Monday, December 2, 2013

Road Trip Day 2

We were on the road again at 6 am after grabbing a java at McDonald's, and a breakfast sandwich for Joe.  I had my proverbial scone!

Shortly after daybreak, I spotted what at first looked like snow in one of the fields.  I asked Joe if it was perhaps cotton, and he said it was.  Cool!  So again, I can work in a quilt aspect on this post!  I have always wanted to see cotton growing in the fields.  It just is such a deep symbol of so much for me, my sewing, quilting, of course, but also the thought of so many slaves slogging away not so long ago.  So here are two shots I took, zooming along at 70 mph!

It doesn't show up too well; guess we should have screeched to a halt so I could take a proper picture!  Maybe not such a good idea on an Interstate.

When we used to fly down, we always loved the drive over the Sunshine Skyway to Bradenton, so last year we turned off on I-275 and headed west to Tampa so we could take in that incredible view.  However, it was pretty foggy when we were getting close to the turnoff, so we had decided we'd not bother going that way this year unless it cleared off.  Well, it did.  So we did!  This is on one of the little bridges and built-up roads going over Tampa Bay to St. Petersburg.

We got into Bradenton right about noon, and Joe said what I'd been thinking, "Let's take the dogs for a walk before we get to the condo."  So we went for a lovely, much-needed stroll on the Bradenton Riverwalk on the Manatee River.

Then it was a pitstop at the Red Barn Farmers' Market in Bradenton for 3 bags full of produce for $18.  Boy did we grin when Joe went to slice up some of the cucumber we'd bought there for his sandwich today: it has a Canadian maple leaf on the label, and Lakeside is the company.  I googled it, and they are located in Leamington, a mere 8 km (5 miles) from Kingsville!  We made one other pitstop at Winn Dixie for a couple of important items like milk, coffee cream and bagels.  Finally, we got to our condo, after having to call into security to let us in the gate, as our clicker battery was dead!  It is SO good to be back, and everyone has settled in so easily; it's like we never left!

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