Friday, September 21, 2018

Two Take-Along Bags

Check! Another one of this quarter's goals have been accomplished. My list is here.

First though, if you haven't visited my Happy 5th Blog-iversary post where there is not one but five giveaways up for grabs, be sure to do so. You have until midnight tomorrow night to enter.

Both daughters requested I make them another makeup bag using Lazy Girl Designs Take-Along bag. When I was finishing up Dayna's, I did a mental count and I do believe these two are number 7 and 8 using this pattern!

Here is Brianne's:

And here is Dayna's:

Brianne had a special request which was to make it bigger. So I increased it by about four inches in height and width. That math was good for my brain! I made hers back in early July so her dad could take it to her when he was out in Alberta for his annual visit. I picked up the sugar skulls aka calavera fabric at a quilt shop in the neighbouring town of Essex. She has a thing for them, so I knew right away this might be the ticket for that new bag. Yup, she heartily approved.

I used a beautiful piece of pink batik that was in my first box from Island Batik.

I had fun free-motion quilting them both on my Bernina:

Brianne's got Sulky Blendables 12 wt thread. I did a fairly open meander but went around a couple of the skulls for fun.
Getting my Angela on LOL
There are some pokies, but not bad for that thick of thread, and better they're on the back, well actually inside, than on the front! I back my top tension off to 2 or less for 12 wt. Using a Topstitch 90 Schmetz needle is the ticket for bohth!

Here's a peek inside. I decided to do contrasting pockets because I didn't have enough of the batik! I like the look. I've poofed them out here so you see. There are four compartments on one side and three on the other.

Here's how the bottom looks, a nice boxed one to make a fairly wide base:
Notice my satin label? I remembered!

For Dayna's, I used a lovely lavender French text print, with a positive messages text print.

She did not want a bigger one, so I was able to match the inside pockets with the lining.

Here's the bottom corner of hers:

Can you see her name? I always add special personal touch when I make a gift for someone, by quilting in their name. My initials are in the top left just under the zipper casing. Isn't the thread beautiful?

The zipper I had on hand was a little too long. No worries; I added a zipper tab and chopped it off to size! The pattern has you fold in to a 'v' the ends of the zipper casing and stitch them down to the bag ends, which I have done, but the last couple I find I like them either in the 'v' or just straight-edge finished and left to stick out. It's a good thing to hang onto when you grab the bag or you go to unzip or zip it up.

I like the way she adds the zipper casing to the bag.

Here's one last shot of the latest one this morning (love how the morning sun filters into our back yard), finished on Thursday, Sept. 20; while Brianne's was finished July 8. When Brianne and Brady arrive (this weekend!!!) I will get a photo fo the two together for comparison.

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: Take Along Bag by Lazy Girl Designs
Size: approximately 14 X 6" and 18 X 10"
Fabric: Bag: Sugar skulls fabric by David Textiles and Sausalito Cottage by Lakehouse Dry Goods; Lining: bright pink Island Batik and You Are My Sunshine by Timeless Treasures.
Batting: Warm 'n Natural scraps
Quilted: on my Bernina
Threads:  pieced on my Bernina with Aurifil 50 wt cotton; quilted on my Bernina with Sulky Blendables 12 and 30 wt; Aurifil in the bobbin.

Another make this month was a tiny DrEAMi! This was another request, a coffee doozie, this time from Dayna. I used her wedding colours, navy and deep red. Egad, her wedding is just around the corner! For some added bling, I quilted it with Sulky Holoshimmer metallic thread. It was pieced as you see, on Billie, my '47 Featherweight.
This is a free pattern from Fat Quarter Shop. (no affiliation) I made a couple for the Henry Glass Fabrics challenge which you can see here and close-ups on their blog when I was the Design Challenger 😇.
Speaking of great fabric shops, one I am affiliated with is Craftsy where you can find up to 60% off supplies this final weekend of summer (according to the seasons; here the temps are cooling of but still will be in the low to mid-20s for the next week, ya!). Hobbs batting, which they carry, and where I've bought it, as well as at Michael's, is on for an even lower price than their last sale, and Aurifil thread is a terrific price too, just in case you need to stock up...

Sale! Up To 60% Off Kits + Supplies at through 9/23/18.

They are once again offering that fantastic deal on new signups for bluprint:

FREE Quilt Gifts With Bluprint Subscription - $25 Coupon + Choice Of Kit at through 9/29/18.

BEWARE though the deal is only for US new signups, sniff, as I found out...the hard way.  It's like a free year of bluprint because they send you a free quilt kit of your choice (and they had some awesome choices when I signed up, sniff sniff) and a $25 coupon to use on supplies and free US shipping... Do you hear me sobbing? Doesn't matter if you have a US address as in a family member there or a winter home there, your country of primary residence matters. So my American readers, that's a $630 value for $100/year watch anything everything all day long, classes, shows... I really am enjoying the freedom of this scenario: 'Hmm what was that Elizabeth Hartman class I watched some of during a free watch weekend?' Search. Find. Watch. LOVE that.

While I was finishing this post this morning, and proofreading it after my walk, I had my trusty overseer with me:
She's pretty good; the animal (aka baby) gate deters her from going down the steps, as does a squeeze of the water sprayer! 

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  1. Such great bags! I really like the skulls! And thank goodness for a glass of wine to relax us when FMQ is involved!

  2. I just adore the little hidden specials in things made for someone special - like her name embroidered in the stitching. I call them "Easter eggs" because you have to know about them and look for them.

  3. Lovely gifts, and as we both know, the joy of giving is so worth the extra hour or so to make it special. Love the names, that is the icing. Roll on this weekend for you, to have them over your way will be wonderful.

  4. Hi Sandra! What fabulous bags for the girls. They will hold plenty, plus they are extra special with their names on it. I just LOVE the fabric you used for the coffee coozie . I know you will have a fabulous weekend with Brady and whoever else may be around. Enjoy! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. What would our kids do without us? They'd have to buy something! The horror! :) Lovely bags, and what a nice thing to do for your daughters.

  6. What fun bags, I love your fabrics and your quilting is lovely.

  7. I love the two bags you made! No need to tell you to have a great weekend, I know you will.

  8. So fun to have your girls request something! Enjoy your time with your Grandson and daughter.

  9. It's fun to sew for children who love what you do. I made retreat bags (emmaline) for my older children for Christmas. Thanks for the great photos.

  10. Love those bags (and those pockets inside!). Isn't it great to be able to make things for your daughters? I love that! Enjoy your visit with B&B!

  11. Your bags are great, and they will be enjoyed! I'm with you on that Craftsy/Bluprint deal. I signed up when it first came out, and then soon afterward, they began having all the 'incentives' to sign up, whereas I got none. Bah, humbug. What's wrong with that scenario?

  12. Love how you personalized it by quilting her name into it!

  13. Love your bags, and especially that sugar skull fabric! I love Lazy Girl patterns too! Great job!

  14. Don't you love a good, versatile bag pattern? I really like the contrasting pockets on the inside of the first bag and the quilting going around the skulls is a fun touch :)

  15. Very fun make up bags. I can't pick a favorite. Those skulls are such fun, but the lavender is so pretty. Happy Stitching this week.

  16. Great bags, lucky daughters. Very well trained fur baby! Hope you had a great weekend. :)

  17. Pretty and to be happy with that. Give your "overseer" a big hug from me. Gorgeous.

  18. can't believe I have missed some of your posts. I love these bags. You can never have enough bags to put stuff in

  19. Such nice bags from a nice momma. I love your hidden personalized quilting.

  20. The bags are wonderful! I'm swoony at the calaveras. On behalf of the FAL crew, thank you for joining in!


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