Saturday, March 30, 2019

DrEAMi! #26

Sorry this post is out late, but I have a good reason, a sleepover with my daughter, Dayna. And uh, I think Rufus is in love with her. He's even not his usual 'holy terror in the morning' self...making a liar out of us!

I was so pleased to see the ranks of squirrel chasers increase last month. You know you're out there!
See the squirrel. Feel the squirrel. Be the squirrel!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Sparkle On!

This quilt has been some time in the making. It has been on more than a couple FAL lists, and it was once again on my Q1FAL list. So I am super-happy that it is now off that list and in the 'check!' column.


Our March challenge as Island Batik ambassadors was to take a vintage quilt or quilt block and reimagine it with a modern flair.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

I Like/Love #26

This month is jam-packed with gratitude, which is good because it's had some angst as well! I link this monthly post up with LeeAnna each month at Not Afraid of Color where you can find many other like-minded peeps writing about likes and loves. It's a weekly linkup but you join in whenever you want.

1. I like Cuba. A lot. I loved our trip there the first week in March. The media gives it, like so many other things (pitbulls, immigrants) a bad rap, and I have a post planned to help put these not-such-a-great-country thoughts in the BZZZT! Wrong! category.
Both MacGyver and I were pretty much speechless, me with a big ol' lump in my throat, at the beauty of the beach in Varadero, which we had almost all, miles and miles of it, to ourselves:
Stunning, breathtaking water colours

Monday, March 25, 2019

Beothuk Star Quilt Along

Mark your calendars for the commencement of the third annual QAL here at mmm! quilts. Once again, you will be making one of my own original designs. This year's quilt is not a shadow quilt; however, it does have a wee surprise, which, if you know me at all, is something I love to incorporate in my quilt designs.

This is the graphic for this year's QAL. Feel free to grab it and put it on your sidebar. I'll be starting a hashtag for Instagram too: #beothukstarqal
This year's quilt is 42.5" square. What does the quilt look like? Read on to find out!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Burst of Spring

I have a finish, and it's on my Q1FAL list which is here, and it's perfect timing to have on my table for Spring!
I considered pulling the table out so I wouldn't have the sun through the stained glass glint on the table topper but na, it just adds to the bright spring feel IMHO. This is Tish (The Madd Quilter) Fireburst Mystery QAL.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Sparkling and Sparking

I love it when a good title comes to me! I am actually this week focusing on a couple of my Q1FAL projects. This one is long overdue. You've seen some in-progress shots, but I have a flimsy, and that flimsy is actually on the frame now so a finish is imminent. This is 'Sparkle On!'
This is a kit, called Box-a-Lot, that I bought 3+ years ago at Connecting Threads. It's Amanda Jean Nyberg's (Crazy Mom Quilts) fabric, Good Neighbors, and it's so bright and cheery isn't it? That is a link to her last post. She stopped blogging as of December 31, and that post has a Good Neighbors quilt as her final finish! Who knew. I loved her blog, glad she's keeping it available.

Friday, March 15, 2019

30 Quilt Designs Challenge Announcement

This is the main post for the third annual Quilt Design Challenge I host on Instagram. It gives me a thrill to write that sentence!
Profuse apologies that this was not up two days ago as planned... Real Life got in the way, and I was waiting on a response from a potential sponsor, and then Instagram, where I originally planned to set up a private account, went whackola, but so did FaceBook... All good, though. Here we go!

Here is the link to the first challenge that I co-hosted with Lisa of Sunlight in Winter Quilts
Here is the link to the second challenge in 2018 hosted by moi.
And now, on with the deets of the third challenge!
Feel free to grab this graphic for your blog, sidebar, or Instagram post.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Green Scraps Box

It's a bird! No, it's a plane! No, it's a green scraps box! Squirrel!

I was checking back for the RSC2019 colours, since I am woefully behind, first time in four years of participating that I am this remiss in doing my monthly scraps homework. I was scrolling back in time on Angela's blog soscrappy, and that's when her squirrel bit me!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

TBT #15

Welcome to another edition of Throwback Thursday. For those who may be new to my blog or who are not familiar with TBT, it is where we pull out, photograph, and tell the stories of quilts or quilted projects we've made before our blogging life! Mine today is another Christmas quilt, this one a little over 17 years old, and with the snow that fell on February 27, the day before this photo shoot, it is rather fitting!

I had a very curious, and somewhat annoying helper that morning... He's still alternating between sweet and a turd. And yep, MacGyver got the gate done (isn't it fab?) so no more baby gate on our doggie playpen, er backyard deck!
Here's a full-on shot:
Yes, he still managed to get in on the action. This was a 9-patch exchange I organized, and was a part of during the year 2001 in my then guild, Fort Saskatchewan Quilt Guild in Alberta.