Monday, April 24, 2017

Freefall Link Up #3

I can't believe we are in the last week of April! Time is just galloping along.  Sewing is a struggle for me these past few weeks as you know, what with moving, and the chaos that ensues as we settle in, which we continue to do; we are so enjoying making this adorable little house our own, organized to a T.  IKEA has been being assembled, and we are loving it!  MacGyver also put together a couple of my cabinets I had in my beloved sewing room in Alberta (not IKEA, so they didn't break down and reassemble as nicely, he tells me) and so I now have a cutting/pressing table with some storage underneath.
All right, rephrase that: we now have a cutting/pressing/perching table with some storage, cat shenanigans/playing places underneath.
Updated to add: I told Tish this is what Bella was saying to me when I was taking this photo, "WHAT the H are you fussing about? This shot is of ME, MOI, who cares about the perch I'm on, just take the photo...okay terrific, with all that fussing, you did not get my good side."
MacGyver also installed my fabulous fluorescent lights, so there is a TON of light up there.  You might be wondering why I would cover up the original plank floors?  Sadly, the knotholes have become holes; the knots have dropped through on many of them, perfect for a spool or bobbin of thread to fall into, so I've put some area rugs to use for now.  I am surprised, (well, by many things about myself and this house since moving in, but that's for another post), at how much I love this space, chaotic as it currently is.

How are your leaves that float on the background looking?  I've had peeks at a few and wow, they are truly stunning fabric choices!  This link will be open all week, through next Sunday.  Monday, May 2 will be Step 4 where we make the 6 half and half leaves.  I wanted to show you a photo of what Jean of All Points of the Compass, a wonderful blog, btw, does for template work.
She does not remove the freezer paper, just folds back the seam allowances on the paper, lines up registration marks she's made and once she's sewn the pieces together, then peels off the freezer paper!  Kind of the 'paperless' paper-piecing method plus templates.  Check out this post where she shows you.

A quick note about the pattern sponsors, who have been so generous without hesitation, every one of them.  I hope you take the time to visit the blogs and perhaps the stores of:
Lara at Buzzin' Bumble (a copy of her book!)
Yvonne at Quilting JetGirl (2 patterns of choice)
Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs (2 patterns of choice to 2 winners)
Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts (pattern of choice)
Joanne at Canuck Quilter Designs (pattern of choice; she's just released a Canada 150 quilt pattern, free for a short period of time)
Beth at Cooking Up Quilts (pattern of choice; one of her designs is in the latest Quilter's World magazine!)
Tish at Tish's Adventures in Wonderland (copy of her pattern of which we've had sneak peeks)
Cindy at Stitchin' At Home (God's Eye pattern)
and me (Blue Skies & Sunny Days pattern affiliate link to my store)

Linking up with Cooking Up Quilts


  1. I am in LOVE with your sewing space and trying to figure out how I'm going to move into it too and still make my daily commute to work...hmmm? This picture probably goes into my top 5 of Bella pictures! You can really see her personality :P

  2. I think that looks like less of a perching table and more of a command post. Bella truly looks like she is in charge. Love the table and all that nice storage beneath. The most fun of a new house is shaping it to your needs. Enjoy!

  3. Your sewing space is looking great, it's not a surprise that you are loving it.
    I'll have to link up later this week with my blocks as I was recruited to make a costume for my son's performance...that is THIS week! Hopefully I can get them done tonight or tomorrow.

  4. I'm enjoying following along the Freefall but sadly not sewing it this time round. Good to hear you are settling into your new space....ahem...Madam definitely owns it!

  5. The sewing centre, perfect for all to use. Thanks for the link to me, I am a huge fan of freezer paper, and can/do use it again and again. I did like your suggestion to use the new darker fern green batik in the 1/2 and 1/2, that will link up the old and new fabrics so well.

  6. Beautiful sewing space and kitty!

  7. Bella gave it her seal of approval. I love using freezer paper!

  8. My link takes you to my latest post, which isn't the freefall blocks, I had to scroll down to the one before. The others have some gorgeous fabrics there.

  9. Jealous just a little bit here - I'd love to have that cutting table AND that beautiful cat! :)

  10. That's defnitely a command post . Captain of all she can see. Good idea to cover up the planks , you wouldn't want to stub your big toe , or any of your tootsies . Now , I have to link up my progress and check out everybody else

  11. I love the peek into your creative space. Bella always makes me smile.

  12. It takes ages to get your sewing space just right, but you have made a great start in your organisation. Bella is one beautiful kitty, and knows it. I bet she gets everything she wants too. Lovely to have a central island and it is so perfect as a cutting station, alas my room isn't big enough for that. I spy Quilters Laundry Day on your wall, looks great, I just put mine up this week.

  13. I am loving how everyone's quilts are coming together. :)

  14. Great photo - glad you are having fun making the space work perfectly for you - jealous of your cutting table!

  15. The QAL is a hit, Sandra. So many versions and all are beautiful. Th participants appreciate your detailed instructions and clear pictures. I wish you joy and prosperity in your new home.


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