Saturday, May 29, 2021

DrEAMi! #52

Has the month of May contained beautiful weather and the only squirrels you've chased are those of the furry kind, out of your bird feeders, or has the weather been a little iffy and you've managed to chase squirrels of the fabric kind in your studio? Sarah @fabricaddictquilts has a squirrel who is at Olympic levels at her bird feeder. Click that link or the still to watch the little video; crazy!

Sometimes I feel like that squirrel, living on the edge with a deadline looming, but just needing to sew on a particular oh-so-fun quilt. Can you relate? It happened this past week!

Friday, May 28, 2021

Blossoms Every Which Way

I have finished my third version of FYOP, aka Follow Your Own Path, before my second! I am in love with it.

I got a lovely surprise seeing the new weigela bushes in bloom!

I'll be linking this post up on June 15 when the final parade of finishes opens. I decided to make the throw size blocks but less of them to end up with a baby quilt. It went super-fast!

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Gratitude #52

1. It's no secret that I love yoga. This morning (Wednesday) is a full moon morning, make that a Full Flower Super Moon morning, the closest the moon is to the earth this year (Farmers' Almanac). I love the moon, especially when it's full. It is also a lunar eclipse, visible in certain locations. In the Ashtanga yoga method, we don't practise on full moon days, as one is a little more vulnerable at that time, and the risk of injury is heightened. However, I didn't practise on Monday, so it felt right to just do my sun salutations, which take about 10-12 minutes, and are a wonderful full body stretch. As I was doing them, I thought, you know, I love sun salutations.

2. I like this quote.

3. I love the smell of rain. It's an earthy primal sensory bubble for me; it is the colour green; it is a nurturing, a cleansing, mmm. It seems especially pungent after a string of very hot days.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Another Turquoise Heart Cushion

When I made the Greybird cushion, I cut out pieces for two, sewing the two fronts at the same time, chain-piecing style. I would either keep the second one or put it in my Etsy shop. I finally finished it!
I love it too, and if it doesn't sell for a while, I'm totally okay with that!

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Follow Your Own Path (FYOP) QAL - Quilting Suggestions and HST Ideas

Welcome to an extra post for the FYOP QAL. I have been a naughty host and didn't do much of any prep for this week. I've been spending a fair bit of time outdoors in the yard. We went to a couple of greenhouses during the past week, and got a bunch of perennials and some annuals, and have been busy planting in the ground and pots. MacGyver has added another flowerbed, actually two, and it's all really starting to take shape. Yes, I will give some pics in a future post when things start to fill in a bit. Here is our crabapple in all her glory:

So the yard been the major consumer of my time lately, and resulted in no blog posts all week. I have been sewing a bit though!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Follow Your Own Path QAL - Fourth Set of Four Blocks and Final Layout

As is always the case, it seems unbelievable that we are on the final four blocks and final layout day! I know a few of you have finished all the blocks, and, not to mention any names, but I know of at least one who has her top finished. I'm always glad to hear that people are excited and just go right on ahead. Remember to show off your progress by using #followyourownpathqal on Instagram.
Some of you observant (probably all of you) may have noticed that the shadow, or darker arrow is underneath the main arrow on the hop graphic, yet in the ezine, it's above. As long as you keep it consistent, above or below, it will be fine. Personally, I see the shadow below the main arrow, but depending on the light source, it could be above!

Friday, May 7, 2021


 About a month ago, my good friend Liz had to say goodbye to her beloved cat, Greybird. She was 15 years old, a good age for a kitty, but still... I knew I wanted to make her a little something to show my sympathy and empathy for what she was going through. I had originally thought of a mug rug, maybe a mini cat with the Snail's Trail block tail.

That's not a cat, I know! And it's not a mug rug either, if you look at the size of it compared to the thread! As with many projects, things have a way of just flowing along in the way they mean to; I just have to listen, and then follow.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Follow Your Own Path QAL - Third Set of Four Blocks

I am hearing that the blocks are easy to make, yay me, and I'm seeing some beautiful colour combinations, yay you, and I'm excited to see these quilts grow, yay us! If you missed linking up your progress in last week's linky, not to worry, there is the hashtag on Instagram, #followyourownpathqal. Thank you so much to those of you who have been sharing your progress; it gives me such a thrill.

Here we are at the half way point of block making, and the start of May! Get ready to grab your fabrics in the third colour family for this week's four blocks.

Monday, May 3, 2021

My Dad's Tees

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.... Just a quick note that I am back to .com.  Sorry for all the mess this may have created. I found that many of my old posts, such as tutorials, yoga Sunday Stretches, and some of the Gallery would either give me a 'site is not secure' or 'Safari can't find the site' or it would just bounce you to the home page, most frustrating. All hopefully will be fine with you; one thing you can do is clear your history and cookies or just restart your computer too, and it should find as it did up until the past two weeks!

I got a stack of t-shirts at the end of last summer to make a t-shirt quilt for my grandson Brady. His Grandma Hague had given a bunch of t-shirts to Brianne that had belonged to Tim, Brady's dad. They went through them and chose the ones to include in a quilt. Some he elected to keep for himself to wear, awww.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

DrEAMi! #51

I know it's May 1, and DrEAMi is usually the last Saturday of the month, but I didn't realize this until part way through this past week, that the last Saturday was actually April 24! Yikes. I very nearly forgot about it this morning, but here we are! Don't worry, there will be the regular DrEAMi, on May 29.

But chase a new quilt project? You're on!