Saturday, February 3, 2024

SAHRR Rounds 1 and 2

Although I had formed an idea of what I would do with Round 1, Signature Block, prompt, I never did get to do it what with spending a lot of time on the Project Quilting challenge that week and with the stress of Xena's torn ACL. So this week I made sure to get that round done as well as Round 2, which threw me a bit I must say. Anja of anjaquilts gave us a pretty much wide open prompt : use just two colours and do whatever you want. Sometimes those wide-open directives can be problematic for people like me who are rule followers. I've always loved challenges where your creativity gets stretched, and both PQ and SAHRR are wonderful activities that do just that.

Here is what I did with Round 1.

It's interesting how my brain works on these prompts in the background of my mind. I honestly do not remember exactly what/where/how I came up with this idea, but one signature block it is, bubble-type fabric in turquoise on either side, with bubbles coming up from the swimming fishies.

I needed the area for the bubbles to be white so they would show up, and it makes me think of the aerator stream in a fish tank, so that was an added bonus.

The quilt evolved, however, as they are wont to do. When I started to work on the second round, trying out various things, sort of thinking of a picture frame looking into water, or a fish tank idea, I knew the turquoise fish needed bubbles too!

That was my first attempt at Round 2, a simple two squares two colours round. But it just seemed flat somehow. I went into my Sterilite plastic drawers stash as well as my scraps baskets to see what else in the pinks and turquoises and purples might grab my fancy. I also thought to pull a bit of the brown from the turquoise bubbly print into the frame idea, which would also help with the aim to make this a gender-neutral baby quilt. The ark fabric, an ancient South Sea Imports line, was a welcome discovery, but only about a 12"' square of it was there, so I stuck with my 2.5" squares idea. What a bit of serendipity to find when I cut a few, that an ark could be more or less centred on some!

I found the reedy-looking pink and brown fabric in the drawers, and thought it was about perfect! I'd bought this years ago as a possible kaleidoscope blender. I have a lot of these .25 - .3 metre chunks I bought way back then, but now they work as my palette. As a good friend once said, just as a painter needs a palette of paints, we, too, need a palette of fabrics!

At this point it now measures 21.5" x 22.5"

Because I wanted the brown 2.5" squares to begin and end the side frames, I added a 2.5" strip of fabric to the lower edge of the quilt top. It's reminiscent of softly waving sand and plants on the bottom of the sea, lake or aquarium. I found it while I was looking for something that would work with the brown. I think this shimmery soft aqua and tan fabric may come back; I very nearly used it where the pink/brown reedy fabric is. It's from my Trip Around Alberta quilt I made in 2001. (A search through the archives of my blog reveals I have never written about that quilt - hmm, need to rectify that! Thankfully the cloth label on the quilt gave me the year it was made.)

The skies are grey yet again; it's been such a long grey couple months, and if even MacGyver is grousing about it (we were supposed to be sunny for several days!) and many of my yoga students commenting on it, then sun-loving me is definitely feeling the oppressiveness. So the photo is an indoor one, and a bit darker than real life. Here is one under the window light this morning to show the ark fabric a bit better.

You may notice that I've started watermarking my photos with my Etsy shop name, SandraJaneQuilts. Once again there was confusion with another mmm quilts (hers is two words) this past week, when someone contacted me about a quilt 'I' had made on Pinterest. Nope, not me, but the other triple m person who, get this, happens to live in Alberta! Like what are the chances?! She's in Calgary, the rival of Edmonton, where I grew up and lived for 47 years. 🤯 Her blog is whereas mine is .com but still, there have been several confusions over the years. She hasn't posted in over a year, so I am not sure whether to make the full switch or not, sigh. Both names mean a lot to me, though I see that she started her blog, which is related to her longarm business, not quite two years before I started mine. A dilemma indeed.

The final project of my RSC 2023 projects is on the design wall with sashings in place ready to assemble. I will be sewing it on my Featherweight at the dining room table so I can keep an eye on this sweet girl. MacGyver spent most of yesterday in the living room with her while I worked on the SAHRR yesterday.

She's a real little trooper.


  1. Those bubbles are the cutest idea, Sandra - love them and how you used the signature block, too! Your second try of Round 2 borders look great - much more dramatic than the first try. Sometimes we try things that should work, but just don't end up being right!

  2. Oh, those prints are great framing prints for the center and I love the addition of the bubbles. So glad to hear that Xena is being a trooper.

  3. Ooh, bubbles! Fishy signatures. I love this idea. And the browns set the tank off splendidly. Hugs to Xena. So sweet of you to trade off keeping company with her.

  4. A cute start to your SAHR...I love the bubbles and hearts along with the fish and think you have framed it nicely. I wonder what the next instruction will be...! Xena looks very comfortable laying there while she heals - I hope it continues to go well.

  5. You've got a great start on your SAHRR. Love those bubbles in border 1, such a fun touch. I need to get my border 2 finished today. Wonder what border 3 prompt will be?

  6. Another beautiful Sandra Creation in the making here! Just thinking out loud here but I think I would change the name as I've confused the two of you before as it happens...Sandra Jane has a lovely ring to it, and sounds close up and personal like a good friend you would want to visit. And your blog and Etsy shop would be the same for clarity, etc. also.

  7. Wonderful choices on your two borders. As with everyone else, congratulations on those bubbles! They really add some zing to the quilt. The closeups of the fabrics in the side borders really lets us see the colors better. We did have sunshine here last weekend and early in the week. Great for all the photographers! Xena looks like she is resting comfortably. It must be work when it's time to go outside for a break. Hope she continues to heal well.

  8. Your fishy baby quilt is coming along so cute! Can’t wait to see more.
    Janie, Isabella’s Whimsy

  9. Using the signature block as a place for bubbles is genius. The ark fabrics is awesome!

  10. I love your choices, the reedy fabric is probably my favorite and the bubbles! I am glad for a little sunshine. Oh, how about SandraJaneQuilts (formerly known as mmmQuilts) just like Prince. I love Kathleen McMusing but sometimes think I should have stuck with my name....less confusion.

  11. Sandra - This is so cute! The bubbles are the key - especially having them extend into the border. I love it.

  12. So very cute! The bubbles are just perfect for this next step.

  13. Hi Sandra! I love how this little quilt is progressing, the fish and their bubbles are wonderful, and the arks, so glad you got those in, especially joined with the 'reedy' fabric. I also like your Hashtag Naptime - wonderful soft colours. I have been reading the blog regularly, but the last few attempts at commenting, deleted my posting more than once, then I couldn't get the google link, so frustration won out, and I let it go for a while - no problems today though (thank goodness). Like you the lack of sun is getting me down, along with less time to call my own at the moment. But I am thinking about you while reading every post. Take care.