Friday, April 3, 2015

Two Finishes for Friday!

Picture heavy.  Words light, I promise.  Tutorial tomorrow.

First of the two Friday finishes:
Yep, this is another Itty Bitty Knitting bag (or makeup, sewing supplies, what-have-you).  This one is a little different.  Already used.  Already love it.

This one has a pocket inside

Fingerless gloves pair #2.  These are for daughter #2, Dayna.  Too bad she doesn't have them for this weekend when she is headed to Niagara Falls, and the weather gods are not shining down upon that area...
Love the picot edging bind-off; um it is hard to take a pic with an iPad of your own hand!

I mentioned that I am doing the Feather Boot Camp, as recommended by Jasmine of Quilt Kisses.  I've done a LOT of feathers in my quilting life, I took Angela Walters' Free Motion Feathers class on Craftsy (best feather class EVER), but I am a firm believer that you can always learn something when taking a class.  Well, a little more than half way through now (and yes, I've skimmed a lot of it) but I liked how she has a check to draw circles in the top part of your feather. This shows you where you need to improve.  Now I don't want my feathers all exact, and all circular, as I like the "heart" shape to them, but this is an idea to keep in mind, as well as skinny bottoms, round tops.  These are all hump and bump style feathers, where you quilt them in pairs. This girl does both sides of the spine at once, whereas I prefer to quilt one side of the spine, travel back down to the bottom, and quilt the second side.  But I'm experimenting with her method as well.

On the right side of the second page above, you'll see my attempt at paisley feathers.  Angela has a great video tutorial on her paisley feather.  I also played around with some Karen McTavish-style feathers inside a triangular shape, love those.  Feathers are what I'm planning, and really wanting them to look good, for the Brrrrr Park quilt.  They need to be in a triangular shaped area.

First attempt at Amy Garro's Zig-Zag Feathers.  Ooh! I like.

That's it!  More words than I planned (shocker) but that's me.
Cat in a fabric prob that the packing slips are still in there!
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  1. Wow talk about intricate feathers, especially the zig zag ones!!
    Love the yellow makeup bag, LOVE it!
    Dayna will love the gloves as much as Brianne loves hers. And oh Bella, silly billy. <3

  2. You are making me want to build a zipper stash. Love your pouch and your gloves will be much appreciated. I love the circle trick she uses. And I love your zig zag feather. Have fun drawing. I drew them so much I was seeing feathers in my sleep.

  3. Those fingerless gloves!! Swoon!! I'd wear them when it is 110 ;D The bag is awesome. Your feathers are looking fabulous! I have to say I tried Amy's zig zag feather. . . yours looks WAY better LOL

  4. Love your rounded corner bag Sandra and the fingerless gloves - Dana is going to love them! you are right that she could use them in NF and Buffalo this weekend. It is snowing right now...ugh. I sure hope she and her boyfriend are having a great trip out here.
    Your feathering is awesome! Especially love that zig zag feathering design and how it fills the rectangular areas! Bella in the Box :) too cute!

  5. Oh my .... my mom made me gloves almost exactly like these....I loved them so much she made me ANOTHER pair!! I'm so lucky! Hey....I added ya to my blogroll....glad to me a new follower!


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