Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Oh Canada

Seems to be a theme for the past few posts, doesn't it?  Not intentional.  Yet kinda cool, especially on today, as I think of my neighbours to the north--north of me is Detroit, Michigan, and to the south across Lake Erie--south is Sandusky, Ohio.
You are probably thinking, wait, you made an entire quilt of maple leaves floating on one giant maple leaf like, a week or so ago?  Yep.  Windfall.  That was my own design and for the Autumn Abundance blog hop.  This particular block is a test for Cindy at Stitchin At Home, who has designed a Canada quilt as a block of the month for her guild to do over this next several months, with the finish in time for Canada's 150th birthday on July 1, 2017!  I'm testing the blocks for her.  She constructed her leaf a little differently than mine.  It looks great amongst the leaves, several of which I'd picked to scatter on my quilt.

I also tested the puppy block for Joanne at Canuck Quilter.  I have very limited time for sewing and blogging over the next couple of weeks, so I couldn't do the entire baby quilt for her, but she's got several testers for the owl and ducky versions, such a cute quilt.  She writes great patterns; hope you check out some of them on her blog link, and maybe pick up a copy of this pattern once it is available!
I was thinking Naala, aka Rottweiler when I did this one.  Pretty cute, huh?  It might end up in a cushion or something for Brady.  He loves dogs.  The mum that the puppy is resting against is one that comes back each year, such a vibrant burgundy-red! It survived a recent transplant quite nicely.  

The glorious Fall weather continues: I leave the house five times a week at 5:45 am for yoga, either doing or teaching, and I've only had to scrape the windshield once.  That was such an ever-so-light scrape, as the frost was just a touch.  All our flowers and all the flowers in town (well those who haven't been rather goofy IMHO and yanked them out) are flourishing:
 So many roses in town are still thriving, blooming.
Close-up.  Canada colours, eh?!
Back to our American neighbours on their Election Day, which will undoubtedly affect us, not to mention the rest of the planet.  We were on the north side of the Detroit River last week.  The drive along Jefferson Avenue to Dayna's never disappoints; why take the freeway when you can revel at the jaw-dropping mansions on one side of the road, and the jaw-dropping views of Lake St. Clair on the other?  And then, there's the stunning colours...
The photo does not come close to doing the colours justice, but you get the idea.  I hope all will be well with them.  Our two countries are so very similar in many ways, but so very different in others.  Yet we live side by side pretty amicably.  Would that all different cultures could do so in peace and understanding.  Variety is the spice of life, as they say; why should everyone be all virtual clones of each other, and look and act the same?  Wouldn't quilts be pretty boring if all the millions of them on this planet were one colour and all the same shades or tones of that colour?

Tolerance, cooperation, and we, like the fabrics in our quilts, can all play nicely together on the quilting frame.  That is my own humble opinion and hope for our world.

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  1. Both blocks look super cute. I really love the puppy one. Especially since I'm getting a new puppy next month. A cute golden doodle.

  2. Well said my friend . Diversity is good . Like I would never be up at 5.45 for exercise !!! Amazing that Canada is 150 next year , still only a child in country terms , and s great country it is too. Like Canada we in the uk watch the USA elections knowing it affects not just our American cousins . Hope all goes well

  3. That leaf is fabulous, those colours shine. Voting, we already have it on our TV down here. Stamina in huge amounts for everyone who has been on the campaign trail.

  4. Thanks bunches for testing for me Sandra! Love the leaf amongst the leaves lovely photo! And the puppy is adorable.

  5. What stunning colors! Gotta love fall. That is a beautiful leaf block.

  6. Well said Sandra! I have no words for today, so I'm just quietly spending time in my sewing room which is the best therapy ever! :) That doggy block is absolutely adorable; I especially love the fabrics you used for his cute little body!

  7. My dear patriotic sister, I too am so PROUD to be Canadian, and a very grateful one!!

  8. Today, more than ever before, I wish you were near me...to hold me and console me and my broken heart.

  9. Your certainly more gracious in your thinking than moi. Love your test blocks and your roses!


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