Saturday, September 21, 2013


And no, it isn't the name of a quilt block, although if it isn't, it should be... hmm, I think I feel another post topic percolating.  (Gosh, the alliteration there was not intended!  Think I'm giving away my English teacher roots...)

We were in Meijer a couple of weeks ago, and one of the foodstands was serving this salsa in cute little scoop tortilla chips.  Well, if it doesn't have meat in it, I have to check it out, so I did.  It was WATERMELON salsa!  I do not like watermelon.  But this looked intriguing so I had to give it a go, and after tasting my good friend's watermelon and feta salad last summer, which I LOVED, I thought, what the hek.  And, it was excellent!  So much so, that I asked the lady for the recipe.  She handed me a paper, and when I went to take it, she said, no, that was her only copy.  Ugh.  But then, lightbulb went on!  Sometimes my menopausal melon does not short circuit...I pulled out my phone and took a picture of the recipe.  I was going to type it into my phone, but it was VERY tiny print, and well, that is another side effect, or maybe main effect, of being menopausal: the up close and personal eyesight is deteriorating rather alarmingly.  Anyhow, here is a picture:

And here is the recipe, freshly typed out for you.  My next-door neighbour's husband, who, like me, does not like watermelon, also quite liked this salsa when I took it as our contribution to dinner the other night.  He had several scoops! Note: I also am not a fan of cucumber, although I will eat it from time to time.  My husband was chopping (my sous-chef extraordinaire) and he did not read or heed the peeled part for the cucumber.)  Needless to say, it was still delicious! And those of you observant types will notice that my tortilla chips (with flax seeds in them, very good) are in a fabric bowl, one I made from Linda Johansen's book.  ;-)

Watermelon Salsa

2 c finely chopped watermelon (seeded)

½ c finely chopped cucumber  (peeled and seeded)

¼ c finely chopped red onion

¼ c finely chopped fresh cilantro

1 T finely chopped fresh basil

2 T honey

2 tsp lime juice

1.         Combine watermelon, cucumber, red onion, cilantro and basil in a large bowl.  Add honey and lime juice and toss to coat.

2.         Chill for at least half an hour in the refrigerator.  Watermelon has a lot of liquid naturally in it.  Before serving, pour out the excess liquid so the salsa isn’t too runny.  Serve with tortilla chips.


  1. Mmm looks and sounds delicious!
    I wonder if I can get "alerts" when you post...? I just went on here to see and you had another one. :)

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  3. I deleted the above because I found (the right way!) how to get alerts when you blog. You should consider posting a post about that so everyone can get alerts! :)

  4. For the blogs I follow, there is a "Follow" button that I just click, and then I get alerts via email when they write a new post. Do I have a "Follow" button?! I don't know! I'll get back to you on that! Thank you for reading!


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