Saturday, November 30, 2013

Road Trip

So we are on our way to our condo in Florida now, and have stopped for the night in Byron, Georgia.  I jotted a few thoughts along the way today, and took a couple of pics.  The dogs and cat travelled so well once again.  Rocco especially was happy to be able to rest his head partially on the console, his "in the zone" for travelling.  One corner of Naala's bed got scrunched which made her very happy as it created a pillow for her head.  She was zonked most of the day; I think she was so stressed out that she would be left behind, poor girl.  She seemed to "wig out" ahead of time more than Rocco this trip.
We sailed through the border at 7:15 am, only one car in front of us!  Joe remarked thatwe had an easier time today than when we go to football games.  Turned south and headed towards Michigan’s southern border, a 45-minute drive away.  We saw loads of geese, flying in small v’s, probably gathering together into larger flocks to head south.  We got into line with the human snowbirds heading south.  I saw the most Florida license plates heading south since we started driving down in 2010.

There was no snow in Ohio, and we sailed through in 3.5 hours, crossing into Kentucky at 11:30.  We’d stopped for gas in Sidney and after that at a rest stop so everyone could pee and the dogs could have their breakfast.  It’s amazing how the country changes from south Michigan and Ohio (flat) to rolling, almost immediately after you cross the Ohio River from Cincinnati into Florence, Kentucky.  There was a light covering of snow on the north-facing slopes, must be from last Wednesday’s storm that blew through.

The rock starts just north of Lexington, Kentucky:

It changes into mountains, Cumberland(?) or whatever ranges (Blue Ridge, etc) make up the Appalachians, and continues until just north of Atlanta.  It's absolutely beautiful country, folds and folds of hills, mountains, and hollows.  Every time we drive through I think of She Walks These Hills, and excellent book by Sharon McCrumb, that takes place in the Appalachians.

Joe's eagle eyes spotted two barn quilts, and I frantically unlocked the iPad to grab a picture.  Sorry they aren't that good.  These were both in Kentucky.  I know there are some along I-75 in Ohio, but I did not see them, or perhaps they're only visible heading north.

Joe and I had an interesting discussion this evening, and discovered we both are feeling that this 12-hour day is not necessary anymore and why are we doing it?!!  I think things will change from now on, as there is no need to push it anymore since we aren't limited to a week or 10 days, but get to stay for 4.5 months this year!  Anyhow we have about 6 hours to the condo, which includes a pee break. We'll probably go go west into Tampa on 275, over to the Sunshine Skyway, as we love coming into Bradenton that way even though it's several miles out of the way.  The drive over the Tampa Bay is just breathtaking. Maybe we'll head east off the bridge and take the dogs for a swim at dog beach!! Sigh...when I write possibilities like that and KNOW I can easily make it happen, I get choked up with a pinch-me-I'm-so-flippin'-happy-it-can't-be-real feeling. :-)  Yawn, need to sleep now!


  1. I would appreciate a blue pitbull FedEx'd back to me.

  2. Awww, love the puppy pics. Sounds like an awesome trip! And ya, what's the hurry??
    What is a barn quilt? Sorry, duh, I don't get it.

  3. A barn quilt is when a farmer, most definitely with a quilter wife, paints (or maybe SHE paints) a quilt block on one side of their barn! There are 3 I know of on Heritage Road, aka County Road 50, right by Kingsville. I will take pics and post them in the Spring. Ya, the puppies were chillin' back there? See the aqua tub? Filled with sewing projects! Joe couldn't believe we had so little stuff!

    1. Never heard of a barn quilt before! Cool!
      Yes, paring down is a gooood thing.


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