Sunday, February 11, 2024

SAHRR Round 3 Triangles

I made my first paper-pieced fish on Tuesday but didn’t get a chance to get back to my Stay At Home Round Robin until Saturday because I was working on my Project Quilting 15.3 challenge. So here is round 3, Triangles.

This is an inside shot because the outside shot I took was minutes after the sun had dipped behind the neighbour’s house across the street, so it’s very blue. This one is excellent for showing the true colours.

As soon as I heard the prompt was triangles, I knew right away I would be making some fish. Here’s where my quilt was after Round 2.

I pulled out my Carol Doak book Easy Machine Paper Piecing from forever ago, 1994 to be exact, hoping she would have a fish block within the 65 in the book. She had not one, but two! I only have a 2.5” by about 21” of the turquoise with dots strip that is in the centre big fish, so I figured I needed to work it into this round. I very nearly put another paper-pieced fish where the hearts are but then I thought I would rather use them in a subsequent round, especially if paper-piecing is in our future. Besides, I wanted the fish at the top, and to also pull in some hearts, so the quilt doesn’t get too fishy!

A hilarious thing about these two paper-pieced fish is once I finished the second one, I thought,
Drat, I should have made a reverse image so they could face each other like the fish in the centre block.

Maybe I should  draft another pattern in reverse so that I can do this.
Terrific idea.

Then I thought,
Don’t be ridiculous. That’s way too much work. It’ll be fine if they’re facing the same way.

I am sewing on my featherweight at the dining table these days so I can keep an eye on Ms X as Kathleen named her, aka Xena, aka zizi so I picked up the pieces for my SAHRR after Round 2 to move them downstairs so I could put in all the pieces for Round 3. When I set them down on the dining room table, I dropped one of the fish which went upside down. Was I surprised to see it was my reverse image. Then I did one of these 🤦🏻‍♀️ because I realized that all I had to do was flip the fish 180° to get the reverse image! No new draft and new block needed!

There are lots of triangles in the fish blocks which finish at 4”. The heart blocks are full of triangles too.

I made these with the freezer paper, paper, piecing method where you do not sew through the paper. It’s the best: no papers to remove, and you can reuse the freezer paper several times.

I have a tutorial here on my blog with lots of photos as to how to do this. It really revived my interest in paper-piecing, actually changed my life in that regard.

My quilt now measures 29.5” x 30.5”.

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  1. I said, "Oh nice!" out loud as soon as I saw the addition to your quilt this week. I'm glad you didn't have to draft anything to get the two fish to face one another, and I love the creative application of triangles for both the fish and hearts.

  2. Really love the first and that it reversed itself so you didn't need to make another pattern! How clever of it to show you. Glad Ms X was well supervised during the construction of the block/rows!

  3. Ah ha, the fish was talking to you. It wanted to face the other way. Makes it all valentine-y for the fish to swim toward each other with the hearts at the bottom.

  4. I also love adding fish to my quilts. The quilt made for my grandson had fish, turtles, even a jellyfish. I called it "under the sea." Your fish are charming.

  5. Loving your fishies & the rest of it too. Wish I could comment more often, but need to use the PC now for commenting as my old laptop is playing silly these days. Take care & hugs from a very hot Oz.

  6. Hi Sandra, I love what you've done so far!

  7. I love this so much! Such great fish, and I'm so glad you realized you already had a mirror image, the easy way! :) (This is Emily; it won't let me log in)

  8. This is a sweet project, and clever use of triangles. Way to go!

  9. Great job on your triangles! I love the fishes. And thanks for the link for your tutorial on "paperless" piecing! LOL I think tearing out the paper is the reason I don't care so much for paper piecing. I will check that out!

  10. Genius! Fish in the corners, and hearts! So clever!

  11. Love your little fish, very cute! I don't mind paper piecing, it definitely has it's uses.

  12. Love those fishies and the hearts too. Isn't wonderful when all you have to do is turn 180 degrees and voila, there it is. No sweat! Looking forward to the next round.