Saturday, September 29, 2018

DrEAMi! #20

Twenty parties. Twenty celebrations of chasing shiny baubles that distract us from our quilty path. Such fun we have had! And continue to have. In case this is your first time to the party, it's a DrEAMi! (Drop Everything And Make it!) party where we celebrate GETTING distracted, and show off what we've just had to make.
Have you stored some of the squirrelly nuts or nuggets away that we've seen over the past 20 posts for future chasing? I know I have. I know our squirrels have been doing it too...

What is a picture of our SUV doing as the lead photo? Look closely. At the wheel. Not the tire, the wheel. Notice anything odd? Something green? Looks a bit like a tennis ball? Yup. Not a tennis ball, though nearly as big. It's a black walnut. They're encased in those chartreuse, similar to a very thick orange peel, coverings, inside of which is the walnut. My daughter Brianne, who is here visiting us with her son, our grandson, Brady, noticed that our squirrels have been storing nuts (and even a small green tomato off my plant!) in rather ingenious places! This is one of the best ones yet.

I actually had a DrEAMi! project this past month. It was L's quilt, which you can read about here.

This DrEAMi! made me realize that there are two kinds of DrEAMi! projects, those that we chase and just have to make because they are like the shiny bauble, and so pretty and mesmerizing. The second kind are those projects that have to get made for a reason, often something sad or troubling has happened and we have to quick make a quilt for sending comfort. This one was the latter DrEAMi! project.

As per usual, last month, August, there were lots of great distracting projects. Here are two of my favourites:
Janine of Quilts from the Little House made this wonderful wallhanging. I love lighthouses.

Anja of Anja Quilts made another pillow that I just WANT to make! Last month's DrEAMi! for me was making a pillow she had shown us in a previous DrEAMi! linky.

Now I need to focus the rest of this short time left on my September Island Batik stars challenge, which has switched to a different project from what you saw earlier, for reasons I shall disclose later.
Lots and lots of HSTs!

Well, let's see all the shiny things this month! Link up below, and remember to pop in to a couple others' posts and leave a nutty hmmm, maybe not, well whatever, leave a nice comment!


  1. The walnut in the wheel is a hoot! I would love to make that Fox pillow.

  2. Squirrels are pretty hilarious about where they hide their loot! I am always finding peanuts in my gardens and pots that squirrels have "squirreled" away! Thanks for hosting us, Sandra!

  3. Ah, Sandra, I don't know how I missed your post about L's quilt! Well, I do know. My blog reading took a backseat to almost everything this month. But wow, those DrEAMi projects that urgently pull at your heartstrings are overwhelming, aren't they? That quilt looks like the most cuddly hug I've ever seen, just right for a little boy dealing with such major life changes! And it's so special that there are bits and pieces of Brady's life in there, too. (I love your loopy loop quilting in the border.) Well, hey I know that quilt I just scrolled past. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Do your squirrels need any more walnuts to hide? If so I can send some your way, my flower beds seem to be a favourite hiding place for them lately. Anja's pillow is adorable.

  5. I had also missed your story of L's quilt. So sad but thankfully no lives were lost.
    I really can't indulge myself in squirrel chasing right now, but Anja's pillow is a definite contender. Now that I've somewhat developed my paper piecing skills I think I'll have to put it on the list.

  6. Ha! That car photo cracked me up! It reminded me of when we used to have a black walnut tree. The squirrels didn't have a chance to get the nuts because our black lab mix dog, Tersa, ate them all. She would hold an entire nut, shell and all, in her mouth and crack it open with her powerful jaws. Then she'd have the funniest look on her face as she used her tongue to pull out the nut meat and spit out two perfectly clean, intact shell halves. I guess that is the dog equivalent of tying a maraschino cherry stem into a knot with your tongue! :)

  7. Hi Sandra, those are lovely quilts for a sad occasion. I'm sure the boys will be happy with their new quilts.

  8. Well, you gotta love the squirrel's ingenuity on that hiding place. We once found a piece of pizza on the hose rack...I thought that was ridiculous, too. No DrEAMi yet, one day....

  9. You are right, it definitely looks like a tennis ball, good job my tennis ball obsessed dog doesn't see any of those over here. I'm getting more and more desperate for a project, any project, and I love Anja's cushion too.

  10. Those clever squirrels! I'm so glad that it was noticed and enjoyed. :)

  11. Oh those ingenious squirrels! We've been fighting with our batch to keep them out of the attic! Happy stitching this week.

  12. The squirrels never stop planting black walnuts everywhere in our yard and flower beds and lawn. We once had a tree start growing in our eaves trough.
    Our daughter was visiting a month ago and later found a nest of acorns inside her engine. Since neither she nor we have any oak trees nearby, it is a mystery indeed.

  13. Ah, yes, we are in the middle of black walnut stashing season. We are surrounded by black walnut trees (on neighboring properties) and the squirrels fill every conceivable container in my garage with nuts as well as burying them in flower pots and all over the yard. The squirrels are clever but the nuts leave a mess everywhere.
    Your beautiful quilting leaves me envious.


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