Saturday, October 28, 2023

DrEAMi #76

Welcome to another month where we share our 'squirrel' projects, those projects that get stuck in our brain and won't rest until we Drop Everything And Make it! Happy Full Hunter's Moon too.🌕 With a partial eclipse to add to the spookiness.đŸ‘»

An oldie but such a goodie, especially as Halloween is in a few days! I got bitten hard by a squirrel this month.

I'd come back from an uplifting, rewarding but also exhausting 'inaugural tour' of 'Quilt Tales for the Heart and Mind' and was needing something mindless to do before I started in on Dayna's Pumpkin Christmas Tree Farm quilt. I also was desperate to play with some bright colours and create a comfort quilt, both for my hurting soul at the soullessness of the Israeli government's (and no, I am not anti-Semitic; if you know one thing about me it is that I am not a racist, and I work hard on my inherent racism) genocide of the Palestinian people.

Take a read of the lyrics to Denny Michel's song, If God's On Your Side, words that popped into my head as I wrote the above paragraph.

I've been wanting to make a quilt that would use up squares. I have 3", 3.5", 4", 4.5", and 5" squares, and even some 6" ones from a guild exchange many years ago. I decided to use the 5" stack to hopefully use up as many as possible, and decided upon a gingham quilt. Because I had only a few in each colour family, the idea came to try to make it a rainbow. I used what I had, even cut down a few 6" squares, and so cut very few extra. It isn't perfect, but it certainly did give me comfort, and when it finds its home, I know it will certainly give comfort there too. You can read about my trip and this quilt in this post.

As for my monthly Gratitude aka Glimmers post, it might wait until next Thursday. Real life has gotten in the way, but in a good way.

Okay, time to link up your DrEAMi projects below! 

Please remember this isn't a finish party or a work in progress linkup; it's just for those projects that take you away from your planned quilting schedule, as this one did! It will wait to get quilted because I have a Grace quilt to finish by October 31 if I want to have every item checked off on my #wipsbgone2023 list.

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  1. What a fun and beautiful way to use up your scraps. I hope you have as much fun quilting and finishing it as you clearly did putting the top together.

  2. It's such a fun and happy quilt. Finding something to sooth is just as important as our check lists, maybe even more so with the state of the world currently.

  3. After seeing your gingham quilt, I want to make one.

  4. Rainbow gingham! Who would have thought? I'm glad that it soothed your soul a bit. I wonder if there are any Palestinian charities where you might donate it? That might be something tangible that could offer a small bit of comfort.

  5. I love what you did with your bright squares, Sandra! It definitely has a gingham look. I always think quilting and creating brings comfort to the maker just as much as to the recipient. You are admirable for speaking out the way you do - I appreciate how you make me think. ❤️

  6. Oh dear, I'm way behind on commenting due to my old laptop playing up & a few hiccups with my PC occasionally. Enjoyed all your posts & not too sure if I can join in on this, though although I'm busy, it's other sort of busy. I must get my craft/blog mojo back & should do a post today, catching up with our little trip. Thanks for hosting this & keeping me inspired, take care & hugs from a long way off.

  7. Boy, Sandra, I am really disturbed by your characterization of what is happening in Israel and Gaza as ‘the Israeli government’s genocide of the Palestinian people’. I’m pretty sure we can both agree that all of the bombing and all of the deaths, of both Israelis and Palestinians, is heartbreakingly horrendous. But Hamas, a territorial organization, should not, in my opinion, be left unmentioned given Hamas’s manifesto explicitly states they want all Jews, all Jews everywhere, dead, and they initiated this current war and are using the people of Palestine as human shields.

    1. Territorial is supposed to be terrorist

    2. I have made it clear over the past few weeks of various posts that I do not agree with violence/war of any kind, and I condemn Hamas' murder of 1400 Israelis and taking of hostages. However, Laura, I hope you are as disturbed by the war crimes Israel has committed over the past 75 years, (I've been educating myself a little more lately about this incredibly complicated situation) and continues to commit to this very moment, the close to 8000 Palestinian civilians killed, nearly 3000 of which are children, the denial of basic human rights like access to water, food, shelter, the bombing of hospitals, and caravans of humans, forcing them into an even smaller corner of their already tiny territory - I am not alone in calling it for what it is, a genocide.

  8. Become the squirrel - love it! No squirrels for me this month...goal is to have one for November!