Saturday, November 26, 2022

DrEAMi! #67

Yikes! I totally missed DrEAMi! (Drop Everything And Make it!) in October, and have very nearly missed it again. I have been totally immersed for the past two weeks, and again today, in my upcoming Rainbow Neighbourhood pattern. I am just so very excited to share it. Anyhow, better late than never, though so here we are, ready to show off what distractions grabbed us over the past month (or two since I missed October's). What the heck does Bella have to do with all things squirrel? Well look just beneath the glass of the patio table...see the green 'ball'? That's a black walnut, stashed there by one of our backyard squirrels! Too funny. But wait, I do have an actual squirrel movie for you!

Kate of Arts and Socks sent me a link to another Squirrelympics event! Remember the guy who, during the early days of lockdown in the pandemic, built an obstacle course in his backyard for his resident squirrels? Well he's back!

Once again I've been bitten by the makeup bag squirrel. I made shells for four, two of which grew up into bags, the first of which went in a couple of days, and the second of which is on its way to New York.

Well? Let's see what has grabbed your attention this past month so much so that you've dropped your other supposed-to-be-sewing stuff and made this oh-so-lovely thing? I actually had another that did just that, which I will link up below.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed the video. I saw it just at a point when I needed some light entertainment.

  2. Well, hi again. I was just wondering about Bella and here she is! And who doesn't like a good squirrel event like the Olympics - backyard or otherwise. I had to subscribe just so I don't miss the next offering, and those commercials just about killed me. The suspense! I have a hankering to make a bench pillow or two . . . that's my DrEAMi for December. Does it count when you plan ahead for a DrEAMi project?? {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Such cute make up bags. I like how they open wide. The squirrel Olympics was amazing. No end of entertainment from squirrels. We had a very bold one all summer. He tapped on our deck door and looked inside. I could never get my phone quick enough to get a photo, but we've never had that before. My DIL told us this weekend they have one that climbs their screens to put nuts above the door trim. What's happening anyway??

  4. LOL--the squirrel olympics!!! I always enjoy this link party, Sandra--thanks!!!!

  5. Good grief! I haven't written a DrEAMi post this month, but I've sure had a few squirrels in my quilt room! Maybe I can write a quick post for tomorrow and link up! Beautiful Bella, and those chestnuts hidden in strange places. Those little bags are so fun!

  6. Being away, not sure I can link my last post which had a DrEaMi with my churn dash mini & I've been so slack with blogging lately. Love your makeup bags & think you do such a lovely job with making them. Take care & hugs.

  7. My only DrEAMi projects this month (so far 😉) were 2 of your Heading North quilts, but another one hit my mailbox today. 😉 You’ve had a great month Sandra. I do love those zipper pouches and howled with the Squirrel video.

    1. And I can’t login so I’m being anonymous today! Carol

  8. Good luck finishing up your new pattern. At least this month's squirrels were small.