Monday, December 5, 2022

Rainbow Neighbourhood Pattern Release

It's been a long time coming, but I'm thrilled to finally have my houses pattern together and released! You'll be seeing more of it all week, as the pattern has four projects within it: a throw, a twin sized quilt, and two pillows, one of which is a cushion and the other a bench pillow. I made the throw using the original blocks I made back in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge of (would you believe) 2017.

It is so good to see these fun spectrum of houses finally 'grown up' into a quilt. The pattern, which I've named Rainbow Neighbourhood, is on sale all week for 25% off. You can get it in my Etsy shop, SandraJaneQuilts

The throw has nine house blocks, each with a different 6" finished star on the side. The twin has ten house blocks. The house blocks in all four projects finish at 16". If you look closely, you'll notice there are different styles of houses, four to be exact. There are a total of 11 different stars, most of which use regular patchwork. One is paper-pieced, and two use templates, or a Tri Recs or similar ruler. I made mine in rainbow colours, since I was doing one per month in the RSC that year. You can do them all one colour, various blues or greens, or blues and greens(!) on a white or black background.

Speaking of black background, the twin, which I am making next, uses a black background.

This layout has a modern Amish vibe I think! What is especially fun is that the flowers and trees blocks are interchangeable, so you can make the quilt your very own. Also lots of fun is that the pattern has plentiful opportunities for fussy-cutting. If you look closely at my throw, you'll find cats or dogs and a few other surprises in the windows.

Wendy, of Pieceful Thoughts, made the cushion that's included in the pattern. The pattern gives colours for Christmas, since the season is here🎄but you could make it in whatever colours you like.
As Wendy writes, "Santa is in the house!" She has lots of fun Christmas details in hers too, as well as ideas for what you can do with the pattern. One is a block of the month, making, as I did in 2017, a block a month and then the trees, flowers and hearts blocks over the remaining couple of months. It's definitely a thought for my annual QAL which always starts at the beginning of April...

Here's my original cushion, so you get an idea of how different you can make the houses. 

Seeing it without a cushion form inside it shows that this could also be a cute wallhanging. One of my customers did just that, adding 'Welcome' to the bottom of her house and a hanging sleeve so it could go on, or at, the front door of her house! The bench pillow, which I've made in Christmas colours, could also be turned into a runner. You'll see that later this week, but here's a sneak peek:

Stay tuned because Michelle is making the twin quilt, and Carol is making the bench pillow, but turning it into a runner, so you'll have some more examples all week of what you can do with the pattern! Notice that both Wendy and I made a Christmas house but we did different styles of houses and different stars. I'm so very grateful to these three talented ladies who tested the quilt pattern. Thank you too, to Yvonne for tech-editing.

Here's the cover, which needs to make two quilts on the cover, each a different size, without detracting one from the other? Any suggestions welcome. I tried overlaying the throw onto the twin but then you couldn’t fully see the twin and that didn’t look right. 
If you would do me a huge favour and pin this as well as the throw quilt I made on your Pinterest pages, I would greatly appreciate it. 
Here is the back cover.

Remember, the pattern is on sale until Friday midnight for 25% off.

All ready for snuggling under with a good book or watching a favourite TV programme!

I’ll be back on Friday with a few more photos of this quilt, and its story. I think it needs its own post after this long of a birthing process!

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  1. Wonderful...............another pattern hot off the press. I'm impressed & congratulations. I just may have to purchase this one & have a little play. The festive versions are certainly fun. Thanks for sharing, take care & hugs.

  2. I enjoyed making the pillow for this pattern! It's such a fun design and so versatile! You have put a ton of work into it, but I think it's all been worth it!

  3. Congratulations on the release. The pattern has a lot to offer and I love how people can customize it to their needs!

  4. I love this! So many extra's too. You are getting so much done...really impressive. Love Wendy's version, too, and can't wait to see the others!

  5. The Black background, looks like a wonderful nighttime stroll through the village.

  6. Very nice Sandra. I particularly like the larger version with the hearts and flowers.

  7. Love your neighborhood pattern! It actually might be one of my favorite of all time as it allows for so much versatility, and a great use for that never-ending stash of fabric I have. This is definitely on my "must do" pattern for next year.

  8. Hi Sandra! Huge congratulations on the release of Rainbow Neighbourhood. I adore all versions of the pattern, but the bench pillow and table runner really appeal. Just think of all the customization that might occur?! My head is spinning with ideas. It's been a long time coming but well worth the wait. I'm so proud of you! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  9. Pinned! Well done on another gorgeous quilt and pattern. I love the Amish vibe version with the hearts and trees etc added in. Hmmmm a good idea for a QAL...!

  10. I remember when you made those blocks. The lap quilt turned out beautiful. The quilting looks fantastic. I have to say that I love the layout of your twin quilt even more.

  11. A beautiful quilt! Congrats on the release of Rainbow neighborhood! I like the look of the twin in the black!

  12. Hi Sandra! Oh, the bench pillow turned out just as fabulous as I imagined. The hardest part is going to be landing on which 6" block to use for the side of the home, and what to put in the windows/door. Here's a brilliant pillow form solution from Cheree at Lively Latte. She says a tutorial on how to make your own pillow form from batting scraps! I plan to take it one step further and stuff the form with small snips of batting, too. Just think - a pillow form any size you want, anytime you want, and stuffed to your desired density! I may never buy a pillow form again. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  13. Congratulations, Sandra! It must feel so good to use those blocks and get the pattern out into the world :)

  14. Oh that is Super Cute!! Love all the blocks on the side of the houses ( or if you me you see barns.... sorry!) but I love it!!!!