Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I've Been Published!

Yep!  This was one of my personal goals about a year ago, and I'm so happy to say that it has happened.

I first heard of Moda Bakeshop at my guild meeting when a member held up the Herringbone Placemats she'd made.  I went right home and onto the site!  Made these as my first project:

And I've made several others, the Quilted Patchwork Pouch, the Strippy Charm Pouch and the Cake Clutch.

So I had this idea somewhere back in January, played around and wrote it up.  I submitted the idea for the pouch with some photos of the test one I'd made, on February 1.  If you saw me featured on Cynthia's Oh Scrap! Feature post on March 29, you'll recognize this:

Not even 2 days after the tutorial for this little makeup or sewing tools bag was live on my blog, I got an email from Moda Bakeshop saying there had been a technical glitch in their email system and some emails never got sent out.  Did I get the email below? they asked.  Um NO!! It was the acceptance, dated February 9!  I was ecstatic, freaked out, mad, worried, and filled with panic all at once.  I was mainly concerned that they would no longer want the project since I'd posted a tutorial on how to make it on my blog.

Not the case at all! They do not mind one bit if you submit a project you have already shown on your blog!  I know magazines are very particular that you have not shown anything of a project you submit to them.  Not so with Moda.

On their home page, on the right hand side, just under their social media buttons is a button that says "Project Submission".  Click it and fill out the form. The instructions are straightforward. Go for it!

If you click the new button on my sidebar (yeah! That makes me smile when I see it! I just got it sent to me two days ago.) it will take you to the project on the bakeshop.  You can also just click here.

My daughter, Dayna, for whom I made the first one, the purple prototype pouch (got a thing for alliteration, I know it) used it on the Memorial Day weekend when she went away for 4 days. She said she, (and I quote) "LOVED it.  It fit EVERYTHING!"  It is surprisingly roomy despite its narrow base. It measures 11" high and has a 12" zipper across the top.  Having taught French for 30 years, and been in love all my life with all things French, I just had to choose French General's Joyeux Noël line to make the one for Moda.   And, if you choose to make one, from just one Charm Pack, you will have enough to make two pouches.  I like that!

Speaking of "I like that," on one of my blog buddies (we are each in a group of 4, and then in a larger "hive" group of 16 for the New Blogger Hop I'm in)...anyhow, on Eleanor's blog, Cat Approved Quilting (Bella and I love that name; Bella is miffed that it is not the name of my our blog), I saw a terrific tutorial that I was able to put into action last night.  It's for quickly marking the diagonal on a whole bunch of squares that are destined to become HSTs.  Now, one of my two current WIPs (ya, you can snicker, because you know I'm lying...TWO?! snort), I am testing Sea Star for Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs, and I am faced with making a few hundred of these babies, so when I saw this I was ecstatic.  I tried it out last night, since I haven't finished cutting out all the white ones.  Look!

Try it; I think you'll like it! And if you make a Pyramid Pouch, please send me a picture.  I'd love to see it!

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  1. So glad it worked for you! Anything to make life easier!

    Loved hearing about how you got your project submitted. It's great to hear about the process.

  2. I am seriously so excited for you! And thanks for the tip about where to make submissions. I may have an idea. Just wanted to add that I love alliteration too!

  3. Congratulations! I have been having fun trying different types of pouches and bags recently, so I will definitely make one of yours. I knew there was a reason I bought a 12 inch zipper yesterday!

  4. Congratulations Sandra, what an honor! Tres bien!

  5. Congratulations! Love that Pyramid pouch... I am a big fan of triangles! So happy for your being published on the Moda Bake Shop!

  6. Congrats on your first, of many I am sure, publishings! And I have never seen that method before either.

  7. Congrats!! I think it is so awesome that you set the goal and went for it :) High five!! And THANK YOU for sharing the link to that HST method!! I've never seen it before and it is awesome!

  8. Congrats on your accomplishment! That is a huge thing to be published.

  9. Congrats on being published! And that's good to know about Moda's policy on publishing things that have already been on your blog. Thanks for sharing that!

    I wondered if you might be interested in joining in another link up. My mom and I post one each Friday called Crafty Comment Karma, for people to link up any of their crafting, quilting or sewing posts. It's open for the whole week until the next one goes up, so I hope you think about joining us! Link-up located here:

  10. Yay for you!! It was meant to be, and what a fun little pouch! Good job!


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