Thursday, December 12, 2019

I Like/Love #35

I'm popping in with an extra gratitude post this month because I forgot a few items from my end of the month post in November.

1. The first one I forgot to include was a lovely conversation I had with a fellow ambassador, Gene. I like him! We were speaking of our mums/moms, and I had said how my mum would have loved seeing all the quilts in the 3D Challenge for December. She especially loved the trompe-l'ceil effect used by artists where the eye is fooled. Bargello effects where a quilt looks rippled or folded is one example. Somehow we got to talking and discovered our mutual love of figures of speech, and our mutual cringing at writers' faux pas in writing, such as spelling the French expression, 'voilĂ !' used in the sense of 'ta-da!' and meaning 'here (or there) it is!' as 'viola' which is a flower, or 'wa-la' which is not even the correct pronunciation. A 'v' is a 'v' in French.

Anyhow... to get to my like! Regarding the trompe-l'ceil effect paired with a pun, Gene sent me the photo below from an art book he has.
Isn't that terrific? The artist is Jim Brower who passed away in 2016 at the age of 101. I especially love how well he painted the oil! *Le dictionnaire Larousse let me know that trompe-l'ceil is the correct spelling, with the hyphen and the joined oe. That linked oe comes from Latin in this case.

2. The second like is a photo my sister Linda sent me last month of the most beautiful frost painting by Mother Nature on her windshield when she went out to start her car one morning.

She thought of me she said because of the feathers etched on her window, knowing my love of quilting feathers. Isn't it just such a masterpiece?

3. The first night Brady was here, the power went out for a few hours. I dug up all the candles I could find, which weren't many, since a lot are packed away somewhere. I loved the three in this little grouping.

I like the candle in a mug that Dayna gave me, "Mum Life is the Best Life", the candle in a birch bark wrapped glass holder, and my beach glass dish I made with Lake Erie glass. I like the battery-operated candles better than those that aren't, although I do love the scents. I also love the inspirational quote for that very day:
"Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle,
and the life of that single candle will not be shortened.
Happiness never decreases by being shared."
Can't get much more perfect than that!

4. I like a new restaurant we went to for MacGyver's birthday this week, Billy's Tap House. Their burger section is awesome, and the best part? Your choice of meat or black bean patty! I had the Roasted Red Pepper burger and it was divine. All the meat, wines, beer, even the brioche buns are sourced locally. I love that.

5. I like this sweatshirt Brianne gave me as an early Christmas present.

I wore it when I taught yoga on Sunday morning and got mixed reactions. "Oh, you DON'T watch those movies, do you??" "Oh, I love those movies!" Well, I like watching a couple of them each year if I could...last year when I was visiting my friend John in Florida, and then Brianne and Brady in Alberta, we watched a few, but I don't get, never have, The Hallmark Channel, so it was a new experience. They're feel good movies, predictable, no deep thinking life lessons, yes, but good. 

6. I love my quilting friends in QBL. I asked a few close ones if they were able to test the 6" block that is going in my house block cushion I am making as my first project in the Island Batik 3D Challenge for December. It is a quick turnaround as the cushion post will be out on Friday, and I want to give the pattern free to anyone who purchases the block off bluprint (see sidebar) in December. Two were immediately able to get it done, and both got it done the very day I sent the instructions. Here's a wee sneak peek:

If you want to join other like-minded, 'hearts full even when they are sometimes heavy' peeps, then pop over to LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color, where you can find the list of those of us who participate. You may even decide to write up a Like/Love post of your own! I hope you do.


  1. Wow, that Mother Nature frost painting is amazing. Frost here is never pretty, just an annoyance.

  2. The frost is absolutely stunning; I love that your immediately thought of you, too. :)

  3. The frost on the windshield is so pretty! The Hallmark movie Love Always, Santa was filmed in here in my city. If you watch it, I've had quite a few coffees in that coffee shop, and I know some of the extras. :-) Funny thing -- I haven't seen the movie, only the trailer!!

  4. Mother nature knows how to do it! Those feathers are beautiful! I enjoy watching a few of the Hallmark movies.

  5. I'm still stunned by the windshield feather pattern!!! Can that be real? your photo of the candles is like a poster for coziness. The quote made me sigh, then sort of cry for the truth and beauty of it. I love all of you "I Like" people for the depth and fun you give me. Love, leeAnna

  6. Ooh, those feathers on the windshield are awesome.
    I share your frustration with people who misspell voila and can only imagine it's because they don't hear the pronunciation correctly and genuinely think is wa-la.
    You should post your I likes more than once a month. Try starting with twice a month and before you know t, you'll be doing it weekly.

  7. Frosted feathers, and to be in touch with fellow quilters, sharing memories, we cannot be more than so truly thankful for the wonderful friendship far and wide .

  8. That picture of frost is gorgeous! Mother nature does good work. Lots of things to like/love this week.

  9. Bonjour Sandra! WOW - that frosted window!! That is better than any quilted feathers I will ever do. Amazing. How perfect that the quote spoke about candles and then you needed to use them that day. Lovely quote, too. Other things aren't diminished by sharing also like love. It seems to multiply as needed, from reserves I guess. HB to MacGyver!! I'm not really into the Hallmark movies but did watch one so far this season. I have some friends who are REALLY into them. No judgment from me - whatever floats your boat. 3D challenge - can't wait to see what you came up with. {{Hugs}} and Happy Thursday. ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. Wow - those frost feathers are amazing! The Trump l'oil made me chuckle - and so beautifully done, too. I'd be one of those asking how you could watch those movies (even though I've been known to watch them myself - total fluff!).

  11. I love the Hallmark movies. I wish we got the channel here as well. A good sappy love story or Christmas love story beats the depressing news.

  12. Frosty feathers, candlelight, beautiful sayings, a great sweatshirt and beautiful quilt it's resting on, enjoyable t.v. viewing, a house block, I love house blocks...all lovely things Sandra. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Wow on the frost design - I really did think it was a quilt before I read what you wrote and looked closer! I love your arrangement of candles, too. So inviting!

  14. That frosted window is amazing! I always enjoy reading these posts, Sandra :)

  15. The frost is amazing. Obviously mother nature is a quilter. The drawing the Gene sent is fabulous, there are some words I don't even try anymore. If I can't type then with their accents I don't try. The sea glass bowl is lovely.

  16. The frost is totally you - feathers on a windshield. Nice turn around on your pattern and a sweet idea.