Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WIP Wednesday Almost a Flimsy Finish

Here is the final page in the design process.  It met Bella's approval.  I have several other sketches, one of which is going to grow up into another quilt!  I do not have EQ7, but I might just get it with some Christmas money I received now that they have it for Mac.  I just worry about another diversion that will take me away from my sewing machine.

I knew I wanted to make blocks of scrappy squares.  I'd cut a lot of 3" squares last summer in blues, greens, purples, and reds when I was cutting 2.5" squares for a couple of Cynthia's Scrap-a-Palooza quilts. Why 3"?  I have no idea... why not?  I think I had a bunch of 3" squares left from another project.

Sorry for the poorly lit indoor pics.

Solid blocks complete and in a pleasing arrangement

The person this quilt is going to has a special birthday coming up in February.  He is also of Irish heritage, and very proud of it.  A few weeks ago I was struck with the idea of incorporating an Irish chain pattern into the quilt.  At that stage I'd still been thinking of turning the scrappy squares blocks into half-square triangle blocks and playing with the light/dark myriad of patterns using that combination.  Could I do both?  I decided not.

Green and ivory 9-patches added
I didn't have many red squares cut, and not nearly enough green squares.  Thank goodness for leftover scraps from Fleurs, and for a handful of red scrap chunks I'd thrown in my toolbox with the idea of perhaps making a red background Snowalong snowflake or two.  I'd brought quite a few scraps and chunks of blues because of Scraps of Calm, and I had a handful of purples because of wanting to make a makeup pouch for a certain daughter.  I did not have enough yardage of a neutral to use in the sashing (here yet again, is a woe from not being able to bring my entire stash; I have several potential pieces up North...) but at Alma Sue's Quilts I found the perfect fabric, ivory with white embossed(?) seaside images from P&B Textiles.  I also picked up a couple 1/4 yard pieces of $5/yard fabric in a kelly-green shade and this absolutely perfect Houndstooth (he has a dog, get it?!) fabric for the backing.
Pretty masculine, I think!

Here is the current stage, with the sashing and cornerstones all sewn up.  I've decided it needs a final green border.  Sigh. You guessed it; I don't have anything down here that would work.  Darn it all but I guess I have to make another pitstop at a LQS!  So this quilt is partially scrappy, partially new fabric.

Rocco and Bella find symmetry in my sewing room!
Harmony, peace, symmetry and a puddle of morning sunshine!
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  1. So cool. I love seeing how this evolved.

  2. Oh how I love Rocco. And Bella. So cute! <3
    I know who you mean, who this is going to, and I believe it will be very well loved! It looks just beautiful so far!

  3. I like it very much; the Irish chain makes a perfect setting. I usually have to add new to old, but at least I do use some old.

  4. Great idea for an Irish chain Sandra! You know, I am pretty sure that Bella must have been a quilter in a past life... she always seems so fascinated by what you are doing.

  5. I love the combination of scrappy solid blocks with the Irish Chain. Great Idea.

  6. Yay for scrappy Irish Chain! Looks fabulous!

  7. Beautifully done. I like the green houndstooth for the back.


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