Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Island Batik Ambassador Box #2!

It was Christmas in July here a couple of weeks ago.

Twice a year, as ambassadors, Island Batik sends us a box, a big one, of goodies: fabric, thread from Aurifil and batting from Hobbs Batting, and this year another AccuQuilt die, to use over the course of the next six months in our challenges. As an extra challenge/requirement, we had to make a video of ourselves opening our box this time. Gulp. So. For your viewing humour I mean pleasure, you can click below and spend seven minutes (yeah, I seem to have the gift of the gab) of your life that you will never get back, watching me open, live, no pre-viewing, sneaking a peek, just live at the time, seeing what was in that beautiful box!

For those of you who wanted the abbreviated version, I also took photos.
Hobbs Batting sent three packages of their fabulous batting. I've used all three over the course of the past few years, yeah even before I became an ambassador, and love each one.

Aurifil sent two spools of their 50 wt thread. Glad I got some blue since this is definitely a blue box! That's the yardage of background they sent, and it's my all-time favourite out of four boxes.

AccuQuilt sent a die that we have to use in our September challenge. I'll tell you what I told you in the video: Bear Paw is the very first quilt block I made, thanks to stopping in at the local budding fabric store where she had a contest going on, to make a block, bring it back within the week, and you'd be entered to win the total of blocks made. And I won. So this is like a wee-ooh, wee-ooh, out there Twilight Zone die they sent!

More basic yardage of solids, white, grey and black. I love their solids madly. Almost zero fraying, tightly woven, colourfast. Yum.

Yardage of a light and a dark to coordinate with the 10" stack of Blueberry Patch. This photo right here says Sandra.

Yardage of a light and a medium of 'Mermaid Cove' to coordinate with the pack of 2.5" strips. I love that name, and love the colours in this line!

Eight half yards of blues. These are basics. You know that's my colour from light to intensely dark. With names like Cloud, Sky, um Universe? Okay that is crazy, as I just wrote the blog hop post and scheduled it since I am away then, and now as you're reading this post, and I talk a lot about The Universe in my hop post... Crazy. I didn't see all the names in the unboxing. Might use these in the September challenge.

Or I may use these half yard cuts that they send in each box as blenders to use wherever, whenever, to round out a quilt. (or square it lol)

This fabulous line of earth tones, 'Speak Easy' by Tammy Silvers of Tamarini's. Wow, these are going to be so warm. Fall. Pumpkin spice. Hot chocolate. Chrysanthemums. Yum!

As always I look at these fabrics and think, I wonder what they'll grow up into? I had that same thought in February, and here is the collage of what they grew up into.

There is one more I have finished that is scheduled for August 7, my turn on the "Beat the Heat" blog hop, so I hope you'll be back as there is a pretty awesome quilt, a very tender story, and a sweet giveaway.


  1. How exciting. It was fun to watch you open that huge box of goodies! Now, we will have to wait and see what ideas you come up with.

  2. So much of each fabric and every shade, I know we will again see some wonderful designs and creations. Have you got that extra size thinking cap out and ready for use?Love the way those fabrics blend with the others.

  3. Fun to see and hear you in the video, Sandra! I had to smile when I saw the Bear Paw die and your story about the block. The Bear's Paw is the first large quilt I made, for our bed. Sadly the quilt is no longer "living", having given its all as a bed quilt through the years until it was tattered and worn. That block is still a favorite of mine! You have some fun fabrics to play with!

  4. It's like Christmas, in July! You're going to have loads of fun, I'm sure.

  5. You did a great job on the video, looking and sounding relaxed and professional. You've gotten some fantastic new fabrics to work with. Hope you are enjoying your getaway.

  6. Hi Sandra! You didn't look nervous one bit on the video - you're a natural. Bear's Paw - that will be a nice revisit experience for you. What are the odds that you would get that die?!! Lots of gorgeous fabrics in that box. I have heard great things about their solids; like they are fab for appliqué pieces because shadows don't show through. I'm looking forward to seeing where these go, and especially your tender story to share on August 7th. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. So fun to see and hear you as you unbox this gorgeous haul! I know you'll do great things with your loot :)

  8. Wow! Everything is wonderful! Looking forward to seeing your creations!

  9. Christmas in July! WOW! Beautiful fabrics!

  10. Definitely some fun stuff to play with till the end of the year. Love all your from the box projects from the first of the year! Happy creating and stitching.

  11. You've gotten some fantastic new fabrics to work with. Hope you are enjoying your getaway.


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