Sunday, December 24, 2017

Last Sunday Stash of 2017

It would appear that I've been in a bit of a stash addition binge, since I posted just a week ago about just shy of 6 yards I picked up while in Florida. I am confessing in this post (and in the ensuing one which has to do with the projects the stash additions are intended for) that I did take advantage of some Black Friday sales. Here's my loot, my Merry Christmas to Sandra from moi:
My first stop was one for whom I am an affiliate, Craftsy. I told you that I had this beautiful fat quarter bundle in my cart. Lily and Loom, 'Modern Hand Drawn'. (yep, it's still available, yep it is still at a terrific price and yep, that is an affiliate link that will take you there)  It is absolutely as lovely as shown on their site and prettier than my fluorescent lighting shows. I got a yard of the navy. Yes I have a plan...don't ask me right now; it will come to me, it will. 😬

What a lovely surprise! In with my fabric was the charm pack of Boundless batiks. Contrary to what I usually do, I opened it (I know, shocker) to get a better look at what was inside:
Simply delicious, yes?!
I also visited a favourite online quilt shop of mine, Fat Quarter Shop, no affiliation. May I say they have one of the very best sale sections, and their 24-hour Flash Sale has drawn me in more than a few times...
This is what caught my eye, a Bloomsbury charm pack for $1.49 (you read that right!), the Free Spirit Spectrum Designer Essentials charm pack, for .89c(!!), which I tilted so you can get a glimpse of the beautiful rainbow within (no I didn't open it, left these two all purty, just like to riffle through them), and a new Olfa cutter, snazzy colour, no?

They seemed a little small and forlorn, right, so I checked out their sale section.  Wait, what?

Some Hazel by Allison Harris? for $4.30/yard?!! Be still my beating heart, two pieces I do not own. I seem to have a small collection started thanks to, you guessed it, a sale (are you seeing a theme here) earlier this year at Connecting Threads (affiliate link which will take you to the wee bit of Hazel they have left).

Somehow, I do not know how, but maybe they were near to each other in the sort by price feature, I found these:
'Chalk and Paint' by Sew Caroline
Sandra's head:  What project are these for, Sandra?
Sandra's heart:  I dunno.
Sandra's head:  Why did you buy them?
Sandra's heart:  Because AGF. These colours! These motifs! Mad love for their fabrics.

They may grow up with some bari j I got from Bernie of Needle and Foot to do the Geode quilt by Blossom Heart Quilts. They may not. I will pet and fondle them for now so they know how much they are loved. Have you FELT the hand of Art Gallery Fabrics? I'll never forget my first caress...eyes! This is cotton? Yup.

Finally not because of a Black Friday sale, but because I visited a blogger through a linky somewhere, who had the most gorgeous quilt in purples, who lives in Michigan somewhere; clearly I do not recall who she is, I am sorry to say, but you know how the vortex goes... Anyhow, the background of her quilt was this beautiful twinkly stars fabric from Lizzy House. She said she'd got it at Hawthorne Threads, she has no affiliation, nor have I. Well.
Ya, ya, there's the tea mug again, 3 times it's peeked into the photo, frighteningly close to the fabric. Meh, I knew what I was doing, and, like Angela, with her 'piecing potion'--OMG how I love her--haven't had a spill yet. Besides this was just herbal mint tea, so no biggie if it did spill.
Like the blogger where I saw this fabric said, it is difficult to show just how pretty this is. I got 3 yards so I got a slightly better sale price, a nice feature at Hawthorne Threads. What is the piece on top you're wondering?  It's 'Heart Melodies'.

Oh yes, I have a project. But I don't feel quite like talking about it just yet. One day. And... because AGF, right? and also on sale.

I wish all my readers and their families a most joy-filled Christmas, lots of quilty goodness, and special times to make good memories. That's what is the most important in life is memories. I also wish anyone whose heart is aching for whatever reason, a quiet time if that's what you need, a time to reflect perhaps, or special times with good friends or with family, if that helps you heal. Christmas isn't always joyous for everyone. I will leave you with a photo I took a few days ago, wine bottles decoration I painted and stencilled two Christmases ago, as seen on Pinterest. I just heard on CBC radio that pretty much all of Canada is going to have a white Christmas. It really is so pretty and magical. I can almost hear sleigh bells...


  1. Thoughts with you and yours, someone missing from home today, a whole heap of love, and let those fabrics and goodies brighten the 25th for you.Down here, very quiet, sun is shining, friends have visited, and parcels opened. After all, it is the 25th already, at 11.33 a.m. White Christmas,I wonder how many will delight in it,and who else will worry about animals, roads, and overload on the roof. Love to you and yours. XXX

  2. Wishing you healing and peace today! Love all the stash additions, I think my fav is the ones from Hawthorne house.

  3. mmmm... blue batiks! What pretty stash additions . I'm really liking your joyous wine bottles. And your view=perfect. Have a blessed day! mary in Az

  4. Gorgeous collection! We’re waiting for the rest of the house to get up, so I am checking up on blogs before the festivities start. Have a wonderful Christmas and wishing some peace and joy for those who have a difficult time.

  5. I know what you mean about the Art Gallery fabric. I remember my first touch....wonderful. It’s minus 23, minus 32 with the wind chill out here in Alberta. Merry Christmas to you and yours and hoping the new year is everything you want. Call next time you’re in Beaumont.

  6. Ahhh, the truth revealed! What fun! Love all the additions to your lovely stash. Merry Christmas! XO

  7. I made a quilt for a wedding this fall out of AGF fabric (Maureen Cracknell's Garden Dreamer) and bought it from Hawthorne Threads. Oh my goodness, the feel of the fabric! I'm hooked! I'm currently drooling over Pat Bravo's Indie line. Haven't given in yet, but oh so tempting!

  8. I'm glad you treated yourself to some gorgeous fabrics! You're so right that AGF has the most wonderful hand...smooooooooth. Calling the online quilty world "the vortex" made me laugh and nod my head. Inspiration swirls madly around us! It's a great time to be quilting, I think.

  9. Hope you had just the right Christmas for you and yours. Love all the fabric additions. Looking forward to seeing what brilliant projects you've got planned for all of them.


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