Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday Stash from Sew Me A Song

Foof! I think this is the longest gap in blog posts since I started this blog a little over three years ago.  Life stuff has been happening big time in my corner of Planet Earth.  Interesting times.  All is well, so not to worry.

One thing that happened is that when cleaning out my gmail inbox, I discovered a flagged email from a ways back from Becca at Sew Me a Song congratulating me on winning a prize, a gift certificate for Scraptastic Tuesday.  I could not recall using said gc, so I emailed Becca to ask if she could check her records if I had...apparently I had not.  Yay! So this is what I got!!  And yes, I followed Helen of Midget Gem's "rule to be cool" (my moniker for her fair is fair attitude towards fabric purchasing/winning):  I spent some of my own dollars as well as the gift certificate, as, it would be rude not to, right?!
From left to right, half yard cuts of:
Damask from Tiny Dancers by Melimba for Kokka Fabrics (a fabric company whose fabrics I own none of, and wow, are they ever nice)
Three 1/2 yard cuts from Minimalista for Art Gallery Fabrics:
Prisma in Honeycomb, Flora in both Watermelon and Honeycomb

Here we have three more half yard cuts:
Sausalito Cottage by Holly Holderman and Lakehouse Dry Goods, probably headed into something for Dayna (hmm, don't think I own any of their fabrics either!)
Beaded Stripe from Tiny Dancers by Melimba for Kokka Fabrics
Grey Floral from StudioE

I also picked up two fat quarters.  The pink one is probably going to find its way into my eldest daughter, Brianne's quilt.  Isn't it interesting?  It's one I would never buy otherwise, however, fashion and French?  Fits her like "un beau gant".  It's 80% cotton, 20% linen, "Fashion Show" by Suzuko Koseki for Yuwa of Japan.  Fabric manufacturer #3(!) whose fabric I have not got one piece of.  The turquoise one is one from Stof Fabrics, a Danish company, yet another one I own none of (seems to be a theme here). It has a gorgeous hand.

Becca's prices are very good, and be sure to check out her sale and clearance sections!  She has excellent customer service and wow, does she ship FAST!  I know I plan to increase my selection of Stof, Kokka, and Yuwa fabrics for sure through her.

If you're wondering just what is the quilt these lovelies are posed upon, it is Dayna's grad quilt, Shoot For the Moon.  I think we could take another look at it right?!  I had the pleasure of sleeping under it last night, and man, that wool batting has lovely warmth. I was concerned because I like weight upon me; there was no need to be.

She had some fun with our doggies...
Think she had more fun than they did!

Hard to believe that I took this just yesterday at a darling friend's house.  Over the past few months I have been completely overwhelmed by the kindnesses (many) of my friends.  I am so blessed.
It was 71F/just short of 22C yesterday.  Right now it is 34F/1C, brrrr.  I'm so glad I cut all her blooming roses and made her a bouquet to enjoy for several days.  What a treat to inhale the scent of a fresh rosebud on a bush outside on November 18 in Canada!!

Speaking of true friends, I got together with a whole bunch of Alberta ones this past week, such a treat.  Here is a finished pyramid pouch that my friend Janis made.  You saw it in progress a little while ago.
Isn't it adorable? Her twin granddaughters just love them apparently.  It makes me smile!

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  1. Wow, Score!! on all those pretty fabrics. So you got old man winter up your way, too. We haven't even had a hard frost down here through 11/19 (unusual!) but the wind came whipping through last night and now it is Brrrrrr! Glad you got those roses cut in time. :D

  2. I was thinking of you this past week and hoping things were all OK over there since I haven't heard from you or had a blog post in ages. Yep it was cold here yesterday too in the low 30's, windy and a handful of flakes.

  3. Glad to hear that everything is OK. What a lovely grouping of fabrics to have picked up; the Sausalito Cottage really speaks to me.

  4. My poor fur niece and nephew!!! But LOL nonetheless❤

  5. There you are! Great fabric choices. I don't purchase very much online, but I'll definitely check out her shop! XO

  6. You sure picked out some beautiful fabrics. We had some of that white stuff overnight, all gone by mid morning.

  7. Oh we did miss you as you see from the comments above . Sandra , only you could get prizes and forget to spend them . That happened last month too . Me, they burn a hole in my pocket . , and yes , when I win a prize gift card I always end up spending more ! May as well make the most of it .
    The dogs do look miserable all dressed up . Some dogs are not built for dress up

  8. I was only thinking yesterday where you were. I was going to drop you a note today to say hi and here you are 😀 great post as always, beautiful pics and such 'happy' pooches lol. Wonderful fabric, enjoy stroking it as you put it in your stash. We had the gritters out here last night as it was frosty but all clear this morning.... Darn it, I love a frosty day. Love and hugs from across the water xx

  9. I, too, am on a break -- not intentional. Where does the time go??? Congrats on the win. You made some great choices.

  10. I am glad to hear everything is okay. I've been thinking about you. Lovely additions to your stash. And I loved the extra close look at her quilt. It is truly stunning. Your pyramid pouch is still on my bucket list.


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