Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Stocking #2

This one couldn't go on the blog ahead of time, as Dayna reads the blog!  It comes with a story.  The best part was her reaction when she saw it:  "Mum! I didn't know you made quilted stockings!"  Those kind of moments one cannot put a pricetag on.
This is a scrappy stocking extraordinaire.  There are scraps from Dayna's grad quilt (which, no, is not done, but I do have a pretty solid idea of the quilting plan ... 3 days, well, yeah, more than that, of planning), the letters are made from Laurel Burch fabric scraps from a bag I made for a very good friend several years ago, and the cuff is more of the white and silver fabric I used for the Snowalong snowflakes and for Brady's stocking cuff.  There are two Christmas motif squares from the fabric on the back of my Snowflake tea cosy.

Under my Ott-Lite, mainly to show how true colours it really is, but it also shows off the Sulky Holoshimmer thread with which I quilted it.
The one face-on angel kitty with the halo is from a quarter yard of another Laurel Burch fabric that I purchased ages ago to do ornaments or perhaps use the half circle skirts in kaleidoscopes...but it has not been used until now.

The back of the stocking is more precious Laurel Burch fabric I have hoarded, guarded, treasured, petted, for a very long time.  I fussy-cut a few of the kitties to fly here and there on the front of her stocking.

I nearly used it all on the back of Merry Cat-mas, but just couldn't do it.  I'm glad.  It should be a main fabric, right?

The lining is left over from Shift.  It just fit.

Thanks to Cindy of Stitchin At Home and to a free pattern off Craftsy, I figured out how to get the cuff on.  Basically it was the same method as for a lined bag.  Duh.  Oh man! Have any of you been checking out/taking advantage of the incredible deals and sales they have going on right now?!  Excuse me while I pop back over there...dangerous indeed.  But I will focus and finish this post first.

Love this black and white Christmas fabric from Henry Glass.  So unusual.  I based Dayna's stocking on the same pattern in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine that I used for Brady's.  I didn't bind Dayna's though, and although I love hers, I think a bound edge is a nicer finish.
Pretty festive
Brady walked by his many times without seeing it.  The bench with the snowman and mitten quilt draped across the back, effectively hid the stockings from view.  Sidenote: YES!!!! He is in the building, lol, probably sound asleep as I type, as he sort of reached the end of his rope tonight, poor little guy.  More on the visit later.  It has been a full 2 1/2 days, let me tell you.  :-)

The red one is a borrowed one from Dayna for the fur kids.  That's Naala's new baby cow hanging out the top.  Rocco got a blue tug-rope ducky that lasted less than 3 minutes on Christmas Day (MacGyver and Dayna had a bet) before he'd de-winged it and started de-stuffing it!  He got to have it Boxing Day (Dec. 26 for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about) for another 5 minutes, maybe 10, and it was done, tug rope ripped off, head ripped off, all the stuffing torn out...he had a ball for those minutes.  Wish I could find a Rocco-proof stuffy.  The only thing that lasts is a black Kong.  Which is, I know, not a stuffy.  We tried Wubba, nope.  Fireman hose toys, nope.  I digress.  The fourth stocking is Dayna's boyfriend's.  Our stockings, fur kids', MacGyver's, and mine, are, you guessed it, in Florida.

The story.  When Brianne and Dayna were, oh, 4 and 2, I believe, I bought a pre-quilted Precious Moments--one long hair (for Brianne), one short hair (for Dayna), perfect--stockings panel from Fabricland.  Upon sewing them up, I discovered that the short-haired one was a little boy, not a girl! No... So I used them regardless, probably as I was finishing making them on Christmas Eve, with the promise to Dayna that I would make her a better stocking for next Christmas.

She's 27 now.

So her stocking is 25 years overdue.  She said on Christmas Day that no, she loves that stocking.  Somehow I think she loves this one more.  At least I hope so.

Stocking Stats:
Pattern: Based on Patchwork Stocking from "Quilt It For Christmas" 2004
Size: approximately 20" long by 12" from toe to side edge
Fabric: scraps and stash
Batting: Warm 'n Natural
Quilted: on my Bernina
Threads: pieced with Gütermann, quilted with Sulky Holoshimmer, appliquéd with Coats and Clark Dual Duty 100% polyester

Posts are few right now.  I know you get that.  I'm a tad pre-occupied.
Pug hat from Nana and Grandpa (with battery-powered twinkling Christmas lights), JJ Watt, his favourite player, jersey from Auntie Dayna.  One over the moon little boy.

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  1. Your new stockings are just adorable, Sandra! Sounds like you are keeping busy with your family there. Have a wonderful time?

  2. So glad that she liked her stocking. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying your visit. Have fun!

  3. Oh Rocco ❤. Naala is so gentle with her stuff! Rocco is a typical boy lol!
    Our Brady looks very happy of course!
    LOVE Dayna's stocking!

  4. I hope you are soaking in all that wonderful time you can get - posts can wait! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)

  5. Great stockings Sandra! How wonderful to have your loved one's there for a visit. Hope you have a great visit and get lots of hugs!

  6. Her stocking turned out beautiful. Enjoy your family time, it is precious time.

  7. I love Dayna's new stocking and those little angel kitties. The precious moments short hair oopsie sounds like something I would do. I must remember so show you Newton's ball. It is the only toy I have found that he hasn't been able to destroy and comes with a life time warranty. Becker in general is lazy and doesn't play with toys that much. However, he can dissemble a rope toy in seconds. If only he could braid like he can un-braid.

  8. I feel like you wrote me into your Christmas! I so wish I could have seen Brady's face with the pug hat! Dayna deserves that stocking like no other. Seriously, over 20 years...: 0 The best New Year's wishes to all you sleep under your roof! Hugs!!

  9. Love the purple personalized stocking, but Brady is the star.

  10. now to comment properly. my phone wasn't cooperating. Dayna's stocking was worth waiting for. 25 years is only a blink of an eye, hardly any time at all since she was a toddler. happy new year Sandra, and i hope your musings are memorable.

  11. Brady is "in the building" LOL he sounds like Elvis. Which I know is way more exciting for you than Elvis ever was! Sandra, Dana's new stocking is terrific! Love the scrappy front and the fussy cut LB cats.
    Wish I knew a Pitty Proof stuffy, but I do not. Maybe bullet proof cloth? LOL
    Hope you are enjoying every golden minute with your family!
    Happy New Year, dear friend!


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