Thursday, March 30, 2017

Freefall Link Up #1

Well, that's really good isn't it?  First Quilt Along, and what does she do? Forgets to do the first link up post and schedule it!  Oops...😖😧

I do have a pretty good excuse.  Really.  I was on the road (still am).  Perhaps gabbing my head off with the likes of Tish and/or Julie when I should've been writing.  Forgive me?

I also have no cutting of the quilt I plan to make along with you because the fabric is buried somewhere in a tote in the SUV.😬  In the meantime, here is what I had at this point for Freefall:
Top is leaf, next is background, purple is binding, and then the others below are the floating leaves.
I recommend keeping the floating leaves in separate baggies:
You'd have two more baggies: one for leaves that float on the big shadow leaf, and another for those that float on both background and shadow leaf.

Please do link up to show us your piles of squares, rectangles and kite shapes, or just your fabric pull.  Show us your FABRICS!  From what I've been seeing on Instagram, there are going to be some glorious Freefall quilts!  Lots of prizes to be had as well! Maybe even some surprise drawings along the way

Update! I have the leaf point template in PDF format for you to download if you'd rather not draft it as per the tutorialClick here to get it. (affiliate link)  Thank you Tish! One day I hope to be as good as she is on EQ7.

As always I thank you from the bottom of my heart for participating and taking a chance on a quilter's first QAL. 😘😘

I promise that Step #2 where we start to sew will be out on Monday, April 3.

Link Up #1


  1. Yes, I understand that while travelling links and blogs are difficult. After all, how can you ferret out that fabric when it is hidden under all sorts of "stuff"!!! I will do a photo and send it in.

  2. I'm a little under the weather so decided yesterday to use my down-time to get the rest of the cutting done for Freefall. Can't wait to see how my fabrics are going to look once we get sewing!

  3. Getting to gab with both Julie and Tish is a great reason as you travelled north. How sweet for all three of you.

  4. I will take 100% of the blame for this post being late, and I will not apologize for it either. Any time I get to spend with you is worth it, even if I'm being selfish and keeping you from your work :)

  5. I have been wanting to do Freefall very badly but with a Senior (and her best friend) graduating and a niece getting married, I've got at least three quilts to get done here pretty soon. I am STILL going to download that pattern. I would love to do a fall colors version like your original. Gorgeous!

  6. Replies
    1. Lol as in forgetting to do the first link up post and schedule, that is! ;p

  7. No worries! Life was pretty intense for me this week, so the extra time was helpful for me. Have a safe rest of your drive!

  8. just checked the final link up time, I needed the extra time by you forgetting. I hadn't forgotten but was stressing on getting linked up. Definitely doing that tomorrow.

  9. Your fabric choices are so pretty!