Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Stash Share

Another first for me.  I see bloggers doing this, but I never seem to have my stash additions timed quite right.  In the absence of any quilty pics (but some stuff has been going on this past week), I can actually participate in this activity today!  Glad I can do it on the right day; we have been without Internet for nearly 3 days.  The tech said it might have been a power surge that affected the outside box, but he also replaced our router with the new and improved (faster, and better range, and best of all, no charge) version.  I need a whoop, whoop! there for sure.  May I just say it was revealing (not that I ever doubted it) how much time the cyber-vortex sucks from my day.  Yet so much good does come of this fabulous Internet, as we all do know.  Okay, onto some good right here, right now.

John loved his quilt
We had a great day on Tuesday, humans and doggies.

My shirt is not straight, my shirt is not straight; ya I'm obsessing
 I said Brandy is allowed on his quilt; he said only on the houndstooth (back) side!

Yesterday we went to Panera (as if we needed an excuse) to get some java/tea/scones (orange-to die for)/wifi yesterday afternoon, and also to get some thread at Expert Sewing Center (online store is Sewing Supply Warehouse, great selection of and pricing on threads, not affiliated, but love them) for the current quilt.  At the register, with a mere 10 minutes left before they closed, I found out that she was giving me their special: 30% off my entire purchase from the Punta Gorda show this past weekend (that I FORGOT about, I cannot believe this still).  Instant hotflash of oh-no-I-want-to-take-advantage-of-this-what-do-I-BUY-but-husband-is-in-the-car-outside-waiting("I'm just getting thread" famous last words)-and-it's-hot-outside-aaaaah feeling.  Sigh.  Big one.  Especially when the clerk said, "Do you want to go and shop some more?" (clearly making up for her dismissive tone with me earlier when I said I wanted Isacord thread and she'd said, "But that's for machine embroidery").  However, with an oh my god I don't believe I'm doing this shaking voice, I asked if they were doing the same thing for the Sarasota show in two weeks.  She imagines so.  Phew!  Time to scheme plan an intelligent (okay who am I kidding, burst of what-the-hell) use of my funds for then! So I kept exactly what I was buying on the counter, paid, and with a "Go directly to Jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $50" march in my step, left the store.  Still having withdrawal from that missed opportunity.

Hmm, 3 or maybe 4 different projects in mind for these, but I'm liking the way they all play together right here! Who knew.
1/3 (why? I do not know!) yard of an ivory batik for a design that is still residing in my head, but wants desperately to come to fruition; 1/4 yard black (isn't this fabulous?) Michele D'Amore Designs (hey! same designer as my new bag fabric) Benartex for um, the Bento Box quilt (I probably have enough blacks and whites for 2 now, lol); 1/2 yard of the Diane Phalen P&B Textiles green just because I loved it, and it was on their $5.99 rack, bought not yesterday but when I got the dark green for the border of John's quilt. The pink is Dottie by Moda, 1/4 yard.  I have long admired Rita of Red Pepper Quilt's quilts of many many squares, and when I saw Lorna's rendition this past week, well, 'nuff said.

Bought at Alma Sue's Quilts about a month ago.  Bento Box, right?!  Besides, it's French!
Those of you who entered my giveaway a week or so ago know that these 5 pieces were the first prize, 5 fat quarters.  I actually bought 5 1/2 yard pieces and cut them in half...give something you yourself would love, right?!
These are from Jennifer Sampou's Black & White collection.  Not sure if a Bento Box quilt is where they will end up, but I had to have some.

So there you have it.  This Bento Box quilt is long overdue, I'm thinking.  Might have to make it a March goal...I'm doing pretty good on the finish goals so far this year!

Sneak peek of what's going to be revealed on the blog this week: (eek!)
Ya, that's Rocco, his version of pattern-testing for me.

Linking up with Confessions of a Fabric Addict, and Molli Sparkles, (it's my first time; be gentle) for his Sunday Stash Share.


  1. It's lovely to be able to give a quilt in person to someone who appreciates it. You're building up quite a stash of black and white prints! I'll keep watching for the bento box. And for that reveal later this week. The sneak peek colors look promising!

  2. Oh, in that second picture, John is looking at the dogs with a don't you dare sit on my quilt look :) haha It will take him all of a couple of days to change his mind. . . or less :)

    Still can't believe you had the will to walk out of that store with nothing else. Greg would have had heat stroke! LOL Lurve the black and white fabrics! I have enough black and white for two more quilts. . . What the heck? I think it multiplied on its own on the shelf. . . that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

    The colors in that border fabric in the sneak peek quilt are extremely yummy!! Can't wait to see the big reveal!

  3. I love the Eiffel Tower and French text fabric! I wonder if that's available to us up here in the cold west! Jealous of your shorts!

  4. I now understand your fur kids comment much better! I had to take a picture of your fabric and text it off to a friend who is looking for the same! It's nice to read a blog where everything isn't scrubbed and perfect, and I think your quilt is wonderful! Allow me to read backward through your 200 posts! Congratulations.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  5. So jealous that you are wearing shorts!!!!!!!!!!! Love seeing the fur babies! Je t'adore your french fabric and I'm so excited that the five black and white FQs are coming to live at my house!

  6. That's a nice selection of black and white fabric. I have very little black and white, heck, I'm all about that colour! I wish I could wear shorts here right now but they don't match my parka.

  7. I'm so happy to hear how much he loved his quilt. It is the perfect fit. I'm also looking forward to seeing the rest of your quilt.

  8. John will relent in no time I'm sure, I mean c'mon, just LOOK at Brandy - he'll never be able to resist her pleading eyes.... :)
    Love the French fabric!
    Wow!! My (much older - LOL) sister RESISTED buying more? You better make up for it in Sarasota!!! ;p

  9. Pardon me Sandra, while I pick myself up off the floor. You made me laugh so hard with your " Instant hotflash of oh-no-I-want-to-take-advantage-of-this-what-do-I-BUY-but-husband-is-in-the-car-outside-waiting("I'm just getting thread" famous last words)-and-it's-hot-outside-aaaaah feeling."
    I have felt just like that a few times, but never knew how to put it into words, LOL
    Love the photos of you and John and the doggies! "Only on the houndstooth" cracked me up too!

  10. That hounds-tooth comment is such a husband thing to say! LOL Glad you can plot your next adventure - I'm on a fabric diet so I will watch for your loot & live vicariously through you! :)


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