Friday, October 16, 2020

Q4FAL My List

 In many ways, it seems just a few months ago that we were on a plane, flying home from a trip to Florida to help our dear friend John celebrate his 80th birthday in the first quarter of the year, not eight months ago, and here we are in the final quarter of the year. A year of such upheaval, such anxiety, and such change, a lot that is positive.

So here is my list for the final quarter, which I will post on Instagram as per the new rules for this year.
1. The damn beanie - it's been on Q2 and Q3, but I actually did make some good progress on it in the past quarter, so it's an imminent finish finally.
2. Pumpkin quilt
3. Longarm cover
4. Medallion quilt
5. Nature-themed quilt
6. Christmas runner for Etsy
7. Another make-up mat
8. Arrows quilt
9. Ringle & Kerr RSC project 1
10. T-shirt quilt
11. Black scraps box
12. Secret sewing quilt for a magazine
13. Publish one more pattern
14. Quilt for Michele

Only eleven items this time. (see below why it appears I cannot count...) 
I had no less than 17 on the Q3 list. How did I do on that list? I've provided the quilt name and link for those I finished.
1. Beanie - see above
2. Arrow quilt - nope
3. AccuQuilt Runner/tabletopper - Antarctic Tiles
4. Quilt using Studio 180 Design tool - A Positive Spin
5. Backpack - Back At Ya
6. Meadow Mystery - Champs et Lacs
7. Turquoise quilt for a special teacher - Still Waters
8. Toiletries pouch for Brady - see below
9. Makeup mat for Brianne - both of these are in this post
10. Christmas quilt for Benartex - Shine! (I even published the pattern for it as well, click here!) It's a twin size. Here it is on our queen-size bed:

11. Two cat mats - here
12. Benartex quilt for an upcoming zine. Done; thought the zine would be out by now.
13. Dark blue scraps sorting box - here
14. Sweet Star Quilt - Summer Stars
15. Placemats for Etsy shop - nope
16. Runner for Etsy shop - Fall Runner

So in summary, I completed 13/16  = 81.25% I believe that is the best yet.

I've been more conservative for Q4, ha, but wanna know a secret? While writing this post, I added in three more projects! πŸ˜‚The magazine quilt I'd forgotten about, but not the other two in the final three! I'm being more conservative because Christmas is in this quarter, and there may be a project or two I am not mentioning on here, and I may be leaving room for a squirrel or two. πŸ˜‰ 

Update: And then 3/4 of a day after publishing, I remembered the Quilt for Michele I want to do, so added that in too... Watch I'll have 16 again by the October 18th


  1. So many lovely finishes! And over 80% ain't bad either|!

  2. Hi Sandra! Shine looks so nice and fresh on your bed. I used to have my headboard in front of the window when I was a kid. I can still remember waking up to the birds chirping and the delicate smell of lilacs floating over me. I am certain you get to enjoy something similar on a daily basis. If you were back in school, that 81% would be a solid B! I've discovered we missed a few projects that should be on our Q4 list. Oh well! I am looking forward to seeing several of your projects. Good luck with them, my friend. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. You were really productive in Q3 and I hope you enjoy all you work on in Q4!

  4. Wow! To see them all laid out like that and so many finishes. Congrats. I hope Q4 goes as well.

  5. Are a couple of the items on the Q4 list for IB projects? And I wondered why you said you had only 11 projects, but the list showed 13. I'm assuming there will be no Florida trip this winter since the borders are still closed and we in the US aren't giving Canada any reasons to lift the restriction. We're staying home for the first time in many years. Maybe I'll get more sewing done.

  6. Wow, wow, wow! Ever so busy, you put me to shame. I've not had a good year on the "doing" front, but am thinking of making a list of the "needs to be done" & one for long term inspirational/madcap things. Look forward to your updates. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

  7. Can't wait to see Beanie! Enjoy your quarter. Love following your progress.

  8. 80% for last quarter is amazing! This quarter’s list looks pretty ambitious but I’m betting you’ll get lots done if not all. I do confess to be very intrigued and can’t wait to see these secret projects and the squirrels that will visit you πŸ˜‰

  9. Just caught up on your posts, Sandra. So much to read and learn. Thanks for sharing and I'm sure you will accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

  10. Love seeing all your makes; squirrels as well :-) I'm hoping to get a few finishes. Saw a cloud in the sky today that looked just like a giant feather - you'd have loved it - I got a couple of photographs. See you have me doing gratitude :-)

  11. That's an ambitious list! I admore people who have actual goals right now. It has indeed been a strange year, but you've produced some lovely quilts, pandemic or no!