Monday, June 22, 2015

Star Quilt Flimsy and a Winner

Outside shot in the shade
I don't have an official name for this quilt or this pattern, which is my own design.  It is the same pattern as my H2H quilt, just bigger blocks.  I love how this version turned out!  Bella had her fair share of input too.

"a scant quarter inch Sandra!"

Then she got bored
This is a gift for someone in my family.  Once the quilt is finished, and named, I'll divulge that.  I braved spiders, fishflies, and snakes (last trip into the green strip between our lane and the next I was greeted by one wriggling his way across the end of our patio to the garden--needless to say, I let him have the right of way), and tried pegging it to a tree branch since I don't have a clothesline,
but you didn't get to see the entire quilt, although I do love the look in amongst the greenery!

Tried again:
Better, but the breeze wafted the one edge over.  The stake is there because they are putting in new sewers in the lane behind us, so needed to mark our property line as it abuts the town-owned green strip.

I love the pictures in the bright morning sunshine; these are true colour renditions.  So, the fabric story.  The navy two-tone blue is one of my all-time favourite fabrics, "Opalescence" for Grandma's Attic by SSI.  South Sea Imports...are they even around anymore?  It is the background fabric in a Stack 'n Whack quilt I made in 2003.  Yep, more ancient fabric!  I bought extra because I love it so much.  I still have not quite 27" left. Maybe binding...or maybe another rendition of this one?  What's that? You'd like to see that Stack 'n Whack?  Okay, hang on, I'll go dig it out and take a you go:

The inspiration for this wallhanging came from one in a quilt shop in Lethbridge, a quilt that was not in Bethany's book, but designed, using two of her blocks, by someone who worked at the store.  This was before cell phones and their handy cameras.  So I mentally took a picture, bought the cloud fabric from the store, and recreated my own version.  I was so happy with the result.  It used to hang in our family room in our Alberta home.  I need to find a spot for it here; rolled up and stacked with the other quilts in my closet is not good!  I quilted it on my brand new Bernina in 2003:
the leaf motif is in Bethany's first Stack 'n Whack book
Back to this star quilt, though.  I love the "stained glass" effect pics I've seen around the 'net of quilts taken from the back, and I was able to do that with this one!
might give away my construction secrets, lol
The light-medium blue used in the inner border and star points is a Quest for the Cure fabric by Northcott.  Another fabric I just love but have not worked into a quilt until this one. The background is a 3-yard piece bought at one of the many quilt shop hops I went on, a Jennifer Sampou fabric from a while back.  The other blues are scraps from other projects, two fat quarters I bought because I liked them, and a few pieces of a bright blue floral that I bought this winter for the backing of this very quilt.  I knew I was making a blue quilt, just hadn't totally committed to a pattern at that point.

This is on my Q2 FAL list, so I have 8 days left to get 'er done!

And the winner (thought I'd forgotten, right?) from Friday's post of the Grande Scrappy Tiles pattern by Meadow Mist Designs is (drum roll:
#22, Jasmine of Quilt Kisses!

Thank you to all who visited and commented.  I've replied to most of you, and I will get to the rest sometime today.  I've emailed Jasmine to let her know. :-)

And she was right: this is the Detroit River, and because I am standing on the Canadian side, in Windsor, I am looking north towards to Detroit in the USA.  This is the only place in Canada where you are south of the US.  My little town, Kingsville, is even further south of Windsor.  And Point Pelee National Park is the southernmost point on mainland Canada.  We are on the same latitude down here as the northern border of California.  Cool, huh?
Note that Windsor is not named, but Tecumseh, Lakeshore and even little Kingsville all are... more evidence that, as is often said, Windsor is just south Detroit, forgotten by the rest of Canada...wry grin

I'll be linking this post up to Patchwork Times' Design Wall Monday, and also (a bit late) for Oh Scrap! at Quilting is More Fun than Housework.


  1. Congratulations to Jasmine!! :) I really love the stained glass effect photos, too, and your pieced top glows here. Good luck finishing it up in 8 days!

  2. Thanks to you and Meadow Mist Designs for the pattern. :) I loved seeing your design in the blue. Your pictures look great! And your Stack-N-Whack is so fun. I also made one a little different from the patterns in the book by adding sashing and cornerstones, inspired by one at a quilt shop.

  3. Gorgeous quilt Sandra! I thought it was bad when my cat sat in front of my machine and yours sits on top. I love Windsor, such a beautiful place.

  4. This looks beautiful! Are you planning on writing and releasing a pattern for this design?

  5. I love the translucent effect of photos . Argh snakes , thank goodness St Patrick chased away all our snakes !

  6. Good for Jasmine! Oh wow what a stunning quilt!! I was grateful to see no spider in any of the pics! Snakes and even stakes are manageable LOL but spiders.....eeewuh!
    How the heck did you get that stained glass effect? That's incredible!
    Huh! I don't recall that wall hanging, but it's gorgeous!!

  7. I too love seeing the quilt in the 'stained glass' look! I have total faith that you will get it finished in time-I'm working on some too!

  8. Sorry I meant to add that it is absolutely fantastic that it is your own design! Your creativity is amazing! And I also meant to add, "Oh Bella!" <3

  9. In the case of Bella and her resting spots, better a cat than a llama! I think your Stack n Whack is one of my most favorite quilts ever! Almost a tie dyed effect going! I need to see that one up close sometime--maybe in person?

    Cheers to original patterns and the bravery to strike out on your own!

    Julie@ Pink Doxies

  10. Thanks for sharing your lovely quilt with Oh Scrap! You did a great job with color placement. Have fun quilting it!

  11. Love that stained glass effect Sandra! That stack n Whack quilt is a beauty! You must have taken to machine quilting as a natural, because the leaf motif is wonderful.

  12. It was 99 here today, what is it where you are?

  13. Hi Sandra, I'm new at this quilting lark and I don't understand how you are getting the stained glass effect at all. I'm guessing from your cryptic comment that it has something to do with the way you construct the quilt top. (okay until I read the comments I didn't realise that was only the top - see I have *loads* to learn).

    1. Hi Michelle, I do hope you check back are a no-reply blogger, and as you don't have a blog, I can't email a message to you. The "stained glass" effect is due to the quilt top only, as you noticed, being between me and the sun, so the sun shines through the fabric. Where the seams are pressed to one side, the sun doesn't show through the same, so you get that effect. Cool, no? Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. :-)


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