Monday, April 17, 2017

Freefall Quilt Along Step 3 Construction of 6 Leaf Blocks

In this step we will be creating the leaves that float on the background fabric, as well as the shadow leaf point.  There are six leaves that float on the background.  You can download a copy of this post in PDF form from my Craftsy Store.

Gather your leaf pieces that are going to float on the background that you set aside from Cutting Step 1, along with the background pieces.  You will still have several pieces left after this week's work; we will use them in Step 4.  Just as in Step 2, you will have one 2 3/4" X 3 3/4" rectangle left over; do not cut this into side triangles yet.  Make just six leaves as you did in Step 2, substituting the background fabric for the shadow leaf fabric.  Here are all the pieces for two leaves ready for assembly into blocks.

Shadow Leaf Corner Unit

This unit requires templates very similar to how we made the templates to cut our fabric for the 3" finished leaf point.

Note: There are 3 blocks that make up the shadow leaf point.  Each of the 3 blocks is 7.5" finished.  There is the 'tip' block and then the two sides of the tip, each a mirror-image of the other.

Make the Leaf Point Sections Templates
1. Draw a 7.5" square on paper, either newsprint or freezer paper, leaving extra paper around two, or all sides.  Make the lines dark enough that you can see them on the reverse side.  Make two of these squares.  Tape the two squares together lightly (we'll take it apart right away) side by side.
TIP: place a piece of tape in the middle of the line on both sections where you are going to tape the sections together. Then tape the two together with another piece of tape over top of those two. This ensures easy removal with no fear of ripping your paper. The edges of your drawn squares overlap (see below).

2.  Draw a line that goes from the top right corner to the bottom left corner of the rectangle.  Label the background and the shadow leaf sections as shown.  'BG' is background.  Draw two small arrows as shown. This will help you orient section 2a for the next step.

3.  Carefully take apart the two sections.  Now flip section 2a onto its back.  I like to trace that line on this reverse side where your little arrows point just so I can see it clearly; if you can see it through the paper, then there's no need to do this. Rotate the square so that it is now below section 1.  See below. Use the little arrows you made that will show you which edge touches section 1. Align the edges as you did for the first side, nothing the overlap. Tape lightly together again.  Draw a line as before, this time beginning at that same top right corner, and ending at the bottom left corner.  You will notice that you trace over the same line on section 2a, just on the back side.  Label the reverse of 2a as shown.  Carefully fold along your seam lines as you did for the small leaf blocks.

Cut Shadow Leaf Point Pieces
4.  Lie your leaf point template on the wrong side of the shadow leaf fabric. You may want to use a light dab of gluestick to secure this piece; if you've used freezer paper, use a dry iron, no steam, to adhere the freezer paper to your fabric.  EITHER make a template from this section, adding 1/4" seam allowance around all four sides of the leaf point shape OR use this as a large paper-piecing template.  Your preference.  I did templates for the Windfall big quilt, paper-piecing for this wallhanging size.

5.  Use that side section as a template, tracing it onto new paper, adding seam allowances around all three sides.  You will use this template to cut both the side triangles for section 1 and the triangles in sections 2a and 2b.  Place your shadow leaf fabric wrong sides together.  Cut a set of two triangles using the template you have just made.

Cut Background Fabric for Shadow Leaf Point
6. With right sides together of the remaining 8.5" strip of background fabric you set aside from Cutting in Step 1, use this same template to cut two mirror image side triangles for the leaf point.  If you place the template on a double layer of fabric, wrong sides together, you will get these two mirror images with one cut.  Then use either side of Section 2, a or b, template to cut these pieces as shown below.
Note that you can snuggle these two closer together to give you usable scrap! Just remember to allow for 1/4" seam allowances around all sides of both templates.
This is what you will have:

Piece the Shadow Leaf Point sections.
1.  Either use the templates as paper-piecing templates or simply sew your pieces together.  First sew the side background triangles to either side of the leaf point section 1.  Press to the background.  Square to 8", lining up registration marks on your ruler as shown.

First photo: have the 4" dot on your ruler at the 1/4" seam line of the sides of the leaf point and the 7 3/4" dot on your ruler at the top point of the leaf point. Trim and then rotate the block.  Second photo: line up the 7 3/4" dot on the 1/4" seam line of the sides of the leaf point, and the 1/4" dot at the leaf point.  Trim.

2. Next sew the two sections of 2a and then 2b together.  Press to the leaf fabric.  Square to 8".   Line up the 1/4 dot on your ruler with the 1/4" seam line at the corner of the block, and 7 3/4" dot on the lower left 1/4" seam line.  The other block section will be the same except for the 4" dot will be lined up on that 1/4" seam.

All this pressing to a specific direction and lining up of registration marks on the ruler with the 1/4" seam line will ensure your seams will nest, giving you a continuous line of the large point of the shadow leaf.

Set these three blocks aside for now.

There will be a linkup next Monday, April 24.  I am absolutely loving everyone's first 8 leaves!  Remember to hashtag freefallqal on Instagram and tag me, @mmmquilts if you post progress there.

See you in two weeks when we will be making the half background/half shadow leaf floating leaves!

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  1. this is another fab part of the freefall leaves, I am so enjoying it all. And to have a PDF free download, thanks SOOO much, That makes it so much easier to print and follow, for me at least. Hope you had a happy Easter weekend. We had rain, and rain.

  2. Ugh now I know beyond doubt why I'm your nonquilting sister - all that math!!! Oh my head!!! LOL

  3. I am looking forward to working on mine early this week! Hooray!

  4. my first thought on reading this was like linda, all that math! I'm a bit behind, and am just watching tv and drawing my lines on my squares for hst. I'll catch up!

  5. Progress is being made! Mind you, *I'm* not making progress, but lots of others are. LOL It's a great QAL Sandra!

  6. Things are moving along with the quilt along. It's fun making the blocks and it looks like the number of people linking up is increasing. Thanks for hosting this fun quilt along Sandra.