Sunday, March 2, 2014


Just quilting on another quilt, the one in the "It's Sew Plaid" post.  Incidentally, I've renamed him (it's a male quilt I've decided) "Hidden in Plaid Sight", as the plaid aspect of the quilt didn't hit me until I'd viewed it from afar, as well as very tiny in the bottom corner of my iPad in the Photos App (that's perhaps a topic for another Aha! Moment post:  mini-pictures of quilts or blocks to give you a different perspective. . . hmm.

Sarah Brightman's playing on my new Bose speakers, a purchase I'd contemplated for some months now, and I'm so glad I finally ordered them a few weeks ago.  WHAT a sound they put out.  MMMM. And think I've written about how very important music is in my life.  But so are my eyes.  Incredibly so.  My mum is paranoid about her eyes, always has been, and we've all scoffed a bit, rolled our eyes and not paid too much attention over the years.  And yet.

This past Fall I had quite the scare with my eyesight, and had to get some "holes" laser "stitched" up by one of Windsor/Detroit's best, if the not the best, ophthalmologists.  I now have to see him on a regular basis (lovely- -  regular pupil dilation, can't wait) and as a result, my mum's fears have become, well, let's say I can suddenly relate all too well.

Okay, what's the point of this picture?  Look closely (you can, so be thankful you can!) and notice the three, yes three, pairs of glasses on the quilt.  One, the scotch-taped set, is my Made in France $650 German digital lenses progressive pair, with a broken arm, broken after just one and a half years wearing them.  I love these glasses.  Love.  With only a one-year warranty on the frame from the small business where I bought them, grrr.  They do not line up quite right now for my vision, and I get a bit of eye strain, but sometimes always I need them and so I do put them on from time to time for up close work like tonight.  (And sometimes I forget to switch them for the green ones, and go outside to take Rocco out for a pee, and run into a neighbour from next door and wonder why he's looking at me a bit oddly. . . and then suddenly recall, and subsequently try to keep my head turned to the side. . . all to no avail, sigh. . .damned menopause brain.)

Sometimes I wear the green ones, which I also love, but which are two pairs older than my beloved  progressives and NOT progressive, so if I'm doing fine work or reading (both of which is just about always) then I prop the blue ones (newly purchased a few weeks ago at SteinMart on buy one, get one free, because my other reading glasses were +1.25 and I suddenly now need +2.25, sigh) ... I prop the blue ones on the end of my nose, over top of the green ones... are you getting the picture??  Rather hilarious, but not exactly.

Anyhow, I rejoice in the blue skies of Florida, the sunshine, the greenery that surrounds me, the flowers, salmon hibiscus, red bougainvillea, hedges of glowing white jasmine, and trees that are blooming, pink, yellow, lavender, red, all the winter long.  I relish the riot of colour in fabrics, the richness that I can almost taste in these "Follow Your Heart" line of fabrics in "Hidden in Plaid Sight".  I'm replaying, reliving in my mind, as I quilt, the final episode of "Downton Abbey" that I just watched.  How I love that show.

Sight.  I am so thankful for my eyes.  May they be healthy for the rest of my life.  And Mum?  I get it.

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  1. Hear hear!
    Or maybe you don' you need hearing aids now too? LOL

    Always so much to be grateful for :)


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