Saturday, May 28, 2022

DrEAMi! #63

Welcome! This is a celebration of distractions. Yes, those Drop Everything And Make it kind of distractions, where you actually drop whatever you should be sewing in order to make this oh-so-cool THING! Some people refer to this phenomenon as a squirrel.
What the heck?
My friend Helen of Word Weaver Art sent me this photo of her 'uninvited guest' who joined them at dinner at a restaurant. That would definitely be a distraction! DrEAMi's often bring us joy. The sheer fun and excitement of diving in, and having to just keep going to see how something turns out is so good for our spirit.

I followed a few of them this past month, my Forest and Sage Gingham quilt:

and a couple of makeup bags:

and two more string placemats, these in the colours of the month, forest and sage green:
These are headed for Meals on Wheels.

Last month the minis had my eye:
Yvonne's Quilting Jet Girl adorable minis:
Love the orange against the tropical green.

Andrée's Quilting & Learning What a Combo bright pink improv mini:
Clearly a lot of fun was had. I love writing with my sewing machine too.

Let's see what fun projects you just had to make this past month. Link up below.

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  1. If you look up in nearly any airport, you will see birds up in the ceiling joists. It makes me smile. So why not a squirrel!

  2. I don't think I would have enjoyed seeing the squirrel during a meal! I love your two projects - the bags and the gingham quilt. The gingham quilt remains on my list to of these days. Hope to have one next month for your DrEAMi!

  3. In a restaurant? Oh my goodness, that would be interesting! I was definitely distracted and torn between two quilts this month, but I didn't follow through and completely drop everything to make the second (although I did pause to piece it before quilting the first). Your must makes this month are delightful and also sure to be enjoyed by their recipients.

  4. Love the squirrel photo!!! Can I link with a quilt that hasn't been bound yet? Sewing machine still not back from mechanic and I really need to get back into blogging with "something". Baby Pop Star going onto the long-arm today. Thanks for the linkup, take care & hugs.

  5. Oh, squirrels can be a nuisance, yet so fun to watch! In a restaurant, I'd worry how the poor guy/girl got in, I'm imagining this was on the deck (?) perhaps and just looking for treats. I have so much on my list I'm trying to work through, birthday to college graduation to 92.5 yr old mother birthday (93) lap quilt to needing to mend my husband's fire shirt (wild land firefighter). It's always fun, and never boring is it! Thank you for the inspiration Sandra!

  6. Love your gingham quilt!!! And the squirrel photo!!!

  7. Hi Sandra, I love your gingham quilt. They seem to be very popular lately. Those squirrels do know how to get into mischief, don't they! As long as they stay outside, (or under my sewing needle) I'm happy! Thanks so much for featuring my pink mini. I'm having so much fun with the Table Scraps Challenge - it's a great distraction. Have a great week.