Saturday, September 28, 2019

DrEAMi! #32

Welcome to the September edition of DrEAMi! for those of us squirrel chasers who sometimes (or often) have to just Drop Everything (we are supposed to be making or doing) And Make it! (Apologies for the delay this morning; I am having issues with inlinkz constantly freezing my laptop. Tried a different browser and I think we are good now.)
Love for what? Squirrels of course!!

The bags had it for last month!

A quintessential DrEAMi from Chris at Chris Knits Sews.
From the time she ran to the fabric store to the time she presented this gift to her roommate on a guild bus trip, it was 24 hours, maybe less!

This lovely one from Kathleen at Kathleen McMusing:

Isn't that a great day pack in lovely purples? She says exactly what I've been feeling the past few weeks, the 'need to sew something a little fun'. Be sure to check out her TGIFF post from this week where she's made two of the most adorable backpacks for kids, and the tutorial she used is a free one.

As for me, oh I chased squirrels like crazy this month, and still have a couple nibbling on my ears... I'll link up the post to this one:
Is it possible to have a repeating DrEAMi? Yes, I think so. I saw the first scrap sorting box on Angela's website, so scrappy, and immediately started making one, in yellow. A true squirrel, made and done while other projects on the must-do list languished. But then on another month, at another time, the boxes bugged me again and so I succumbed and made an orange one. And another month a red one. This month I sewed bits of purple scraps because September was purple in the RSC, in between my actual purple Arrows quilt, and the Tiny Tuesday blocks, and when I should have been working solely on Brady's football quilt and the Island Batik quilt for September, I suddenly said I have to just immerse myself in these improv sides and make a purple box! And so I did. Gulp. Both Brady's quilt and the Island Batik quilt are not done. Yet. I have a few days left in the month and for Brady, a few days left before he gets here!

I mean who can resist?? And yeah I've dropped some squirrels for you readers! Okay let's get to the party!
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  1. At least you were chasing very useful squirrels this month. Good luck on finishing off the planned projects for the month. How did we get to the end of September?

  2. I'm thoroughly surprised that I didn't have a DrEAMi post this month. Huh?? Apparently the squirrels have been too busy gathering nuts/projects for October. I do have one (im)patiently waiting on my sewing table, so perhaps October will be a bit more squirrelly.

    1. Wendy! I can't believe you don't have a DrEAMi project this month. I've got one lurking around, too. ~smile~ Roseanne

    2. I know, right?? The world has tilted on its axis or something. I do have one sitting on my sewing table, though. ;-)

    3. I think it's my fault Wendy..... I don't normally chase squirrels but I did.... so it's probably just the laws of nature preserving the normal squirrel level..... :D

  3. Good Morning Sandra and fellow DrEAMis! I don't have a project to share, but I've got a project that I'm going to be working on today thanks to seeing Kathleen's backpack again (and yesterday's version). Just like Wendy - it's impatiently waiting because I need to pick up the cording. I'm shocked to see no links yet - but I'll be back to see what other temptations await. SANDRA - come on! Get Brady's quilt done! It's the FOURTH week of football already. I'm guessing he's a Lions fan? We play them soon . . . and I supposed with all the luck that quilt will bring them and love for Brady they'll whup our Packer butts. Looking forward to seeing it and the IBA quilt. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I will not succumb to more squirrels! Who am I kidding, I went an took a peek at Kathleen's backpack and I want to make one now. Now I think you need to turn all squirrels off and work on Brady's quilt!

  5. Your dreami fabric boxes are so inspiring! I’ve been very focused and have resisted making a dreami project but I feel one coming on!

  6. LOL! My DrEAMi last month and this month used the same fabric. LOL! Yes, it was less than 24 hours from buy to gift. Not going to do that again!

  7. Yup, you sure did drop some squirrels in our laps. Thank you for the prominent mention - always fun to share and be shared. I think the bags are really too much fun and I wish I had made them earlier in the summer...I may try to sell at our show at the end of the week, to see the response!


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