Saturday, June 25, 2022

DrEAMi! #64

Welcome to the June DrEAMi party where we celebrate those 'squirrels' that divert our attention from what we are supposed to be sewing...

This is Ms Bonita from a site I recently learned about from my friend @we10mom Pat in Maryland: @thedailyjames In these beyond-troubling times, these posts have helped to lift my spirits. Check out the turkey vulture posts as well as the squirrel ones, a beautiful hummingbird taking a bath video, gorgeous nature shots...

I had a DrEAMi this month. One of my close friends in Alberta is turning the incredible age of 80, and I cannot believe she is. She seems more like maybe 70. That's two dear friends, Marianne, and John, who have reached that age, and I want to be like both of them when I grow up: young at heart.
It's not how old you are; it's how you are old.
Keep active.
I'm on the right side of dirt.
What's the alternative?
Age is just a number.
Every one of these truisms is TRUE!

Marianne is a voracious reader and talented knitter. She has put me onto many many good books over the years, so I thought I'd make her a bookmark. My other dear friend, Linda, is hosting a celebration party for Marianne at her house today, and asked for us to send memories, rather than gifts to Marianne, as that is what she treasures most, memories of wonderful times with her many friends. Well, in with the letter of memories I popped this little bookmark.
I FMQ-ed an 'M' in the heart
It is about 2" x 8". Marianne loves burgundy and blue. She is a teacher, but when she left Toronto, Ontario many years ago and moved to Alberta, her degree wasn't recognized unless she did some more courses, which she decided not to do. When I met her back in 1997, she was the much-loved and appreciated Science department lab tech. Hence, the science-themed (Zen Chic) fabric. The back, a books print by Valori Wells, is self-explanatory. I used Hobbs Thermore inside, nice and thin but stable. I will have to figure out what exactly I did (had to get it in the mail asap so I didn't make notes or take photos - a true Drop Everything And Make it) as I'd like one for myself! And maybe make a few to give as gifts.

I guess you could call this strings placemat a DrEAMi. I'd already made two as my RSC project #2, ready to be dropped off for Meals on Wheels. However, I just loved pawing through ALL my blue strings, finding so many favourite fabrics, that I thought you know what? I may already have a turquoise strings placemat, but I need a bright blue one. So, here it is and I've been happily using it all week!

I chose this Michael Miller fabric for the back in anticipation of making a lime green one when that colour becomes the colour of the month! If I have enough, it will do for a purple one too.

So last month these two DrEAMis stood out:
Andrée of Quilting & Learning What a Combo had another true DrEAMi, and dropped everything she was supposed to be doing to make not one, not two but four potholders!

Even smaller than potholders, but still in the square as well as multiple makes theme, Turid of Den Syende Himmel made several micro minis. You have to go check them out. They are just adorable.
Seems to be a minis theme in this post doesn't it? Even my own two are mini quilts, the bookmark qualifying as a mini mini I think!

I will be taking the month of July off blogging, so the next DrEAMi linkup won't happen until the end of August. Hope you have a summer full of unplanned, happy sewing whimsical projects! I'll be posting on Instagram, so you can find out what I'm up to there. Brady is coming here for almost three weeks in July all by himself! So excited, well, all of us! 

Please remember this is NOT a linkup for works in progress, nor for a regular finish (like my Pop Star quilt, Crystal Constellations), but for those random, gotta-make-right-NOW projects. Thank you for respecting that.

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  1. I enjoy following The Daily James as well - it definitely makes me smile. Another fun follow is Theolonius Munk (a chipmunk) at @englishanj - his antics always make me smile. No DrEAMi link up today, but I'll have one in August! Enjoy your time with Brady!!

  2. Love your bookmark idea, and also those strippy placemats! I echo Wendy's comment about the Daily James and Thelonius Munk on Instagram - I enjoy those both, too. Have a wonderful July!

  3. Enjoy your visit with Brady. 'm sure you have many adventures planned.

  4. A few years ago, there was a baby ground squirrel who buried itself in some cardboard we had set outside to take to recycling. It made that exact alarm squeak at a regular interval and was surprised when we "found" it. LOL Cute little bugger.

    The bookmark looks like the perfect birthday treat for your friend. Enjoy July and all that glorious time with Brady!!!

  5. Love the bookmark & the pretty string placemat on your outdoor table, which looks exactly like ours. Won't be joining in as although I've a squirrel or two in the making, not finished and have been busy with car club stuff too. Enjoy your time with Brady as they grow up so fast and I know how much we've missed ours over the last few years. Take care & hugs from a cold, wet, windy down under.

  6. What a fun present you sneaked in for your friend! I’m sure she will treasure it. (I had some of that book print and was sad when it was used up.) And of course I love your blue string placemat. It’s like ripples in the pool. We have a very bold squirrel in our yard this summer. It keeps coming on our deck and trying to see in the slider window. I haven’t been fast enough to get its photo, but if I ever do, I’ll put it up on a DrEAMi post for you.

  7. No DrEAMi this month - although I am working on a second tote bag following your Positive Flow instructions but with adapted blocks from Pop Star. And last night when I couldn't sleep I got inspiration for a third tote bag I need/want to make .....and it uses another of your patterns :-) Love your string placemats and the bookmark. You can't go wrong giving a bookmark in my opinion. I agree you are only as old as you act/feel; hence why I've just taken up stand up paddle boarding - it never occurred to me that I shouldn't!

  8. Oh forgot to say enjoy July and Brady visiting.

  9. Pretty bookmark! Every time she uses it the memories of shared times together will be enjoyed.

  10. Lovely bookmark Sandra for your friend. I’m sure she will love her surprise when she opens the mail. I hope you have the best time with Brady and really enjoy your month off.

  11. Thank you for the inspirational pattern, Sandra! I am beyond thrilled with how this turned out, as the newlyweds will be, too. Time for me to check out some of the other squirrel projects! Thanks for the linky party. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  12. What a fabulous Memories gift for your friend - it seems very apt for her. Enjoy your month of summer, away from the blog (and with your grandson!!!).

  13. Silly google, that was me :-)

  14. Hi Sandra, thanks for featuring my pot holders. I managed to miss your linking party (again) but I did make a cute blue stripe placemat (for myself)! I actually used Turid's mini where she added her flowers, as my inspiration. Have a great time with Brady!

  15. What a cute bookmark. Enjoy your visit with Brady.