Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thankful Thursdays

That idea came to me this morning on my walk with Rocco, who, although his breed is hated, maligned, and banned by the authorities in this province, still gets, on a daily basis, oohs and ahs over his colouring, his beauty, and often his eyes... "What kind of dog IS that?" is always the question.  Now that we're back in Ontario, my standard answer is, "A mix" or "a purebred goofball".  "What an unusual colour, just gorgeous!" is usually the next comment, usually followed by, "He's so friendly!"  All are true, except the part about him being a mix.  I am so thankful for this beloved boy of mine; even if you've only read the last few posts, you probably already know!

Gratitude is often touted as being über-important.  And it is.  And I am.  So I thought I'd start a theme on Thursdays with this topic in mind.  I am thankful for so many things, the majority of which are simple, but priceless.  Here are a few on my mind today.

I am thankful for my legs that allow me to walk daily, 5 km, aka 3 miles is what I aim for, sometimes it's a little more, sometimes a little less.  I am so thankful to be able to walk a different route every day, which seems kind of "duh" for those who live in towns or cities, but we have spent 24 of the past 26 years in the country on small 1-3.5 acre lots.  Great running room for the dogs, but only one loop of a road in the subdivision.

Previous house in Alberta, Sept. 2011
 A seemingly unending choice of streets to walk here.
Mettawas End B&B, Kingsville, May 4
I am so thankful to live half a block from Lakeside Park, which I walk through every single day.  I am so very very thankful to live on the shore of Lake Erie, where there is incredible beauty every moment of every day.  That sounds a bit gushy, but it is so very true.
I think this may be an egret by the rocks! May 7
Today I am especially thankful for the (finally!!!) balmy weather, the blue sky and golden sunshine, with temperatures going into the low 80s (aka 27-28C) in Windsor, (it's 81 right now in Windsor, just checked).  By the water here on the shore of Lake Erie, it's "only" going to 77.  I'll take it.  in fact I'm typing this sitting in the sun on the patio.  There is nothing quite like the warmth of the sun soaking into one's bones.

I am also so thankful that I am no longer working full-time, and that I can enjoy slow easy days such as this much-longed-for one.

Yesterday I sent a prayer of thanks out into The Universe : -) for my health.  Getting up in the mornings feeling fine, having the ability to move easily, exercising whether by walking, playing pickleball, or doing yoga, appreciating my flexibility and strength in yoga all mean a lot as I (gulp) acknowledge the fact that I am not getting younger.  However, I'll never be as young as I am today, right?

What are you thankful for today?


  1. As I quote every Mother's Day...

    "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my mother."

    Je suis reconnaissant pour vous :)

  2. I'm thankful I'm not as old as you are.
    C'mon, you KNOW you had that coming!

    You got it Dayna! I'm also thankful for my mother :)
    And a bazillion other things too :) *sigh of peace, contentment and gratefulness*

    1. Just re-reading this post. I LOVE blogs about gratefulness. :)


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