Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fabric Pull for Mystery Quilt

I've done a couple of mystery quilts in the past, but these were only through my guild.  I've never done an online one.  I know Cheryl's quilt from last year's mystery was a great success, so I thought I'd jump in with this year's.  Besides, she is one of our hive mamas in the New Bloggers Hop.

The other day on my walk with Rocco, I thought I had it figured out as to what colour scheme I wanted, based on a bag I adore that a good friend of mine made me years ago:  yellow and red.  I could add in white...and...hmm, pale green?  grey?  maybe pink?  That was a stumbling block, but I would figure it out.


So after mucking around in my stash--SO much fun! That in and of itself is so very very therapeutic for me; I love to pet and fondle fabric--here is one of two choices I have.
Choice #1 (and the one I'm leaning toward)

Love that red and yellow combo idea I had right?  Sigh... These are in order from fabric A, the ivory, to Fabric D, the green.  I have a most ample stash.  However, when it comes to pulling fabric, it seems I never have quite the right amount.  (yellow, case in point) This mystery requires yardage from 1 yard to 2 1/8 yards, so the green here is the only one I had enough of.  It is the one I'd bought with a backing in mind and ended up using it in Summer Scents Mosaic.

Choice #2

The gorgeous, oh-it-would-fabulous-as-a-kaleidoscope-quilt fabric as well as the red, is by Jason Yenter, bought last year from Fat Quarter Stash on sale.  Just thinking about cutting this one up into potentially small pieces is making me feel a hotflash coming on.  I used it in the blue and green colourway as lining and a strap in my yoga mat bag, and love it.

So which one?  I keep chopping and changing, one minute yep, use up the cat fabric and the paisley, as it's hung around for more than 5 years.  Then I think, but ooh a Christmas quilt...

Thoughts most welcome.

Rocco and I walked up to Pelee Island Winery (pronounced pee-lee) on Monday, a 2 km each-way jaunt. 

Maybe I was influenced in my final (well almost final) colour selection by the red roses and the greenery...
the vines with their fresh leaves and baby grapes...

The main vineyards are on the island, about 30 km/ 18 miles from Kingsville out in Lake Erie.

Happy Canada Day! Speaking of all things Pelee, we are heading out to Point Pelee National Park this afternoon, probably my favourite place in Canada, a place I first fell in love with on my honeymoon when my husband brought me down here for a 3-week visit to his place of birth.

Linking up with Let's Bee Social. Lee is taking WIP off this week because of the US birthday on July 4.


  1. I had many of the same difficulties when picking my fabrics for this mystery quilt - the things I really wanted to use were mere scraps and yet not enough others were like it to go full scrappy... not to throw a wrench in your plans, but if you have enough similar yellows to get to the yardage you need, that is another option! :) I like the first option, but how would the green from option 2 play with that grouping? Fabric play is so fun, and good luck settling on what works best for you!

  2. You have some awesome fabrics in your stash, Sandra. As someone who has had a small peek to the mystery design, I can say your fabrics will make a lovely quilt. Of your first choice, the green would work as D, but I would suggest possibly swapping positions of the other three by making B into A, and A into C. (clear as mud, right?) Choice 2 would look great as is. I need to dig through my fabrics as I might want to make a second option if I can find enough of any one fabric. Happy Canada Day!

  3. I'm liking the first one as well. I ended up buying fabric because I mostly have smaller amounts of fabric in my stash. That took forever as well.

  4. I like them both. . . but the first one the best ;) Have a wonderful time at Pelee National Park today! Rocco looks very content and ready to go another 4 km haha Happy Canada Day! :D

  5. I like them both but veer towards the first too. I've ordered one fabric and have some from stash but need to but one more , a yellow I think . I'm not buying enough to bind . I'll sort out binding in the end . Happy Canada day , we've been playing Joni Mitchell in your honour

  6. I've decided to do the mystery quilt. Luckily I had three fabrics in my stash and only had to purchase one. I'm a bit nervous not knowing the pattern...but here goes.

  7. Make two! I have done that before in quilt-a-longs...problem solved! :-)

  8. I like number 1. I have to decide real fast what fabrics I'll make mine from. I haven't been to Pelee Island yet. So many choices with the local wineries, plus my son makes wine.

  9. I feel you on not having enough of any one fabric! I don't have a big stash since I just started quilting this year, so aside from some solids, the most I have of any one fabric on hand is usually a fat quarter. I had to just do an order so I'd have enough yardage.

  10. I like the first one too. Go for it!

  11. What a hard choice! I really like that second pull, but I agree that cutting that gorgeous big print fabric into little squares would be very difficult. The tan trees in that set are really pretty! Do you know the name of that fabric?

  12. Those are all beautiful colours and fabrics. Rocco is too sweet, always. Love the roses and grapes!

  13. It is always so hard to pick the right colors for me and the right fabrics


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