Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Bag

Made by a not-so-old bag (bahaha, there, saved my sister the sarcastic comment).  It's The Julia Bag from Abbey Lane Quilts, and it was a well-written and easy-to-make pattern.  It is also another item on my list of First Quarter Finish Along projects at On the Windy Side.

I bought the fabric last spring in an LQS.  I'd gone in for thread, saw this on display, and fell in love with both the bag and the fabric.  It's Cosmopolitan by Benartex.  Of course, I couldn't remember exactly which fabric went where (outside, inside lining, pockets, binding; they're all different) but I'm happy with my result! There are two inside pockets, and I did each one in a different but coordinating fabric.  I'm on the hunt for 4 large black beads to thread onto the handles where they meet the body.  The handles are cool; there are four ends and they are knotted at the top.  Does anyone know a good source for beads that would have at least 1/2" wide hole inside a 1" (or more) diameter big honking (thanks Nancy!) bead?  Tried JoAnn's Fabrics twice, Michaels as well.  No luck.

I decided to use one of the pocket fabrics as the binding.  It's the kind of stripey one, the same colours as the leaf lining fabric.  It gives a nice little pop on the outside.  I like the way the binding is finished:  by machine, but top-stitched from the outside.  I might have to try this on a quilt binding sometime.  It's different, but pleasing. The first picture shows it the best I think.

Here is a side view.  It's a great-sized bag; the pattern calls it a "boho" bag.  I can see me taking it to the beach with my book, etc. tucked inside.

I have a half yard of yet another fabric in this line (no clue what I was thinking at the time, but I do love this fabric), a wider fuzzy-striped one, another almost 1/2 yard chunk left from one pocket fabric and good sized chunks of the other three.  I'm thinking with a little Kona black and Kona snow solids (which I just happen to have down here) I might have the makings of a small quilt, or maybe some fabric baskets...

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  1. Such a nice bag! Looks bright and cheerful.

  2. Cool bag!! I like how the handles tie. . . untied you can see absolutely everything in the bag. . . I can't tell you how many times just this week I have lost my phone in my purse!!! SO annoying! And that fabric is all kinds of awesome! I think you were thinking "I bet if I buy this extra, I'll have enough to make a quilt!" :D

  3. Looking good! I like your fabric choice especially!

  4. It looks like a great bag -- nice and roomy, plus pockets. And with the ties up top you probably have leeway to adjust the length a little.

  5. Thanks for all the great advice about tables for sewing at. I love the mid century style design off your bag fabric, it is really popular in Great Britain at the moment. Lovely to meet up,

  6. Very nice! I love the colors too.

  7. Sarcastic comment? Moi?!
    Bahaha is right! However, what you state above is not sarcasm. Truth is not sarcasm, old bag. Perchance I'll provide an example of real sarcasm in relation to your "new bag" title:
    Where is this new bag? Under your eye again? (The other eye too.) At the bottom of your (baggy) old bag nylons?
    THAT'S an accurate example of a sarcastic comment :D

    Not that you want to read on after such glowing compliments - um I mean glowering insults - but for what it's worth, from one old(ish) bag to another (genuine) old bag - I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag!!!! Absolutely LOVE it!!!! Love the soft, easy, casual kind of look. It's hard to tell its size from these pictures, but it looks perfect. Did I mention how much I LOVE it? :D

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Sorry, link was semi-incorrect so I deleted the comment above.

      Oh! I wonder if you could tweak the pattern and include a zipper? Just curious. It's fantastic!!

      I wonder if this would help you find the beads you were looking for?
      Or Ebay?

  8. Very cute! I love bags but never seem to have the patience to make them. Your fabric choices are great!

  9. Great bag - I love the fabrics you chose Sandra! Fire Mountain Gems has a Wonking Huge assortment of beads and I think they even list the hole sizes.

  10. I like the roominess of this bag. I can see why you fell in love with it, Sandra. Thanks for linking it to WIPs Be Gone - another progress filled week.

  11. Love your fabrics - so fresh and springlike. great size bag too!


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