Monday, September 30, 2019

Bear Paw Dance

The flimsy is done, and I'm in love! This is an original design, and I cannot tell you how much of a rush it is to have a drawn or digital design of mine come to life in fabric.

This is the Child's Play September challenge given to us Island Batik ambassadors.

All of the fabrics were supplied to me by Island Batik, the thread by Aurifil, and the Bear Paw die by Accuquilt.

We were to make a quilt for a child that used the BOB (Block on Board) die we were sent in July.

For those of you who have seen the quilt progress on Instagram, and in my progress post on the quilt, you will know that you can cut an entire two-colour bear paw block with just two passes of the BOB die through the cutter, switching out the fabric on the second pass. It took me a bit of figuring to use it for a four-colour block, and the three-colour paws, but I did it!

The quilt had to be a minimum of 45X60". Magic and whimsy were encouraged.

As you saw in the progress post, I had several ideas as I played in EQ8, but I settled on this one, and I am so happy with it.

Will there be a pattern? You betcha. Yeah, there are a ton of HSTs again, but the way I have the pattern instructions, you can start sewing with just 16 of the puppies.

Speaking of puppies (gosh I love a good segue), here is an outtake of the flimsy shot:

It fascinates Rufus when I peg a quilt onto the deck rails, and yay, for progress of another kind: he actually doesn't go after the clothespegs anymore! This shot has some sun on it, so I think the batiks show up more true in colour, though the first shot is pretty true as well. They are glorious ones here. I think the kid this is destined for is typing this post, just sayin'...

A note on 'segue', which trips me up every. single. time.
I want to write 'segway' but that is the vehicle (hilarious 'Fraser' episode with Niles on one), and the smooth transition is 'segue'. Now you know! And hopefully I will remember...

Short post today, as I have this to quilt, as well as Brady's, by the weekend! I have backings for both; now I just need to piece a couple of long seams....


  1. Love the title... Bear Paw Dance... Fits perfectly!

  2. Bear Paw Dance is wonderful, Sandra! Great colors, and secondary patterns peeking through!

  3. I love the dance the bear is doing around the centre.

  4. Love the pattern and those colours! Beautiful! How are you going to quilt it?

  5. That's a great setting for a traditional block. Wouldn't it be great in scrappy autumn tones? Congrats!

  6. It is gorgeous and what a great setting! I love it. Good luck with the quilting - it will be extra gorgeous with your quilting when you finish!

  7. Niles on the Segway is a funny episode; however, my hands down favorite opening to an episode is Niles ironing his pants. Too funny! I definitely think this lovely is destined to stay with you; it absolutely must! I agree that seeing your own design brought to life is really fun!

  8. I love "the dance"! Were all those HST's easier with the accuquilt die? I think one must sew the two along the bias using these. (awkward sentence, my brain must not be booted yet LOL)

  9. This turned out beautiful. What wonderful colors and a great design play on a traditional pattern. I'd want to keep the quilt, too. Can't wait to see how you quilt it. Will it be on the long-arm or the domestic?

  10. Hi Sandra! I love Rufus peeking about back there. He's been absent in photos or I haven't noticed. It might be my imagination but I really can seeing those bears dancing about and leaving these paw prints. This piece just has so much movement to it, especially around those 16 center paw prints. Ooh, I can't wait to see how you quilt this. I'm already stressing my next quilting piece and it's not even made yet. ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. Why am I not surprised that you'll probably keep this one? Blues, purples, turquoise? I'm shocked, SHOCKED! that it appeals to you :)

  12. Sandra, it’s absolutely delightful! No indefinite you’re so pleased! The colors are perfect!

  13. Beautiful flimsy, those batiks are so luminous. Good luck with your quilting party this weekend.


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