Monday, May 19, 2014

Bloggers' Quilt Festival Entry #2

Yesterday I posted about the first of my entries, Seaside Rose.  Today I'm showing you my second entry, Hidden In Plaid Sight.  I'm entering this quilt into the Original Design Quilts category.

My original post about this quilt is here.  This was a Moda charm pack of "Follow Your Heart" by Kathy Schmitz I'd bought in 2007.  I petted it, riffled through it several times over the years, and this winter I decided to let it grow up!  I wanted to maximize the 5" squares, so started playing with them on my design wall.  I realized I had four colourways, black, green, red and taupe, so thought perhaps I could shade from dark to light...

It wasn't as big as I'd wanted, so I thought I'd put in pillars using leftover fabric from another charm square quilt I'd just made...and then sashing...

I bordered it in black too.  When I saw the thumbnail of the picture below, the quilt got its name.
It made me think of plaid.

I had just signed up for Angela Walters' Dot to Dot Quilting on Craftsy, so I thought this quilt, with its many squares, would be perfect to practise her designs.  And it was!
Love that texture; makes you want to run your fingers over the quilt

I love love love Craftsy!!  If you haven't taken any classes, just do it!  Watch for their sales, especially if you are on a fixed income like moi, and try one.  You can watch and rewatch the class, ask the instructor questions, talk to other students in the class, admire others' class projects, upload your own, make notes at whatever points in the video you like.... need I go on??!!  There are many many free classes too.  And they aren't just limited to quilting.  There's knitting and cooking to name just two other subject areas.

Back to my quilt.... I digressed, which, if you've read my posts, you will know I often do.

Fun designs!

I quilted this on my Bernina in March when we were in Florida.  Each row has 7 squares and each square has a different quilting motif in it.  I moved each motif over one square as I quilted each row, so the motifs "stair step" down the diagonal of the quilt to mimic the shading from dark to light.

All of these were done by marking a dot to aim at, or simply eyeballing where you want to go.

It's a perfect cuddle size.

Love the roll-up, or in this case, folded look!

I made my own label, and as I usually do, incorporated it as an integral part of the backing.  This makes it super-difficult to remove if ever the quilt is stolen.

One final shot; gotta love these coordinating colours of our front yard!
Quilt details:
Name:  Hidden in Plaid Sight
Size:  46 X 51.25"
Pattern:  Original by moi, Sandra Walker
Fabric:  Moda and Kona 100% cotton
Backing: Moda "Renewal" by Brannock & Patek
Machine-pieced and machine-quilted on my Bernina Artista 180 using Sulky rayons with The Bottom Line and Gutermann cotton in the bobbin

This quilt is being entered into the Bloggers' Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side, hosted by Amy Ellis.  It's going into the Original Design Category.  Voting begins May 24!  Thanks for reading about my quilts!

I am also linking up with Marelize of stitch by stitch for Anything Goes Mondays.


  1. Wow! Love this quilt and the way you broke up the charm pack with the black and white strips! I enrolled in Dot to Dot Quilting recently and really need to get started on that ~ the quilting really added a lot of character to your blocks!

  2. Love the choice to make the vertical and horizontal sashing different colours!

  3. Beautifully done and the quilting makes it!! It is so helpful to just put those charms up and look at them for awhile before diving in. . . although I typically dive in and notice the potential of different avenues missed after I am about half way through the project! :)

  4. Beautiful quilt, and wonderful quilting. I love Craftsy too.

  5. This is GORGEOUS! Thank you for showing us how you made it using a charm pack. Very crafty!

  6. Nice design. I really like how the sashing broke it apart - it makes such a difference!

  7. Oh I love the last pic! So creative! And you're right, it coordinates so well with your property! :D


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