I can see many future comments about squirrels breeding squirrels!

  7. Thank you for sharing my hearts - this Linky is a great idea! It is very dangerous though - so much inspiration - but at least we all know we are not alone!

  8. This is a dangerous place. I want to click on the Dreami links but there is so much trepidation. Oh, what small squirrel or a large grizzly may be hiding behind those seemingly innocent links. Did you see the curved log cabin Tanya made? I am not chasing that squirrel but that grizzly has grabbed me...I so have to make that...

  9. Could someone please direct me to some instructions on how to add a button to my blog. I never blogged much before but I have realized that if I want to share my projects I need to use one.
    Sorry, but my first DrEAMi! project is going to be knitted those kidnapping squirrels have lots of nests, hope you don't mind much. The concept is such a good one now and then.
    Thanks in advance for your support for this beginner.
    WE are totally DIY redecorating our second floor, but I get at least one day a week to play in my sewing room - a quilt for my new bed, some fleece kimona jackets for the grands, RSC piggies and birds, and a paper pieced star quilt for the day bed in the new office. Oh yeah, I have a bad case of startitis but a little work on each will get it done.