Sunday, March 10, 2024

Project Quilting 15.5 Wearables

I actually was excited about this prompt because I felt it would be the impetus to get me doing a little garment sewing again. I still have kept a few pieces of yardage in the thought (hope) I’d sew some clothes again one day. 
Here is the top I made!

A couple of years ago I made myself a pair of pajama shorts using the same pattern as we’d used when Brady was here visiting to make his. I originally had a dress in mind for this fabric but, since I had scads of yardage and I really liked the print, I decided to make the shorts. They turned out great and I thought why not make a top to go with them? A top would be a faster make since I only had from Thursday on to get something together before the deadline.

You may recall in my last posted mentioned we were off for a week in Cuba as we did last year, same week, same place. So Thursday afternoon I pulled out the rayon pieces from Island Batik with two patterns I’d thought would work in those fabrics, and had a little think.

Much as I wanted to make a sundress, or even a sleeveless top with those gorgeous rayons, I knew that might be too much pressure, which is when I thought of the extra fabric from the pjs and to make a top so I had an actual set.

After sewing nothing but 1/4” seams with a 1/4” foot, putting on theb#1 foot and sewimg 5/8” seams felt so strange. The seams are huge! I also had to take off my single hole throatplate and switch it out to the regular one so I could zigzag the seams. 

I don’t have a serger anymore; it seized and was beyond repair this past summer. However, I do have a credit at that sewing store that I can use towards a new serger… Wasn’t sure if it would be something in my future or not so I haven’t done anything with it.


I omitted the zipper, first checking that the neckline was big enough to go over my head. I don’t want a zipper in my pj top thank you very much. I was glad that I have hung onto my dressmaking interfacing as I needed it for the neck facings. I omitted it in the sleeve facings; again this is a pyjama top and I want softness and comfort. Also, unlike the pattern recommendations, which have you stay stitch the facings to the seams to hold them in place, I elected to run an eighth of an inch topstitching around the neckline and sleeves, which serves the same purpose and, I think gives a nice finish to those edges.

I had fun! The top went together quickly and easily. I intend to make this pattern again, the top and the dress, perhaps even the cute jacket. It may be from 12+ years ago but it’s a classic style. 

Thanks for another great challenge, Trish!


  1. It sounds like you made great choices to make this a really comfy PJ top. I love that print - I bet it looks beautiful on you!

  2. Lovely fabric, and a pattern that lasts through the years. Serger, overlocker, I wish I had one now, even though I do not make many clothes, the finish is just that much smarter than the stitch options on my Bernina. I had a 3 thread one many years ago, maybe in 1979 or so, and always had trouble threading it.Now the new models are so superior. Enjoy the time away.

  3. What a beautiful top, Sandra! Good idea to make a matcher for your jp bottoms.

  4. High five to you for another successful PQ completion! Seeing the photos of your paper pattern pieces brings back so many memories for me. I've kept several of mine that seem classic to me and hopefully, I'll get into making a garment or two. Your PJ top looks comfy and so stylish too!

  5. Hi Sandra! Very cute and nicely finished. Now we need a pic of you modeling both pieces. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. I love that shirt and the print is fabulous! Great job meeting another tricky project with a tight deadline.

  7. What a fun way to meet the challenge, and be ready for some cozy summer nights of sleep! 5/8ths seem so huge now - LOL