Friday, August 26, 2022

Grapefruit Pizzazz

I have a quilt finish, and it was totally unplanned, but it grabbed me and would. not. let. go. This kind of quilt happening is a DrEAMi. Drop Everything And Make it. And this one is a true DrEAMi, because that is exactly what I did, despite having a few other projects I should have been doing.

What a pleasant surprise to see how well it goes with the impatiens and greenery!

It all started when I opened a drawer I go into on a daily basis, as that is where I stash the laptop and iPhone charging cords to keep them out of the way of Miss Bella's sharp little teeth. I was looking for something, no clue now what, but a small pile of rectangles caught my eye and I pulled them out. One had half a dozen turquoise and green rectangles, and the other about the same amount of bright pink and orange rectangles. Oh yeah...
Still Waters
I made this two years ago for a dear teacher of Brady's. You can read the post here. When I made that quilt, I'd cut a few extra rectangles because I loved it, and thought it would make a great donation or comfort quilt. I also thought how terrific it would look in hot colours, like pink and orange, a combo I really like, which surprises me because the above photo is totally moi. So I cut a few more hot colours. Years ago I had made Brianne a hot pink and orange quilt and loved it. So did baby Brady, who would gaze at it while nursing, since it was draped over the back of the couch where Brianne would sit. 

So. I saw the stack of pinks and oranges and they sort of called, no they actually mesmerized me. Well, orange IS this month's colour for the RSC, so I guess I wasn't that much off topic. Ha!

Yes, I had a wallhanging quilt to make for my latest pattern release. Yes, I had a makeup bag to make for Bernie of Needle & Foot, which, ✅ did get done...

even though I will admit here that before starting her bag, I dove into my oranges and pinks scraps sorting boxes and started playing, cutting a few more 5" x 9.5" rectangles. I told myself I'd just play a little bit; really, truly, cross my heart etc., I would leave this hot pink and orange quilt alone and I’d start my new pattern wallhanging right after I finished Bernie’s makeup bag...

I spy Xena, aka zee-zee. Decided to purposely let her photobomb.

Uh yeah. Not only did I suddenly have a quilt top, but I made another two makeup bags (both listed in my Etsy shop, SandraJaneQuilts) between the bag for Bernie's sister and the top.
Note the blue band, a happy mistake! More of this style are in my future.

I did not realize, but Bernie it was who pointed it out, that this fabric is ASL signs! That is why she asked me to make her one for her sister, who is a deaf interpreter.

Made with leftovers from 'Judy's Bloom' by Benartex

Whaaaat is happening?!

Forget monkey pox.  I had squirrel fever. FOUR unplanned projects??

I told myself, "Sandra, you have been totally sidetracked, but you are going to finish what you started, because, PHD." I have not been good at finishing UFOs this year, but I have finished everything I have started. So, into the backing vault I went, found a hunk of Cranston Prints floral my aunt had given me a few years ago, pieced it, and loaded it onto Avril. Would the orange Exquisite polyester thread I'd sewed the quilt top with on my trusty Featherweight Tilley work to quilt it?
You bet it did. Not one break, large meander, beautiful tension, awww yeah!

Quilt complete!
Don't you want to take a bite out of it?! I couldn't get sweet juicy jelly-type candies out of my head while making this. What are those frosted with sugar fruit slice jelly candies called? Those were what was in the back of my mind all the while.

The quilt uses up a fair bit of scraps, and that, my friends, makes me happy. All the string placemats I've made this year, and you can barely tell I've sewed a pair of strings together. Also, old fabrics, new ones, all sing joyfully together here, a different tune than the 'Still Waters' tune but still joy-filled.

Here is that backing. You can see the tiny orange flowers better in the shot below.

I had the perfect binding too, one from years ago from Fabricland. Sadly I did not have enough, but no fear, I had a chunk of a rainbow one, and another chunk of orange and purple that I happened to spy in another scrap box of floral chunks and strings. You can see all three below. They work just fine together.

Where is the quilt going? I don't know! For now, once I launder it, it will sit with another one who is also currently being fostered by me, lol, waiting for its forever home.
This squirrel has a voracious appetite, so if you allow it to bite you, all you need is rectangles that are 5" x 9.5". Sew them in pairs, alternating them as you see. The blocks finish at 9". My quilt is five blocks by six, a nice throw quilt.

I'll be linking this up on Saturday with my own DrEAMi party!

Quilt Stats:
Pattern: simple rectangles that I first saw on Jasmine's Quilt Kisses blog
Size: 45" x 54"
Fabric: scraps
Backing: Cranston Prints
Batting: Fairfield polyester 
Quilted: on Avril: 31 692 stitches
Threads: pieced on my 1947 Featherweight, Tilley, and quilted with Exquisite polyester on Avril

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  1. That quilt is positively deliciously juicy!! I love, LOVE the colors, even though blues, greens and purples are my usual faves. I have my fingers plugging my ears and I'm singing la la la because I DO NOT need another DrEAMi. But still, I'm sure it would be so quick...🤣😆

  2. You've been busy! Some nice finishes, and it is nice to have a quilt ready hen you hear of a need.

  3. I love the idea that we make and then foster quilts until they find their forever homes! It's such a scrumptious palette and quilt, no wonder it grabbed you and wouldn't let you go until you got it finished. :)

  4. "Squirrel Fever?!" Hah! I'm pretty sure that is SUPER contagious! Great job with the sizzling pink and orange quilt and those darling makeup bags! At least when you get distracted, you are still super productive!

  5. I love this fruit slice quilt! My mouth is watering as I think of all the citrus flavors. The ASL bag is so cool! My daughter is studying ASL as part of her linguistics career. Sandra, this post is so inspiring because you exude joy in your craft!

  6. WOW!!!! That is such a refreshing quilt & yes, you have been busy. My possum tendencies have suddenly turned into wombat dawdles & I've not been as busy as normal. Love that bag with it's sign language hands & never seen fabric like it. Well done with all your projects & I do have a little something to join in with for DrEaMi, though I am allowed a flimsy to show? Thanks for sharing, take care & hugs from down under.

  7. Your pink and orange quilt (and I spy purple as well) will make a very happy gift to someone when you're done fostering it. It's a great design that works up quickly. I'll keep it in mind for a future H2H quilt. I also enjoyed yesterday's gratitude post. I hope the squirrels will retreat for a while , so you can get to some of the projects that are still waiting. Aren't you glad to not have a monthly IB challenge hanging over your head?

  8. A scrumptious quilt! I like the fostering term, I may have quite a few in my fostering pile, ready to go when needed.

  9. Wow! I am blown away by your productivity. And to think those lovely pink and orange colors aren't ones you are naturally drawn to. Guess that has changed. :)

  10. love the make up bag fabric! and the story! fresh colors on the quilt!

  11. What beautiful squirrels and projects Your make up bags are always wonderful. Congrats on making that beautiful quilt. I love the colors and will keep the pattern in mind fo some donation quilts. Looks easy to put together and so refreshing.

  12. haha Squirrel Fever! Is it curable do you think - or something you are stuck with for life?! The quilt surely has a WOW factor in those beautiful vibrant colours - and it looks perfect in your garden too!

  13. Great squirrel fever/orange slice candy quilt!!! Really brilliant and delicious looking!!!

  14. What a bright squirrel-always fun to drop everything and do something new!

  15. Well somehow I missed the original but here I am through TGIFF! Thanks for linking up and it is nice after seeing it in dREAMi! that I get the deets here. What surprises me is such a simple pattern turns into such an interesting quilt, and that it is fast, is even more fun.

  16. I absolutely love this quilt Sandra.

  17. Love it!! it is so bright and happy!!!

  18. Hi Sandra, what a gorgeous squirrel project! Love those delicious colours :-) Thanks for linking up to Free Motion Mavericks.