Friday, February 17, 2017

Mug Rug

My love-affair with scraps is well-known.  I showed you the flimsy of the 6" square I made with scraps from the rainbow scrappy binding for Whirling Stars.  Here is the mug rug I just had to finish up this past week.
I honestly do not believe I have ever bound a quilt with a yellow binding, especially one this vibrant. It's another sneak peek at one of the fabrics responsible for my 10-day posting hiatus.  I did an X through the two main diagonal lines of the mug rug and then...couldn't stop. 😬

Here is the back:
I still have a little bit of this beloved Laurel Burch rainbow angel kitties fabric called "Holiday Collection" which she designed for Clothworks, just perfect for the back of my mug rug! I remembered before stitching on the binding to apply my label from Ikaprint. 😉 On minis, I cut my binding at 1.25" and do a single-fold application, which I first stitch to the quilt back, and then topstitch the front down.  It makes for a pretty neat finish.

Here it is in action the other morning.
I am a simple girl: give me a good book, one cup of coffee in the morning, a meaningful mug (this one a gift from my mum many years ago, Mozart, much-loved composer of ours), some graph paper and crayons and pretty fabric, and I'm a happy camper.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern:  original design
Size: 5 3/4" square
Fabric:  leftover binding HSTs
Batting: Pellon Nature's Touch 100% cotton scrap
Quilted: on my Bernina
Threads:  pieced with Gütermann; quilted with Aurifil variegated 3817
I noted on Instagram that I had just finished a terrific book, one I think all doglovers must read, so I want to mention it here for those not on Instagram.  It's called Merle's Door: Lessons From a Freethinking Dog by Ted Kerasote.  Just excellent.  He's got another one out, actually two, about Pukka (rhymes with hockey puck) and I got the mainly photos book about Pukka as a puppy and have ordered the novel, Pukka's Promise.

Did you know? That you can look at any public account on Instagram and see the person's photos?  I am mmmquilts, so if you want to check up on me, I am there every day or two!

I got some very happy mail yesterday:
This is from my friend Pat, who is on Flickr here.  She sent me a terrific article about the importance of moving and stretching mindfully, to keep your hips and knees and back in good health.  It is written by a personal trainer with many years of experience, both hers and her clients'.  It amazed Pat, and now me, with how similar her insights are to Yin poses and reasoning.  I will be incorporating some of this knowledge into future Sunday Stretches!  I just love the saying on the card she included and that BAG--!  I've admired these, especially the ones Anja has made, for some time and have wanted to make one but still haven't.  Love that fabric, right?

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  1. Nothing better than coffee , a special cup and a bright mug rug.

  2. What a sweet little mini. The cats on back are purrfectly centered and super cute. I'd probably use that side half the time.

  3. Love your choice of backing fabric for your mug rug. I have some precious Laurel Birch fabric too. Every scrap will be used! I have a couple of card like your friend sent you. Mine are, Advice from a Campfire and Advice from a Butterfly. Love them.

  4. I love your mug rug! It's so cute from the front and the back!

  5. I like the yellow binding. Awesome print on the back.

  6. Sandra, I saw this beautiful mini earlier on Instagram, and just love it! So perfect for your special mug and favorite book. I hope you get lots of enjoyment out of it!

  7. I love your mug rug for so many reasons: the scrappiness, the binding (love yellow!), the backing, the quilting! So pretty! Thank you for sharing!

  8. I too am a hoarder of scraps and nothing gives the same joy as finding a way to use up a scrap!
    I'm amazed by the smallness. I look at the top photo and think, "What a lovely bright quilt." Then I scroll down and see it under the mug and cannot believe it's so tiny! I imagine I'd feel pretty special with that under my Coke (sorry, not a coffee drinker) instead of a plain ole' napkin!

  9. After seeing you post about the Ikaprint labels a couple of times, I finally ordered some. The came quickly and arrived on Thursday. If I'd have known that I would have held onto the three quilts that left my house a week ago!!

  10. What a delicious mugrug! I think the yellow binding pulls the whole thing together.

  11. Those drawstring bags are the best... I got Anja hooked on them! I have that armchair fabric in teal with green chairs. Love it. Your mug rug is incredible (and that's not a word I often use for mug rugs!) Those HSTs are so very wee! Thank you for linking up with TGIFF @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge!

  12. I would have a very hard time deciding which side to use :)


  13. Very pretty mug rug, love the jewel tones you used on the front and back.

  14. What a perfect mug rug for this time of the year. It would make me smile every time I used it throughout our grey, wet days!


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