Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Plus Playtime QAL Flimsy Parade & Giveaway

Here we go! Lots of you got your row 3, ha, maybe even your rows 2 AND 3, all done right away, so feel free to link up an older post, no need to write up a new one. Instagram and Flickr posts work too; just use the URL in the toolbar in the linkup widget.

This week for a finished top (save the finished quilt for the grand prize drawing) I am giving away the second $25 gift certificate to Stitch Stash Diva, done once again by random draw. I'm so pleased with the variety and number of participants in the QAL! If you don't have a blog or your Instagram is private, email me a photo and I'll link it for you using my own Instagram account. It's wonderful to see all the quilts out there!

So as I mentioned in yesterday's post, I started sewing up the kit I bought from Clinton Modern Creative. I showed the first three blocks on Instagram (@mmmquilts). Here's the finished flimsy!

I just love it. It's entirely sewn on Tillie, my 1951 Featherweight. These are Alison Glass prints, on some leftover Paintbrush Studio white, and a Sarah Fielke grey. Can't wait to quilt this one up too! However, the one done with the Paula Nadelstern Marbella fabrics is first in line, and going on Avril today.

Tips on Quilting

I thought I'd offer some suggestions as to how to quilt your quilt. In the original one I did an allover design of Christina Cameli's, called Effervescent, from her book, Step by Step Free Motion Quilting.

It's a great combination of varying sizes of circles and wavy lines. I free-handed all the circles except for the very large ones which are about 2" in diameter, and for those I traced a round object with a blue line marker.

Another idea is to do straight lines going horizontally in the large shadow plus, with either wavy or straight lines vertically in the background.
Ha, you could make the lines 'organic' as in wavy too!

Here is another idea, to differentiate between the floating or dancing small plus blocks, the large shadow plus and the background. Please excuse the rather rough-drawn designs; this is my first attempt at drawing on my phone, and it's hard to see what you're drawing under your finger that covers probably a small plus and a half blocks at a time!

Thoughts: do a grid in the small plus blocks with pebbles inside like I did on Plus Surrounded in the pink surrounded plus signs:

Then do swirls in the background, and do something angular like circuit board, in the large shadow plus. You could also do just straight lines there too. You could even do a dot to dot design in the small plus blocks. So many possibilities! Nothing is 'wrong'! "Finished is better than perfect," right? as Angela Walters likes to say.

You have about a month to get this quilted up for the final draw for the many prizes so generously donated. Note that I'm bumping the deadline to Friday, July 6, as July 5 is a TBT day. That linky will be open for a week, so I won't do the final amazing prizes draw until July 12 or 13!

Here is the list of my sponsors once again. Go here for the details as to what they are offering! I also hope you'll consider making your next purchase from one of them. 😊🙏

Benartex Fabrics
Stitch Stash Diva
Mad About Patchwork
Canuck Quilter Designs
Cooking Up Quilts
Devoted Quilter
Make Modern ezine
Meadow Mist Designs
Quilting Jet Girl
Sew Fresh Quilts
Stitchin' At Home
Tish N Wonderland
All Points of the Compass
mmm! quilts

And now link up your flimsies below for the $25 draw!

Sorry for this being posted rather late, but I've tried the new Beta version of inlinkz, so hope it works okay. Let me know if you have any issues.
 Okay issues! So I've redone the linky in the old version, which is much more user-friendly. I'll be sure to let them know my issues (like not seeing the images?! like having to click way too many links to get to see the thumbnails? Oh well, they're in the trial stages, so good to have peeps who'll test right?!)


  1. Here is my first comment, so I can respond to yours! Please leave me your email like this ephdra (at) gmail (dot) com if you are new to commenting on my blog! Thx. Also my own humble opinion is that the text screen for the InLinkz linkup is too light of a grey...

  2. I love all your suggestions for quilting . That's what I need to make my quilting more adventurous

  3. It has been fun seeing everyone's progress and having Playtime Plus quilts pop up in my feed. I look forward to seeing how they are coming together for everyone!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions on the quilting, Sandra! All good ideas!

  5. I forgot to add that I love, love, love the new Plus Playtime you've made. Those little plus signs just pop!

  6. I haven't even thought about quilting yet! Kinda ironic since I finished the flimsy 2 months ago, huh? But I like your suggestions! Ima let those roll around the old cerebral cortex for a while and see what settles into the medulla oblongata...

  7. Now I want a kit from Clinton Modern. I really like those fabrics.

  8. How did it get to be finished-top-time already? I was sucked into gardenwork during any free time this month and now have to go back and see everything I missed in blogland! I suspect I missed lots of pretty stuff!

  9. Great quilting ideas! I love the Allison Glass version.

  10. So fun to see all the different versions of this quilt!

  11. The Alison Glass print version is gorgeous. I may get that kit! Sandra, you are one mean enabler :-)

  12. Paula Nadelstern fabrics are gorgeous in this version! I love your quilting suggestions - did you do that drawing on the picture in edit mode? I am going to post mine but not for the prize (let someone else have a chance)

  13. I like the linky hookups, very colourful...just this week I realized there is a background PLUS...I never saw that before, just the smaller ones. Great drawing on your phone...good suggestions.

  14. Hi Sandra,
    Isn't this just SO cool, seeing all the different versions of this quilt top?!! I love them ALL - it is so easy to see the large plus symbol. Thank you for the quilting suggestions - I always appreciate that. I was thinking of trying a Baptist Fan on this, but I like the horizontal line idea better (and that is really in my comfort wheelhouse). Thank you for hosting this QAL! Happy Wednesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  15. Sandra, you must be thrilled at the participation in this QAL. I love how everyone has put an individual twist on the colors. I would love to have participated. (Resisted this squirrel)

  16. Those brights against the darker background tuned out beautifully!

  17. Wow, Sandra! So many nice quilts in your QAL! I can’t believe you’ve already pieced your kit! Your Featherweight must be smokin'!


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