Friday, March 14, 2014

Wacky Coffee Kahlua Chocolate Cake

Phew!  That's a mouthful!  Mmmm!  And a good one!  Geez I crack me up sometimes.  Pun not originally intended until half way through the sentence!

That looks like a teeny piece of cake, but really, the Plant City, FL strawberries are BIG!  It turned out DIVINE!

I've made Wacky Cake for decades.  Four of them, egad (decades, not cakes).  First got the recipe in Home Ec class wa-a-ay back in about 1973.  It's wacky, because it has no eggs, no milk and no baking powder in it, yet it makes a super-moist richly dark, chocolate cake.  Or cupcakes.  It's GREAT for those with egg allergies, like my grandson, and my niece and nephew. Or maybe just my me out, Linda.

I read, from time to time, Sweet Little Bluebird, one of the first blogs I found when I discovered blogging, a little over a year ago.  A couple of days ago, I got notification of a new post, so went to read it, and on the sidebar I found this recipe, altered ever so slightly to mine, for this delectable dessert.

Here is what she did:
Instead of 1 cup water, add 3/4 cup of coffee and 1/4 cup Kahlua!  Mmm.  Mix everything right in the 8X8 pan:

Her amounts of oil and vinegar differ slightly from mine, so I tried her version and it worked out just fine.  I usually use 1 tablespoon of white vinegar (she uses 1 tsp) and 1/4 oil, (she uses 3 Tbsp).  Everything else is the same.

You can find her recipe here.  I iced mine with a butter and brown sugar, milk, 1 Tbsp of Kahlua (more is merrier, just sayin') and confectioners' sugar icing, SOOOO good.

Nothing goes better with chocolate cake than strawberries and a nice cuppa Typhoo tea!  And a quilt magazine, and a book!  I am almost halfway through The Redbreast, and can't stop thinking about it.  It's one of those crime novels where there is a backstory, so you go back and forth from 1940s to 2000.  More pleasure: chocolate cake, strong tea, good reading material.  :-)


  1. Hi Sandra! I'm so glad you loved the cake...your icing sounds wonderful! I love chocolate cake with strawberries too - great addition! Have your tried the Lemon Crazy Cake? It's so good! Thanks so much for the visit and sweet comment. I love your post! I hope you're off to a wonderful weekend! Best wishes, Mary from Sweet Little Bluebird.

  2. Lol I thought Wacky Cake was named such due to the fact you just throw it all into one bowl, lol! Maybe you've just had too much Kahlua HA! I kill me. Ya, we sisters crack ourselves up, that's for sure.
    Ya, both F and D - egg allergy, but has much decreased.
    I'm baking this cake today - sans Kahlua though :D, and following Mary's recipe.
    Is the icing you used the one that Mum always iced her Shortbread Squares with? I use that a lot, as the brown sugar gives a nice "crunch" - I love that.
    Nice comment from Mary :) Methinks I may try the Lemon Crazy Cake soon too, thanks to Mary's suggestion.

  3. Mmmmmm deeelicious!! made it last night, yummmmmy!

  4. Can't drink alcohol but going to use Kahlua flavored coffee. Hopefully it will come out good. Using for potlucks.

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