Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Q3 FAL My List

2019 is half over. Something I thought of the other day is that we are six months away from finishing off the first 20 years of this millennium. It seems like about oh, maybe ten years ago that it was the whole Y2K scare, not 20!

So how did I do in Q2? Not bad!
9/11 finishes off the list! That's the best I've ever done.

Here is the list for Q3. The first two are those I didn't finish from Q2:

1. Finish Brady's football quilt.
Eight blocks down, 15 to go!

2. Migrating Geese

3. A new old one, the Meadow Mystery needs to be quilted and on my bed.

4. Finish the Artsy Fartsy July challenge for Island Batik.

5. The quilt for the August blog hop for Island Batik, using a line I can't show much of at the time of writing this post, but will update. For now here's a sneak peek of the progress.

6. Two more placemats for Dayna with these fabrics.

7. A set of four placemats using these. Not sure on which pink, or maybe both...

8. A child's quilt for September for Island Batik. I plan to use either the fabrics on the left of those on the right with some white.

9. Make a healthy lap quilt with these. I'm doing my own design, keeping it very modern.

10. Make the last of the niece/nephew quilts with these. They are some of my mum's clothes. It will be a challenge with some of these very lightweight rayons. A micro fleece blanket, my suggestion, will be the back.

11. Make two, maybe more, makeup pouches to sell in my Etsy store.

12. Long shot goal: make another long overdue lap quilt for my MacGyver using these fabrics that have marinated on the stash shelves for hmmm, 3+ years now.
Hmm, seems to be several family quilts in the works this quarter many a bit, some long overdue.

I do believe there is a vacation in the mix, which, along with those secret projects that crop up, will perhaps get in the way of finishing every item on this list!

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  1. Well, I have just ordered... FOR YOU, a 48 hour day and a new 12 day week!!! . Love those batiks, and so mane different projects, I can see the machine will be whirring away every day.

  2. WOW--you've really finished a whopping lot there!! So pretty, too
    Your machine must be smokin'!!lol hugs, Julierose

  3. That’s quite the list!! Wishing you all the best in getting these done. Is the vacation out West by chance?

  4. Very impressive. You did well to get 9 out of 11. It seems that you are setting realistic goals for yourself. I'm thinking you might be stretching with Q3 goals. That will be a lot to accomplish. Nice work.

  5. I like the new blog look and your new photo. :)

  6. Argh! I have that same Meadow Mistery(she should really call it that, right?!) to finish up!!! But it did not make my skeletal Q3 list :( Good luck with all your fun projects!!!

  7. It's a family affair (remember that song?) - anyhoo, you definitely have some lucky family members! So many fun projects in the works over there, and so glad somebody else has so many projects in the works! Can't wait to see what squirrels join the party . . .

  8. Wow, that is quite the list there! :) Best of luck to you. You going in order? Or work on each as the mood strikes?

  9. What a funlist! Looking forward to seeing what you accomplish, Sandra.

  10. Hi Sandra! You did just great in quarter two. Nine out of eleven - that is not only fabulous, but the math person in me says it's a solid B at 81%. Woot woot. Now, item #4 has to be moved up. Not that IBA is more important than Brady's football quilt (which is really cute, by the way) but I know it's a firm deadline. Football starts up again pretty soon with players reporting next week I believe, so you have to get going on that, too. HAHA! Just what you need - pressure from the peanut gallery. NOT! Lots of good stuff on this list, but I suspect #10 is going to rather hard to do. If the fabrics are really thin or flimsy you could always put some lightweight interfacing on the back, maybe? I love your makeup pouches and hope they do well in your Etsy shop! And finally, MacGyver deserves a nice, good size lap quilt and those fabrics look fab and still stylish after only a mere three years. ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. Ambitious goals with a holiday thrown in...hmmm you may need some quilting fairies.

  12. I've been keeping an eye on that migrating geese rainbow one for a long time!

  13. Congrats doing so well with the 2nd quarter list. Personal bests are good motivators aren't they? Good luck with your 3rd quarter list. You've got a good mix of big and little projects, hopefully that means you'll have lots of success this quarter too.

  14. 9/11 is a great success. Good luck with the next quarter. I missed linking up my list because I was away.

  15. Not bad she says.... there are some absolutely terrific quilts in this group, and half of this output would have been amazing. Give yourself a pat on the back from me!

  16. What a wonderful list and I know you can finish up a few of these. Saying that we are almost to the 20 year mark after Y2K is UNBELIEVABLE! Thanks for linking up on behalf of the 2019 global FAL hosts!